Changing perceptions of nuclear power dangers

Don Arthur has a remarkable story on the Idaho reactor accident in 1961 which killed three people. A local paper reported the story on page 12. Today some folk are so alarmed about the event 8000 km distant that they are buying pills.

“Today experts argue whether the thick concrete containment around Fukushima Daiichi’s reactor vessel is safe enough and residents of inland American states worry about nuclear radiation from the accident. But the low-powered SL-1 boiling water reactor in Idaho had no containment. It was designed to be light weight — a prototype for reactors that could be shipped to the Arctic Circle to power remote military radar stations.”

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One Response to Changing perceptions of nuclear power dangers

  1. daddy dave

    It’s a travesty what the media are doing with the disaster in Japan. They’re distorting a massive human tragedy – an earthquake and tsunami that killed thousands – into a political crusade.
    The nuclear “disaster” has so far claimed no lives in Japan. But that’s all we hear about.

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