How will they wash down their bats?

Prince Harry and Meghan have ‘no intention’ of selling milk to the Chinese.

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Air apparent

Prince Charles flew 16,000 miles in just 11 days using three private jets and one helicopter before proudly posing with Greta Thunberg in Davos.

In other Greta-related news: Associated Press in in trouble for this “racist” crop in a Thunberg/Davos report. AP says it was “purely on composition grounds.” I’m not sure I buy that. Miss Nakate’s distance from the white girls is not problematic, presentation-wise. I can understand how her feelings would be hurt by the cut.

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Scold of The Year wants tax increase, ad bans, lolly crack-down

Australian of the Year calls for sugar tax to fight diabetes-caused blindness.

Dr Muecke said a tax on sugary drinks must be on the table as part of efforts to prevent and manage type 2 diabetes – which afflicts at least 1.2 million Australians and costs the economy an estimated $15 billion a year, including lost productivity.

“Sugar is cheap and ubiquitous, so it’s readily accessible to everyone. You walk into a service station and there’s a counter of lollies as you walk in,” he said…

Dr Muecke said sugar was “as addictive as nicotine” and that consumers were “constantly bombarded by advertising” that, along with the high level of added sugar in processed foods, made it “very difficult” to maintain a healthy diet.

“I think we need to take sweet products away from checkout counters, particularly when they’re discounted,” he said.

“We’ve got to make them less accessible to the public.”

Note the language – ‘we’ vs. ‘the public.’ This has become the defining trait of the Australian of the Year award. Utterly infantile as a title, nowadays the winners are welites who see themselves as parsons. Their mission: to flog Australians into compliance with their pet strictures. I’m sure Dr Muecke is a great physician. I’m also sure he’s handsomely remunerated for his work. He’s free to counsel his patients and use whatever forums he likes to make medico-political proposals. But there is nothing admirable about a wealthy doctor trying to restrict the trade and profits of other businesses. It isn’t compulsory to buy five Mars bars at the checkout.

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Peter FitzSimons (and his committee) open fire on the facts

It wouldn’t be Australia Day without the ‘author’ drumming up sales for another one of ‘his’ books …

How Captain Cook SHOT an Aborigine from boat before he’d even set foot on Australian soil.

The book, which FitzSimons wrote with the help of four researchers, sets out to reveal the ‘real’ James Cook. It promises to show the man behind the myth.”

In fact, Cook fired harmless birdshot (self-protectively) at two belligerents armed with a “bundle” of spears.

. In the PM winds southerly clear weather with which we stood into the bay and Anchor’d under the South shore about a Mile within the entrance in 6 fathoms water, the south point bearing SE and the north point East. Saw as we came in on both points of the bay Several of the natives and a few hutts, Men, women and children on the south shore abreast of the Ship, to which place I went in the boats in hopes of speaking with them accompaned by Mr Banks Dr Solander and Tupia; as we approached the shore they all made off except two Men who seemd resolved to oppose our landing. As soon as I saw this I orderd the boats to lay upon their oars in order to speake to them but this was to little purpose for neither us not Tupia could understand one word they said. We then threw them some nails beeds [etc] a shore which they took up and seem’d not ill pleased in so much at that I thout that they beckon’d to us to come a shore; but in this we were mistaken, for as soon as we put the boat in they again came to oppose us upon which I fired a musket between the two which had no other effect than to make them retire back where bundles of thier darts lay, and one of them took up a stone and threw at us which caused my fireing a second Musquet load with small shott, and altho some of the shott struck the man yet it had no other effect than to make him lay hold of a Shield or target to defend himself. Emmidiatly after this we landed which we had no sooner done than they throw’d two darts at us, this obliged me to fire a third shott soon after which they both made off, but not in such haste but what we might have taken one, but Mr Banks being of opinion that the darts were poisoned, made me cautious how I advanced into the woods.

Journal of James Cook

Cook’s intentions were clear: to ‘speak’ peaceably with the natives, two of whom were ready to kill one or more of the landing party; they were at least making a show of threatening to do so. From a tactical standpoint, being exposed in an open, rocking boat to spears thrown expertly from land placed Cook and his men at a dangerous disadvantage. It is highly probable that had Cook not established in the Aborigines’ minds the sting of his own mysterious weapons – but proceeded to the beach in the hope of parleying at the waterline – he and his party would have been massacred. He showed great restraint in the circumstances – as, in their own way, did the two Aborigines. Note well that the Daily Mail “exclusive” includes a photograph of the Gweagal Shield, a fascinating object about whose provenance Geoffrey Robertson QC and Phillip Adams have fabricated a politically charged version. Keith Windschuttle debunked their nonsense earlier this month.

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Australia Day Roundup – the Lucky Country!

I don’t have any special thing to say except that we are incredibly lucky that Australia was developed by the British at a time when classical liberalism permeated official thinking, see Kemp’s history of Australia Volume One.

The biggest hit on the indigenous population was the unwitting introduction of exotic diseases. There were criminal acts but nothing like the damage inflicted when criminals run the country, like every socialist state we know about. Admittedly crony capitalism promotes the same evils but that is not limited government under the rule of law.

