Identity Theft

Three comments appeared at the Cat today by a person other than the identified poster. I’m not opposed to individuals modifying their pseudonym although I’m not in favour of individuals posting under multiple identities. It is not acceptable to appropriate the identity of an existing catallaxian, especially their real identity. The comments have been deleted, as will any other comments from the same person using that false identity.

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12 Responses to Identity Theft

  1. Boy on a bike

    Time to form a vigilante group and hunt them down.

  2. daddy dave

    whose identity was faked? I’m curious… for no other reason than idle curiosity.

    Well done Sinc for staying on the ball and stamping out this miscreant’s behaviour.

  3. THR

    Dave, I think somebody was impersonating Soon on the Austrian economics thread. Maybe it’s a strange form of flattery, to be impersonated by Austrian-loving trolls.

  4. Tillman

    Did the impostor have strong views on fractional reserve, raw milk, liquefied coal, pyramids, space-based laser and basements?

    Did he refer at all to the theory of panspermia?

  5. Boy on a bike

    He had a lovely gravatar.

  6. sdfc

    That’s pretty low.

    Some time back someone used my moniker to bag JC on Tim Lambert’s site. I stole it from a footy club so no real harm done.

    However impersonating someone who comments under their real name warrants a name and shame in my book.

  7. Graeme Bird

    Well it just goes to show that Sinclair Davidson is a stinking sellout c___.

    But lets find out if someone can get a logical argument out of what the primitive wop Joseph Cambria has come up with

    I SEZ

    Folks. Its very clear now that I’m dealing with a real dummy here:

    “(Solon) Bird, get back to your trannie ….”

    Clearly you STILL don’t have a clue about monetary-economics. We’ve always been able to ban recessions. And obviously the ethical imperative is to do just that.

    Now you cannot make this reality disappear by ignoring it salami-eater. No matter how you wish upon a star. Recessions are caused by fractional reserve. And obviously so.



    Please show a period in modern history that wasn’t marked by business cycles other than the cave man period.


    Modern history involves fractional reserve banking. The dumb wop c___ is an embarrassment to the money management business. But he never seems to get embarrassed himself.

    [A regular draws our attention to Graeme’s latest kind thoughts. Sinc]

  8. jtfsoon

    hey Bird you idiot
    I’m not the one impersonating you as ‘Central Coast Austrian’ and using your fat face as a gravatar at Thoughts on Freedom. But whoever he is, props to him. Is it you, Tillman?

  9. Ah Graeme, it’s been so long since we’ve been exposed to your Erasmian wisdom, Wildean wit and Emersonian eloquence.

  10. Tillman

    Nope, I ain’t the Central Coast Austrian. I blame Soon.

  11. JC


    Stop being a moron and a dishonest swipe. Don’t try this identity theft thing again.

    You’re such a miserable bastard these days, Bird. The trannie as really done a number on you. S/he’s ruined you.

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