Rafe’s Roundup 5 March

Late call, talk by Leagle Eagle Katy Barnett, on Tuesday

For Melbournites who are interested, I am giving a talk next Tuesday on ‘The Limits of Law’ for the Australian Adam Smith Club.

It is a dinner meeting on Tuesday the 8th of March 2011, at the Curry Club Cafe, 396 Bridge Rd, Richmond 3141 at 6:30pm for dinner at 7:00pm.

The blog of the Portuguese Institute for Economic Freedom.

Don Arthur’s Missing Link on Troppo.

Lifting the poor without producing a culture of welfare dependency. The Menzies Lecture of 2011, Noel Pearson on Singapore. Catallaxy readers may be surprised to see this, but this post is being distributed to a wider audience.

Andrew Norton on a potential threat to academic freedom in Australia.

Fallout from Libya: Director of the London School of Economics resigns.

Ron Manners’ Mannkal meanderings. Newsletter of the Mannkal Foundation. Free enterprise at the western edge of  the known world.

Home of the Mannkal Education Foundation.

Bracing for the storm. The H R Nicholls Society conference in April.

“Lorenzo” Warby on the Melbourne and Sydney housing markets.

Jo Nova.

William Easterly at AidWatch on the reasons why education in the Third World does not deliver the expected benefits.

Something old, the Corsair on the Art and Culture of  Intelligence. Clever of him to pick up my piece on Liam Hudson and his research on the difference between arts and science students.

The original Rafe’s Roundup, 1989.    All Roundups: 89-99

From a piece by Virginia Postrel in the Summer 1991 edition “Plastic is generally unpopular with the greens. But research revealed that elimination of all plastic packaging in the Federal Republic of Germany would double the cost of packaging, quadruple the weight of materials required and almost double energy consumption.” 


A new  history of the Austrian school.

The Austrian School is in the news as never before. It is discussed on business pages, academic journals, and speeches by public figures. At long last, there is a brilliant and engaging guide to the history, ideas, and institutions of the Austrian School of economics. It is written by two Austrian intellectuals who have gone to the sources themselves to provide a completely new look at the tradition and what it means for the future. This is the first such authoritative book that has appeared on this topic.

Norman Barry’s historical literature review of studies on spontaneous order.

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