Rafe’s Roundup 15 March

Ikea kit for building Stonehenge. Takes a few seconds to load.

Tribute to Ron Kitching,   libertarian stalwart.


A nice clip of Kerry Packer giving an opinion on over-regulation. Courtesy of those subversive libertines at Economics.org

CIS Liberty and Society Student Conference in May.


Mises Seminar in Sydney (Australia)  Nov 25-26 this year.  Help wanted with web design. Hans-Hermann Hoppe is coming from the Mises Institute to deliver a paper.

A position on global warming. From an Indian skeptic and blogger.  

a) the current episode of MILD warming is PRIMARILY natural;

b) the impact of manmade CO2 is real but minimal, and unlikely to accelerate with increased CO2;

c) the benefits of increased CO2 appear to be significantly greater than costs;

d)  the Earth held far greater levels of CO2 in its atmosphere in the past and did not experience runaway global warming. A large number of natural processes (plants, primarily) exist on Earth that check runaway effects;

e) projections of warming and sea-level rise by climate models have, so far, been grossly exaggerated; and

f) IPCC and many senior scientists from reputed institutions have published numerous false reports and ACTIVELY prevented healthy scientific debate .

Government funded institutions on this subject have lost credibility, particularly given the large number of independent scientific views that contradict government-supported findings. Group think is a common flaw in all governments, given strong incentives to shut out internal debate.

Jack Stack, an inspirational entrepreneur who saved a burned-out division of International Harvester with a worker buyout and made it into a winner.

Religious links from Lorenzo Warby. This is a good one, keeping up to date on witchcraft. It came from Steven Hicks and led to the Jack Stack story (above).

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For Nerds

Mont Pelerin Meeting in Argentina, sorry, probably too late to register. Unrecognizable picture of Popper at the back of  the middle photo at the bottom of the page. Captions invited. Suggestions (1) “Its ok, they are ours” (2) ‘There goes Mises again” (3) “Leave the chair, he may come back”.

Whoops, missed this one.  Plenty of time to plan this one, in Istanbul!

The Critical Rationalist Blog    (with CR resources)        The Rathouse (website) 


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9 Responses to Rafe’s Roundup 15 March

  1. kim serca

    for the Mont Pelerin in south america society photo, how about ‘great continent! Let’s throw our support behind a bunch of murderous dictators in the name of freedom’

  2. JC


    We’re not talking about the Western left/ Western Commie and marxist parties knee-padding to Stalin and Mao here.

    I also don’t recall the right’s equivalent of this tasteful t-Shirt.

  3. What makes you think that Economics.org.au consists of libertines, please?

  4. jtfsoon

    Isn’t the Mises Seminar the one which Sukrit is organising which excludes everyone who isn’t a purist i.e. believes that the US is the Great Satan?

  5. Jason, it is my understanding that people who are not purists and who do not believe that “the US is the Great Satan” are only excluded from organising and presenting a speech at the conference. I think they may still be permitted to attend, engage, participate, ask questions, throw bread rolls, etc.

  6. Sinclair Davidson

    Jason – Steve Kates is invited. That’s going to be a shock to the system 🙂

  7. daddy dave

    What makes you think that Economics.org.au consists of libertines

    I think that was a joke.

  8. Rafe

    A regratabble tyographical error.
    Like the one at the virtual Mont Pelerin conference where Menger, Mises, Popper, Thatcher, Lord Acton, Ayn Rand and some others were scheduled for a panel discussion on “Libertines and the Moral Order”. Only Carl Menger and Ayn Rand were prepared to participate.

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