Roundup 7 April

After the tsunami.

With no time to mourn for their missing loved ones, they were immediately thrust into the struggle to stay alive in the frigid winter cold, amid a hushed, apocalyptic landscape of wrecked homes, crushed vehicles and stranded boats. They had scant food and fuel and no news from the outside world — not even the scope of the devastation.

On Wednesday, after the Japanese military finally reached them for the first time since the tsunami struck 12 days ago, by erecting makeshift bridges and cutting roads through the debris, they told a remarkable tale of survival that drew uniquely on the tight bonds of their once-tidy village, having quickly reorganized themselves roughly along the lines of their original community: choosing leaders, assigning tasks and helping the young and the weak.

Julia’s Hyperbowl.

Looking Good! Will they  make a movie about it? Plenty of precedents.

Cows can jump, pigs can swim, or was it a hippo? Hippo dancing.  More. This is more informative, they don’t actually swim, they walk underwater, also they are related to whales and dolphins.  

On the Labor approach to going Green. The Victorian experience. If it is called Green, don’t bother to check the price.

The  former Labor government had failed to perform basic checks on key projects. Auditor-General Des Pearson found renewable energy generation as a percentage of power consumption had increased from 3.6 per cent to just 3.9 per cent over seven years. This compared with a target rate, set in 2002, of 10 per cent by 2010.

Mr Pearson found Labor had failed to properly assess or substantiate the cost and benefits of the key incentive mechanism for attracting private investment in solar energy generation.

Rogue Greens insist on calling Israel a rogue state.

Interesting admission by Robert Manne.

I have to say that I think the Rudd Government made a mistake and it pains me to say this actually. I think it was a mistake to believe that if you humanised the policy you wouldn’t have a return of the boats. I think the left, generally speaking, has been dishonest about that question.

That is a very perceptive comment, but of course the man has a three digit IQ and he is a university professor.

Massive blowout on the cost of the NBN. This is going to happen to all major capital investment projects under the new trade union regime that has come in under Fairness in the workplace. Check out the trade union gouging at the Victorian desal plants, on all major building sites across the nation, in the shipping industry, and most recently Quantas. IR  could end up as the biggest hole in the hull of the ALP Titanic.

At last! Michael Warby’s seventh and last film at the Melbourne Gay Film Festival.

More polling with loaded questions.

Two polls met head to head today, one showing 59% of Australians don’t want the tax, and other saying that 72% of Australians want government to negotiate with Greens on the carbon levy. It’s a PR war out there, and, humans being gregarious creatures, every side wants to be in the majority — it’s a critical mass type of thing.

Barefoot on Broadway.  Sellling shoes and concern for the downtrodden at the same time.

Babies are born to dance.

For nerds.

Extracts from The Logic of Scientific Discovery.

Popper on the non-existence of a “scientific method“. So where did Feyerabend get that idea?

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  1. Pedro

    “That is a very perceptive comment, but of course the man has a three digit IQ and he is a university professor”

    Well the average person has a 3 digit IQ. I don’t know if being a professor is an especially indication of intelligence is it?

  2. F'legend

    That is a very perceptive comment, but of course the man has a three digit IQ and he is a university professor.

    This has nothing to do with being perceptive. To refute this I offer the null hypothesis: HC

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