A Public Service Announcement

Since the protests include speakers such as Alan Moran, Bob Carter and Des Moore, seems like it’s worth passing this note along. Haven’t been to a protest myself in about forty years but might make it to this one. The original note is posted here.

Australian Anti-Carbon Tax Protests

We all have better things to do, but when the people who represent us call the greatest plant nutrient “pollution”, and label the volunteers “stooges” while calling their paid hacks “independent”; when they look at a color chart and say yellow is really red (and they call us “deniers”); we know things are running off the rails.
When they ask us to pay billions to change the weather, then we know the quicksand has come. And when even they admit if we succeed beyond our wildest dreams that the results will be too small to measure (how many thousandth of a degree will that be, Julia?) sometimes we just have to do something don’t we?

We can act now or pay the cost for years to come. Each time we let them get away with an untruth they grow stronger. Each time we ignore the Orwellian perversion of our language (Is it carbon (sic) pollution (sic)?), we feed the parasites who want our freedom and our money, and that hurts us, our children and the environment.

The big protests around the country start on Wednesday next week.

• We want an election first. The tax affects every transaction in the economy. We want a choice before this major legislation goes through. Julia Gillard did not get a mandate at the last election. She promised a “committee” and no tax, then gave us a tax anyway. Where was the debate, the discussion, the analysis? The voters voted overwhelmingly for parties promising “No Tax”.
• It will hit the economy. Gillard won’t give details, she’s hoping we’ll all think someone else will pay and that vague “compensation” will save the pain for the big “polluters”. But these so called polluters are also companies owned by Australian shareholders, with Australian employees, and Australian consumers. We will all pay one way or another.
• It won’t help the environment. If we abandon Australia we save 0.015°C and 2mm of sea level rise. So this is not about the environment, it’s about power and money.

Weds 23 March, 12:00pm
Parliament House
Website: http://www.nocarbontaxrally.com/ (CATA Consumers and Taxpayers Association)
Speakers include Joe Hockey, David Archibald, Bob Carter, Angry Anderson, John Madigan, and possibly quite a few others.
There are at least 30 buses organized for this already. Please sign up by TODAY if you want a lift from Melbourne or Sydney.

Weds 23 March, 10:30am
Parliament House, Harvest Terrace, Perth
Janet Thompson 0417 815 595, [email protected]
The Facebook page for the Perth Protest
Protest posters here and here. (Can be printed and posted at your local shop, or library. Please!)
Speakers: Jo Nova, David Evans

Weds 23 March, 10:30am
Parliament House
Email: [email protected]
The Facebook page for Adelaide
Website: AxeTheCarbonTax
Contact: Damian Wyld, 8363 5044, [email protected]
*Yes there was a mini rally there 2 days ago as well.

Weds 23 March 10:00am (was listed as 10:30)
Federation Square, Melbourne
(Close to Flinders St Station).
1.5 km walk to Parliament House
Speakers: Bernie Finn, Alan Moran, Des Moore, Les Twentyman, Tony Hooper, Chris Dawson, Tim Wilms
Contact: [email protected] or [email protected]
Facebook for Victorian Protesters

Sat 2 April, 10:30am
Sydney Town Hall, Macquarie Street, Sydney
Facebook – NSW Protesters
*Yes, I do think it’s at the Town Hall not Parliament House. I’m getting confirmation.

! Weds 23rd March
Meet at King George Square 12:30pm
Speeches until 1:15pm followed by a March through the Queens St Mall, along George St to Parliament House.
Contact: Tim Wells—phone: 0435 146 119, e-mail: [email protected]
7 May, 10:30am
Location: To be advised
Facebook for Brisbane Protestors
Contact: Natalie Keys, [email protected] 0430 356 608
*I hear there are two rally’s in Bris — I will update when I get confirmation that things are going ahead on Mar 23rd.
See also:
Revolt Against A Carbon Tax
Stop Gillard’s Carbon Tax
Menzies House
Please email support AT joannenova.com.au if these details are incorrect or out of date.

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8 Responses to A Public Service Announcement

  1. Karl Kessel

    These protests are really unwise. Chances are hardly anyone will show up. Who can get there during work hours?

    Protests work when you can get really large numbers such as the protests against Workchoices or the Iraq war.

    Small protests look silly. If such protests had much power the Socialists who demonstrate every week on some corner in the major cities would actually be getting somewhere.

    It would be far more useful to get advertising and lobby the ABC/ALP for some time on screen for people who oppose the tax.

  2. daddy dave

    These protests are really unwise.

    I agree.

  3. Rafe

    Is this the start of an Australian Tea Party?

  4. Mitch

    The silent killer Newspoll matters a lot more. The Labor party will destroy itself soon enough.

  5. dover_beach

    These protests are really unwise.

    Ditto. Let’s distinguish ourselves from the other side by undertaking more civilised forms of protest.

  6. Rafe

    Like setting ourselves on fire?

    Well it worked in North Africa.

  7. Infidel Tiger

    Let’s distinguish ourselves from the other side by undertaking more civilised forms of protest

    You could have told me before I contructed all these giant papier mache heads, Dover.

  8. dover_beach

    Use them as firestarters during winter, IT.

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