The second biggest hit on the indigenous population in Australia was the calculated and deliberate welfare policy introduced by Whitlam and Coombs.

After clearing the cache I can now access the site directly, some bastard ought of told me to do that when I signaled  the problem last week.

On the topic of criminals taking charge, did you ever wonder how come Cuba has such great infant mortality statistics? Simple, they are fake. Who would have thought?

A glimpse of the lunacy at Davos and what it means for proper climate science. Nothing new, just a reminder.

Some good news, a look at the runs that Trumpie has put on the board for deregulation of energy, actually across the board his record is sensational and someone can post a link to some site that shows it, I have lost track. Those advances plus tax relief must be having compounding effects by now.

More later after mandatory yoga and a nourishing breakfast. Over an hour late this morning.

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Happy Australia Day

It is common for today’s woke folk to gnash their teeth about Australia Day and propose changing it to another day and to call 26 January ‘invasion day’, a day of shame when the Aboriginal people were dispossessed.

Yet there is reason to celebrate both aspects of Australia’s history. The colonisation of Australia by the British brought the enlightenment to Australia and its numerous benefits. While many people did not live up to the principles and values of the enlightenment, and there are documented cases of abuses.

But it was unlikely to have been rosy pre 1770/1778. There is no documentary evidence of life pre-colonisation except for archaeological evidence. There were perhaps 500,000 humans living in Australia before 1788. They had lived many generations in a harsh continent passing on wisdom through an oral tradition.

It is true that some people suffered as a result of colonisation, directly and indirectly. Yet we do not know the counterfactual – what would life have been in an alternative timeline?

But the coming of enlightenment civilisation has been overwhelmingly a great achievement for Australia that should be celebrated. We have built a fantastic country populated by around 26 million enjoying living standards the envy of much of the world. If there had never been settlement (a highly unlikely outcome), the population would be less than one million. The gift of the enlightenment has brought high living standards to millions more. That is to be celebrated even though there remain Aboriginal communities in remote Australia which live in shocking poverty.

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Nurse says quarantine failing…
Video shows dead bodies in halls…
Military Deployed…
Pandemic Simulation Predicts 65 Million Could Die…

Coronavirus: 4 cases confirmed in Australia, Scott Morrison says they had been anticipated

A disinfection worker wearing protective gears spray antiseptic solution in an train amid rising public concerns over the spread of China's Wuhan Coronavirus. Picture: Getty Images
A disinfection worker wearing protective gears spray antiseptic solution in an train amid rising public concerns over the spread of China’s Wuhan Coronavirus. Picture: Getty Images

Four cases of the deadly coronavirus have been confirmed in Australia, as authorities scramble to contact passengers who shared flights from China with the patients.

Three men tested positive to the respiratory condition in NSW on Saturday, state health authorities confirmed.

The men, aged 35, 43 and 53, have been isolated in hospital to prevent the virus spreading further.

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From 1945 to 2020

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Elections are apparently the greatest threat to democracy

Here’s part of the reason why.

And from Roger in the comments: NBC News Goes Full Fascist: Voting for ‘Racist’ Trump Is ‘Not Only Immoral but Illegal’. Its conclusion:

Make no mistake about it, this is the real face of the modern American left. They want to destroy America as a constitutional republic, and in the name of “equality,” they’ll abolish every single one of its citizens’ rights.

It’s for your own good so why fight it?

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Every single case cited has a woman playing the victim

Queensland politicians call for end to insults, but how long will the civility last?

Julia Gillard pioneered the ‘misogyny’ shield in politics but the female politicians of Queensland have perfected the art. When they’re not being nasty, they’re on a chair screaming about murine ‘insults.’

Deputy Premier Jackie Trad was in the cross-hairs of Opposition scrutiny throughout the year, but lodged an official complaint after Deputy Opposition Leader Tim Mander, likened her to former dictator Saddam Hussein’s propaganda chief.

Mr Mander was criticising the Treasurer about the state’s finances, when he quipped “after hearing the Treasurer’s ministerial statement this morning, I can’t think of anybody else, any other title to call her other than the Comical Ali of the Queensland Parliament.”

Comical Ali was the nickname of Iraq’s spin doctor Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf.

Ms Trad, who is of Middle Eastern origin, labelled the comments as racist and said she found them “deeply alarming and personally offensive.”

Labor has also made some questionable comparisons for elected representatives.

In 2018, Infrastructure Minister Cameron Dick likened Leader of the Opposition Deb Frecklington to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Ms Frecklington responded to the jibe by saying: “I get comments thrown at me by the Labor Party each and every day, I’ve chosen to rise above it.”

This type of behaviour is, unfortunately, nothing new.

Over the years our state MPs have not dealt with each other in the most respectful of ways.

In 2015, Everton MP Tim Mander (now the Deputy Opposition Leader) had to apologise to Parliament, after calling Kate Jones a “nitwit”.

Politics in the Sunshine State has become as oestrogen-drenched and bitchy as a girls’ boarding school. More seriously, holding female politicians accountable – when they jump up on that chair and start yelling “racist” and “sexist” (while waiting for the media to manfully chase away, not ask, the questions) – is becoming rare. Unless, of course, the female politicians are members of the LNP.

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