Rafe’s Roundup April 27

Praise the Lord, or someone,  Professor Bunyip has returned! Has he risen from the dead or was he just sleeping, or on sabbatical? We may never know, but rejoice anyway.

For your calendar. The most exciting intellectual event of 2011.  Conference on Foundations of Western Civilisation, IPA and Mannkal Foundation, June 24.

Several good things from Jo Nova.

You couldn’t make it up! “Buy Local” T shirts made in China. Trust the Trade Union Party!!

You couldn’t make this up either. The political correctness of Britain.

Happy fifth birthday for Organizations and Markets. Congratulations to Peter Klein and his merry men.

Andrew Norton reports on public spending crowding out private spending on social capital.

Overall for ‘social’ volunteering – for social welfare, health or community action on poverty, employment, housing or racial equality purposes – there was clearly a negative statistical relationship with public welfare spending. This is consistent with the ‘crowding out’ hypothesis, that to some extent the state displaces voluntary activity. In further support of this hypothesis, a large welfare state had no statistically significant crowding out effect for other voluntary activities.

Austrian Economics and Literature. Is there more creative writing in the Antipodes?

Gerard Henderson on the dismal prospects for long-term unemployment in Australia, ht We Are All Dead, who disagrees. Robert Murphy on the situation in the US, under-reporting of unemployment, and worse to come.


Some striking photographs from overseas. A nice local picture.   Good and bad things happening in the life of Lorenzo Warby.

Some good posts from Steven Hicks. Energy from thorium, the meaning of life in several pictures, striking graphs contrast the economic progress/regression of Hong Kong and Argentina, with commentary.

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