“The Big Lie, vehemently repeated”

In his brief note on Obama’s bad faith in dealing with the issue of the debt ceiling, Scott Johnson of Powerline titled his article “The uses of petulance” but petulance is not what he meant. This is what he meant:

To Obama’s arsenal of political weapons we can add this one: the Big Lie, vehemently

The key passage:

One would have to go back to Bill Clinton denying sexual relations with ‘that woman’ to find a similarly angry presidential performance, and Obama’s had just about the same quotient of truth in it that Clinton’s did. I.e., none. I can think of other angry presidential statements prior to Clinton’s, but I think Clinton’s is the statement to which Obama’s can most usefully be compared.

Obama’s performance on Friday is one that bears dwelling on, if not for too long. I don’t think we can learn much from it that we did not know before. Obama is extraordinarily cold, calculating, disrespectful, and uninhibited by scruples in dealing with his political opponents, whom he treats like dirt. The one element of authenticity that creeps into his remarks is his lack of respect for his opponents.

In combination with an almost equally deceitful American press, the world will continue to unfold as it will.

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