Six new agencies, 20 new programs: the Labor Way

The Prime Minister is fond of reminding us that the recently announced Carbon Tax package is the Labor way of doing things.  Now taking the proceeds of a Pigovian tax to compensate some of those whose behaviour we wish to alter is strange economics – next time I have a gin and tonic, I am hoping for a bit of compensation from the excise tax paid on the gin – but  the establishment of 20 new agencies and 20 new programs is pure, rolled gold Labor.

Just think of all those possies for their mates (and Bob and Christine’s mates)!  And just the fun they will be able to have with other people’s money (nuclear and CCS proponents are urged – forced – to stay away).

These agencies are:

o       Clean Energy Finance Corporation

o       Climate Change Authority

o       Energy Security Council

o       Clean Energy Regulator

o       Land Sector Carbon and Biodiversity Advisory Board

o       Australian Renewable Energy Authority

I would like to call for cost-benefit analyses on all these agencies – something that all economists would surely endorse.

The idea that there could be net benefits from a government-run one-stop shop  – take the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) – controlling literally billions of dollars is fanciful, to say the least. This agency will dole out bucket loads of money to marginal renewable energy operators and to support dubious research.  Has the government learnt nothing from its escapades into running things from Canberra? Waste, inefficiency, rorting – these have been the principal outcomes in recent times.
If the government is truly committed to a market mechanism to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide, then it should have had the courage to junk schemes that clearly do not fit into that category.  The MRET should have been abolished, for instance.  But would the Greens have agreed to this?  And ARENA and the other agencies should have been killed off before any were given cute acronyms.

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17 Responses to Six new agencies, 20 new programs: the Labor Way

  1. Bingo Bango Boingo

    “This agency will dole out bucket loads of money to marginal renewable energy operators…”

    You spelt “electorates” wrong.


  2. Medusa Knows

    Tip of the iceberg! Govt pushing short-term effect, ie. grocery prices FCS. It’s the long-term damage to our economy that they won’t be talking about; higher dependence on welfare, decreased discretionary spending impacting on small business, living without reliable energy sources, energy poverty etc. Not to mention that each State has it’s own bureaucracies to deal with this farce.

  3. C.L.

    You forgot the ACCC’s new Green Sweeney.

  4. If you want to complain there’s a working party being formed to consult with the deputy chairpersonnage of the sub-committee on over-committee procedure. Please fill the form in triplicate and await further instructions as to your assigned labour camp.

    There you will contribute to sustainability by mulching rich dung to heat the burbs of Brizvegas. Two bowls of WeetBix a day and mouldy cheese on Sunday.

    It’s the final solution. Now there will be no more rich and poor. We will finally be equal. Equally poor.

  5. Viva

    I wonder what these new bodies should be called.

    How about Shmangos (Sir Humphrey Memorial Autonomous New Green Organisations)

  6. Jim Rose

    those that disagree with the global warming projections are supposed to doing so for grants and consulatants fee and generally corrupt reasons.

    how many new jobs, created just this week, depend on the global warming industry?

  7. big dumb fu

    This tyranny has to be stopped. There is no mandate for any of this invasion of big government. None at all. The electorate has been repeatedly deceived by a compulsive liar, and enough is enough FFS.

  8. Louis Hissink

    Will we go down the English, European or American road – decisions, decisions, decisions.

    Any who are interested, I am attending the NPA Monckton debate on next tuesday under the Climate Sceptics Party flag – staying at the Novotel Mon and Tuesday.

  9. Gabrielle

    Good luck, Louis. I hear the room holds seating for 280 and of those 130 have been booked by GetUp.

    You must tell all after the debate. Give us the inside scoop.

  10. Biota

    On the weekend I walked past the anti-CO2 tax rally in Sydney. Christopher Monckton was giving an interview to a group of reporters while someone else was addressing the crowd- maybe 300 at a guess. A funny plackard was a pic of Comrade Brown with his lower body being sucked down a toilet. The caption was “If it’s brown send it down”. Probably classifies as a death threat.

  11. Ivan Denisovich

    but the establishment of 20 new agencies and 20 new programs is pure, rolled gold Labor.

    Exactly 12 months ago Janet Albrechtsen posed this question about Gillard:

    The question is whether she is intellectually honest enough to learn that lesson.

    Question answered.

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  13. Ellen of Tasmania

    The new Technocracy.

  14. boy on a bike

    I wonder how long it will take to staff these agencies? Will it be 5 minutes?

    Adrian Piccoli, whose government just passed its 100th day mark, sensibly kept his distance from the process. When I asked him why it took almost four months to find the right person he quipped, “When you appoint a mate it takes only five minutes. To do it properly you need about 100 days.’’

  15. JMD

    Has the government learnt nothing from its escapades into running things from Canberra

    Of course not, have you been to Canberra lately? Canberra is booming, everything is great in Canberra.

    Any more of this leveraging of the credit of the government might cause a problem sooner rather than later though, government debt is already passed unpayable.

  16. Tator

    nothing wrong with killing off ALP devised Government departments with cute acronyms, it is a lot better than killing actual cute things and a lot better for your soul and society.

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