Alene, RIP

We could all see it coming. In fact, many of us were worried when Jonathan Holmes kept banging on about the lack of balance in commercial media’s discussion of climate change, but no mention of Alene’s quite unjustifiable snubbing by The Drum.  We all knew that there was a possibility that it could end this way, although the choice of an electric oven was perhaps a bit unexpected.

Sons Sandy and Leo have brought us the sad news.  I guess we can now hope that the boys get a good price for the house in Seddon – their suggestions for renovations are very welcome because, let’s face it, vegan Alene and playmate Sparkles were not exactly mainstream and this was reflected in her choice of home decorations (and the fact that Alene had not left the house for years due to her agoraphobia had created a certain degree of  unpleasant clutter, not to mention smell, about the place).  No doubt the Chinese man from Footscray will take good care of Sparkles.

I’m just wondering whether the boys should drop individualised notes to some of Alene’s special contacts, including:

  • Jonathan Green, Editor of The Drum
  • Ben Eltham, fellow Drum contributor and short-term supporter
  • Prof Lewandowsky, who offerred such solace and helpful suggestions in Alene’s time of need
  • And of course to Jonathan Holmes, who can be blamed for Alene’s demise, I’m sure we all agree.
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44 Responses to Alene, RIP

  1. Oh how I loved her. Warts and all.

  2. papachango

    It was starting to get a bit laboured, especially since the game is up, but that’s a simply brilliant sign-off!

    I was expecting it to be a rallying call against the nasty bullying Blair and Bolt driving a poor vulnerable woman to an early demise, but to pin it on Green and Holmes is sheer genius!

  3. Jacques Chester

    I don’t mean to sound cruel, but is this a genuine death or is it an elaborate internet signoff?

  4. Biota

    Head in the oven in an all electric house. What a way to go but I guess she had to get it done while there is power. Wonder if Sparkle’s coat is now a bit shinier.

  5. Biota

    ?? where have you been lately Jacques!

  6. jtfsoon

    Oh dear, Bird still doesn’t know that it’s a hoax

    All people mentioned are irresponsible numbskulls. But how did they victimize this poor lady?

  7. JC


    The pic of Alene comes from a genital warts blog.

    Of course it’s not a genuine death, but it’s just as serious. It’s a blog death caused by the fact that the person who was going to be her champion didn’t deliver the goods so she suffocated herself in an electric oven and died of gas poison.

  8. MarkB

    I’m with Jacques. I can’t work out if this is a real death or an Internet sign-off, either.
    No doubt we’re not the only ones confused by this while Alene thing.

  9. Infidel Tiger

    Internet Super Sleuth, Bird, can’t tell that Alene was a hoax, but he’s solved JFK’s assasination and the troof behind 9/11, plus a thousand other conspiracies using

  10. C.L.

    Mark, you’re unfamiliar with MooseGate?


  11. Biota

    I think if you look carefully JC the oven was on and had been for a while.

  12. papachango

    MarkB & Jacques –

    ead the whole blog and all the kerfuffle with ‘her’ article being published on the Drum then pulled when they realised they’d been conned.

    In fact just read the ‘death’ article – it’s quite clearly a pisstake! It started off much subtler, though.

  13. papachango

    Read the whole blog

  14. papachango

    Can someone enlighten me – who is this Graeme Bird character, and why doesn’t he get it?

  15. JC


    Bird is a world renowned loon. he’s the human equivalent of a rat trap in that he picks up every… every… every single conspiracy theory or bullshit alternative theory on everything and then abuses people that don’t agree with him.

    he’s here, so say hello. He used to post comments at this blog but was banned for being a nimrod.

    Bird also has a transvestite relationship with someone fat hairy guy named Phil that Bird thinks is a woman.

  16. papachango

    ahhh I was expecting an amusing response from JC. Thanks for the heads up.

  17. jtfsoon

    who is this Graeme Bird character

    If some of us hadn’t actually met him in the flesh, we would think he was the world’s most elaborate hoax

  18. JC


    Meeting him… He should be on his knees, thanking me for saving his life. JohnZ was going to kill him if I didn’t tell him to ignore the oaf.

  19. papachango

    I had a quick look at his blog – surely that’s another Comnposta?

  20. Gabrielle

    I fear for Sparkles.
    Chinese food is low on iodine content.

