Rafe’s Roundup May 14

Gina Rinehart calls for responsibility from business leaders. From Jo Nova.

What’s unseen are the hundreds of business leaders particularly in the top 100, especially the BCA, who say nothing. The only businesses that want an Australian Carbon Tax are the renewable energy brands and, of course, the companies who won’t have to pay it (i.e. our foreign competitors). Plenty of Chinese, Indian and Brazilian companies would surely give a schadenfreude-smile at seeing their Australian competitors hobbled.

Few Australian business leaders are brave enough to say the bleeding obvious, and I’ve mentioned before that many fear retribution. Gina Rinehart has published an article in Australian Resources and Investment this month (see below) daring them to speak up: where are Australia’s business leaders?

Gerard Henderson’s Media Watch, 13 May.

Reclaiming America. A cluster of links at Coordination Problem on reviving civil society.

Good news on so-called sweatshops in Africa.

Using evidence from field interviews, this paper examines the alternative employment opportunities of thirty-one sweatshop factory workers in El Salvador and their perceptions  about what types of non-monetary benefits they receive in their current employment. .. We find that workers’ perceive factory employment to provide more desirable compensation along several margins.   

By the same token, “fair trade coffee” makes the producers poorer. Heads up from Tim Blair.

That fair-trade cup of coffee we savour may not only fail to ease the lot of poor farmers, it may actually help to impoverish them, according to a study out recently from Germany’s University of Hohenheim.

The study, which followed hundreds of Nicaraguan coffee farmers over a decade, concluded that farmers producing for the fair-trade market “are more often found below the absolute poverty line than conventional producers.”

Andrew Norton, the lone classical liberal in Carlton, reports on the social mobility of Australians. It helps to choose your parents wisely, but all is not lost if you don’t.

Indian election results. Communists struggling to survive as a force.

India’s Communists found themselves out in the political cold with a massive defeat in its 34-year bastion West Bengal and a loss, albeit a narrow one, in Kerala, leaving them with just a narrow sliver of power in northeast’s Tripura.

As votes were counted for elections to the five assemblies – Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal, Assam and Puducherry – it became evident that the Communist Party could take solace only in Tamil Nadu.

IR Watch. Mail sent from the HR Nicholls society to the AABC Commissioner requesting an investigation into the rorts at the Wonthaggi desalination plant. A report detailing the history of the project  and the rorts in the system, courtesy of the previous Victorian Trade Union Party administration and their directors in the trade union movement.

A report on trade union thuggery in the building industry by the previous (effective) Commissioner of the watchdog.

From the archive, something from Gerard Henderson who has a record second to none in lifting awareness on the disasters of our wage-fixing system.  HEALTH  WARNING  If you have a problem with blood pressure, be sure to take your medication before reading  the full text.

The  prime victims  of Australia’s  rigid centralised wage  system  are those groups and individuals who are least able to help themselves  – the poorly educated, youth, newly-arrived migrants, and Aborigines.  Minimum  wages  handed  down  by  Australia’s  industr ial  tribunals  (and sanct ified by members of  the Industrial Relations Club) have the  unintended consequence of  forcing the  lower end of  the labour market  onto the dole queues. The plight of Aborigines in northern Australia provides a  traumatic example of the devastating social consequences that  result  from determining wage levels  irrespective of the capacity  and willingness of  individual industries and enterprises to pay.

For Nerds.  The ten top lines for hitting on an economist. (down a screen or two). Billed on Coordination Problem as  “advice for those interested in romance with the sexiest of the social scientists.”

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