What they said XXVI

Tony Windsor in Hansard 17 November 2004

The House would be aware that the Australian Federal Police have referred an alleged breach of the Commonwealth Electoral Act to the Director of Public Prosecutions for determination relating to an inducement offered to me not to stand for reelection at the election just held. The House would also know that the Prime Minister has called on me to name the names of those people involved in the attempt to bribe me.

Australian Electoral Commission 24 November 2004

During the 2004 federal election, the AEC received a complaint alleging that an inducement had been offered to Mr Tony Windsor MP not to stand as a candidate.

This complaint was referred by the AEC to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) on 21 September 2004.

The AFP has today advised the AEC that the investigation has been finalised and the matter will not be prosecuted.

The AEC has advised the complainant accordingly.

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23 Responses to What they said XXVI

  1. daddy dave

    Speaks for itself.

    And by the way, someone leaving a message saying “I hope you die” is not a death threat. It’s an ill-wish.

    Since people need it spelled out, let’s take the opposite situation to illustrate: a hope for something good, not bad. If someone says “I hope you have a great day” or “I hope you get that job” are they making a promise? Are they suggesting that they will personally ensure that you have a great day or get the job you applied for? No they are not. QED.

  2. JC

    Woindsor did get a death threat. but not the one left on his machine.

    The death threat that two bit, over-his-head hick is worried about is the death threat coming from the next election when the punters in his electorate throw him over the side of the HMAS election. That’s the figurative death threat that poisonous clown is worried about and the fact that he’s a hated man.

  3. daddy dave

    “political death” isn’t quite the same thing.

  4. JC

    It is to professional politicians.

    the other thing he’s concerned about is that he also knows his thin veneer of respectability has basically been removed. He lives in a rural electorate so every time he goes to Main street there will be numerous eyes looking and thinking what a sack of turd he is. In other words his name is mud.

  5. D-d, are you still arguing that the recording as reported by The Age “You die. You die you f—ing c–t”. It only got worse after that.” should not be treated as a death threat?

  6. daddy dave

    Steve, I wasn’t aware of that one till you told me; I was thinking more of the widely reported phone message in which some guy says (during a rant) “I hope you f–ing die.”

    The Age one seems worse. However, how would you interpret it in light of Sinclair’s “What they said” retrospective, above?

  7. JC

    It wouldn’t surprise me any if that last one was staged.

    Anyhow, how is the right collectively responsible because some nasty jerk left a hostile message on another nasty jerkoffs phone.

    It’s apparent what Windsor and his ALP buddies are up to and that’s to try and shut down debate and demonize the opponents.

    It’s not going to work.

  8. twostix

    Steve from Brisbane, what the hell does it matter? Politicians on both sides (though 2000-2008 the volume was *vastly* more than it is now towards conservative politicians) get idle death threats ALL THE TIME. The only reason *this one* is being discussed is the left is desperate to make hay out it ala-Jared Loughner (who of course turned out to be a left wing, US flag burning, anti-corporate, 9/11 truther who enjoys reading the communist manifesto). Not that anybody ever heard about any of *that* once it came out.

    In this case a drama queen with a history of officially making shit up is disgustingly trying to hamstring the opposition and so of course the rabid lefties in much of the media are only too happy to let him use them to push “This weeks narrative” (TM).

    This weeks narrative as usual being last months US progressive’s narrative. Our lefties don’t even have enough imagination to come up with their own smear jobs, they simply copy them ad-hoc from the US.

    Doesn’t it get a bit tiresome constantly reacting to this weeks grand right wing conspiracy every time the left yanks the chain?

  9. Pedro the Ignorant

    Whisper round Tamworth is that Comrade Windsor is selling up, divesting and preparing a move elsewhere, possibly Noosa QLD.

    Why I am not surprised if the rumours are true?

  10. JC

    I bet he is. He would be the most despised person in the area. it would be terrific if no one bought his real estate. Rurals are funny people and they could do shit like that.

  11. JC

    But here’s the thing… death threats or threats of violence are wrong. It was wrong to laugh off shoes being thrown at the former PM.

    I don’t quite see what that point is to the fact that Windsor is a hated man around the country .. white hot in his electorate… and that the carbon tax announced by PM Bob Brown is about as popular as Tony Windsor walking down Tamworth main street on a sunny day.

  12. Ev630

    It wouldn’t surprise me any if that last one was staged.

    AFP will be able to determine where the call came from. Bet it’s a family member, helping him out.

  13. Jc

    I’m thinking it was done from a public telephone… You know it could never be traced.

    If the AFP come up with the telephone box angle you should smell a huge rat.

    The other thing hay hits me about all this is that the first call he come out with in public wasn’t really a death threat as such. When that began to be seen like that he came out with the second call that could be seen as more serious.

    Out of the two the second call was clearly more menacing and even a dopey turd like Windsor would see that. So why didn’t he come out witness the second call first?

    This douche is as shifty as a hungry rat.

  14. Gabrielle

    “What they said”: From the The Northern Daily Leader, the newspaper in Windsor Country ie Tamworth country, we see what the locals have said.

    Rubbish, this man is a self serving self promoting hypocrite. Sells the farm to coal miners and states we should all be taxed extra because of the products from that mine. He has over time made vitriolic accusations against other MP’s yet feigns sensitivity if someone vents against him.
    Posted by thermopylae, 3/03/2011 7:57:36 AM, on Northern Daily Leader


    Tony the jocks are just representing their listeners anger and bare faced lies by our PM who you support to your eternal shame. what was the labor vote in our electorate Tony? 4%
    Posted by iain forrest, 3/03/2011 2:55:51 PM, on Northern Daily Leader

    And so on and so forth…

  15. JC

    Hey Steve… this sounds awfully like you. Did you send this to Sophie Mirabella.

    Sophie, you are a disgrace. With comments comparing Julia to that maniac in Libya you should consider removing some fat from your brain. We all know that you are a right wing politician (and a friend of a war criminal John Howard and a biblebasher Tony..) but some decency never hurts…!

    I had some intelligent exchange of emails with Malcolm Turnbull but with people like you it wold be a waste of time. Regards, Pavel (ex Liberal voter…)

    Last bit sounds a dead give away.

  16. Ev630

    I’m thinking it was done from a public telephone… You know it could never be traced.

    Depends on how far the box is from Windsor’s home or electoral office…

  17. C.L.

    Mmm. That has the Steve Hi-Allanist feel, doesn’t it?

  18. ken n

    What’s a public phone?

  19. badm0f0

    What’s a public phone?

    I think it’s the mobile someone inevitably leaves on the bar at the end of the evening.

  20. ken n

    Ah yes, that sounds right.
    My grandparents used to tell me about red phone boxes on street corners but I never really believed them. Who would use such a thing?

  21. Boris

    I think ill wishes of ‘I hope you die’ type are also wrong.

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