  21. JC

    I had a quick look at his blog – surely that’s another Comnposta?

    No that’s just Bird. He’s a category all his own.

  22. jtfsoon

    while we’re on Composta type sites.

    Bird was also briefly taken in by this fellow

  23. papachango

    You’re shittin me JC.

    It makes no sense whatsoever. The only definitive thing I got is he’s a troofer but thinks AGW is a hoax too. It’s all over the place.

    he’s not one of these LaRouche people is he?

  24. rog

    FYI papachango,

    Graeme Bird (real name) has a well earned reputation as being one of the most foul mouthed incoherent abusers on the Internet.

    JC (Joe Cambria – probably a fraudulent identity) is a close second.

  25. Myrddin Seren

    Wait for it – the test of Alene’s internet power,

    a private member’s bill from one of the Greens or faux-independents to regulate the bloggosphere and prevent any future needless passings like Alene’s due to the abuse she suffered at the hands of conservative commentators ( and ignoring her shameless treatment at the hands of the ABC ).

    Alene’s Law.

    Countdown starts now.

  26. Peter Patton

    Alene Composta – Australia’s Gabrielle Giffords

  27. jtfsoon

    The Avian Oracle takes exception to CL’s theism

    Look what is this stupidity all about? We have an whole website full of dupes and when I try and ask what is going on the dupes want to put the shoe on the other foot.

    Currency Lad actually believes in God. He also has seen molten iron spilling out of the South Tower before it collapsed and does not see anything suspicious about that.

    Now Catallaxies efforts to do the leftist reversal and claim that I’m the dupe, are well noted but pathetic.

    Cambria fell for Keynesian economics. Currency Lad fell for God. There isn’t a stupid thing the mainstream advocates but that SOON won’t swear its true.

    If you second-rate intellects want to say THAT ITS ME WHO IS THE DUPE simply because I wanted to find out what the fuss was all about then the gloves are off.

    Remember you’ve had ten years to have noticed the molten iron coming out of the South Tower but yet all of you remain the dupes you were born.

  28. Quentin George

    Jason, I have no idea what those paragraphs even mean. It reads like some sort of cypher code.

  29. rog

    Could be a script for ‘War of the Worlds ‘, the telemovie. Main feature being a clash between competing Gorgon armies, complete with dismemberment, disemboweling and other warring activities. At the end of the battle, when the field is littered with a jambalaya of limbs, organs and other gore the combatants reconstitute to their former selves to fight another day.

    Should be a big hit with pre schoolers.

  30. C.L.

    Say what you like about Bird, Rog, he’s about 1000 times smarter than you’ll ever be.

  31. Infidel Tiger

    Bird’s also interesting and has a job.

  32. JC

    Quodge says

    Graeme Bird (real name) has a well earned reputation as being one of the most foul mouthed incoherent abusers on the Internet.

    Quodge is now an arbitrator of web behavior. See what CL said…and multiply by 100, you scumbag Quodge.

  33. Papachango

    Still this Bird character must be really out there if he can get JC & rog united in condemnation…

  34. JC

    It’s different, papa.

    Quodge seems to have his skirt up-ended by Bird’s abuse. I couldn’t give a rats about his abuse and just find his rants amusing at times.

    Both Quodge and Bird make racist remarks when upset as both are red necks.

  35. Arlene’s blog was the funniest thing I have read in ages. Internet version of the Dame Edna Everidge tradition. Reminds me of her very plain daughter.

  36. Jacques, Alene broke the “story” of moosegate – it just so happens that Alene Composta is an anagram of “moose placenta”. Best hoax this century.

  37. Infidel Tiger

    Nah, best hoax was that mincing bloke from Qld who tricked 20 million people into becoming PM by pretending to be an economic conservative.

  38. Pedro the Ignorant

    Or those two yokels from NSW who convinced their electorates they were conservatives, got themselves elected, and then shafted not only their constituents but the whole country.

    Best scam ever. Alene and Ern are amateurs by comparison.

  39. Jacques Chester

    OK. Got it. I completely missed this stoush somehow.

  40. papachango

    Blair summarises it here

  41. Coco

    Alene is back! She’s posted a comment over at Miss Eagles blog.
    Obviously death hasn’t quelled her hatred of Bolt.

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