Look who’s talking

Clive Hamilton must think that people have no memory. This is what he said in the climate debate.

Very few people, even among environmentalists, have truly faced up to what the science is telling us.

This is because the implications of 3C, let alone 4C or 5C, are so horrible that we look to any possible scenario to head it off, including the canvassing of “emergency” responses such as the suspension of democratic processes.

We saw late last year what the scientists were really telling us – ‘hide the decline’ is now part of the language.

Hamilton is concerned that miners may be a threat to democracy, yet he is unable to provide any evidence that options are being canvassed to suspend democractic process.

Today we have an angry and powerful minority holding the country to ransom. The dark mutterings of Forrest and Palmer about the spread of communism in Australia are laughable for their paranoid absurdity. What we are in fact seeing is not an attack by the proletariat on the bourgeoisie, but the brutal assertion of power by the richest people in the country.

It’s enough to turn anyone into a Marxist.

Hamilton might become a Marxist? Well I would hope so – Marxists do tend to be a bit more rigorous in their thinking. The best bit, however, was this

One of the most telling vignettes in this sordid debate was Andrew Forrest’s expression of wounded bewilderment that the Prime Minister and the Treasurer no longer return his calls. Well, they won’t return my calls either.

That is good news. I had noticed that our global warming friends are stirring up again, but no official contact with government means they’re still nowhere near the malign influence they had before the ClimateGate scandal.

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15 Responses to Look who’s talking

  1. jC

    Happy Hamilton is calling other people paranoid? Talk about the filthy pot calling the kettle sooty.

    Old cue really has a nerve.

    And who does he really think he is by thinking any prime minister even one as bad as the Little Turd would even for a second contemplate picking up Happy Hamilton’s calls.

    He’s such a unlikeable moron.

  2. Myrddin Seren

    “It’s enough to turn anyone into a Marxist.”

    It always takes a while to shift past Hamilton’s convoluted rhetoric and try to discern his real message.

    This phrase is presumably it. He isn’t openly declaring himself a Marxist – might impact his Greens candidature.

    What he is probably trying to say to The Age readership is:

    ‘ If you agree with me, why aren’t your politics more radical ?’

    He is on a recruiting drive for the radical Left, presumably trying to decouple folk from the ALP’s more socialist leanings and to sign them up for the Long March.

    His overt target is capitalism – his real near-term target is unseating vulnerable inner urban Labor MPs like Lindsay Tanner.

  3. THR

    I wouldn’t read too much into Hamilton’s ‘Marxist’ comment. Neither Hamilton nor the Greens are Marxists. Overland mag has had two essays on this topic – one on the Greens, one on Hamilton. Basically, the Greens generally, and Hamilton in particular, launch their appeals to the electorate from a strictly individualist, ethics-based position, not from class politics. This is why you’ll hear Hamilton moan loud and long about consumerism, but far less about ownership, production, exploitation, etc. It’s possible that Clive is turning to class warfare, but I highly doubt it.

  4. Jc

    Well pound for pound, I’d prefer Happy Hamilton than Tanner. At least we can laugh at Happy Hamilton, whereas Tanner is just a nasty doofus.

    I think you’re reading far too much in what this cue ball galoot is saying. He’s on a trip to demonstrate his virtue in public forums. That’s all.

    Most people find him to be a reprehensible creep.

  5. Jc


    As a Marxist, you ought to find the bald galoot despicable , no?

    I also find it interesting how this twerp was a Greens candidate when those misanthropes are supposed to be supporting civil liberties. As usual we have another example of the Greens appearing to be squaring circles…. the party of unreason.

  6. THR

    Hamilton’s article on the RSPT is not what I would have written, but I find it generally laudable.

    In other respects, I’m not particularly a fan of Hamilton. His position on the net filter (and the attendant, bizarre op-ed piece) was concerning.

  7. I’m concerned that the PM and Treasurer ever took his calls in the first place!

  8. Jc

    bizarre op-ed piece

    Bizarre is the right word but it hardly does justice to that tawdry attempt at wring a porn piece.

    If anyone missed it, here is the disturbing piece where Happy Hamilton tries his hand at writing bad porn.

    I’m sure the editor kept part in for sadistic reasons.


    Hives , I know you’re reading this… Please keep up with the porn writing as it’s a scream..

  9. Jc


    I think Happy Hamilton is just big noting himself there.

    I presume that as a public intellectual the galoot thinks he has something important to say.

  10. C.L.

    Speaking of Kev Bjelke-Rudd and his band of Fred Nile apologists, Conroy’s ISP lock-up plan scores a mention at Instapundit.

  11. Ev630

    When Rudd stops taking your calls it’s because he thinks there’s no votes in it. This is a good thing for AGW skeptics/tax payers everywhere.

  12. Sid Vicious

    It’s interesting to note that those who cleave to the theory of global warming should start to stir now that the cold months are here. Timing is everything.

  13. johno

    The Age published this garbage!!!! Why do so many otherwise intelligent and sensible people still regard The Age as quality journalism?

  14. Rob w

    “The Age published this garbage!!!! ”

    johno, you seem surprised, but can you think of any other publication that would publish that crap to a mainstream audience?

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