Cheer up youngsters!

You can look forward to feeling better when you get to the prime of life.

Americans aged 60 and older demonstrate significantly better emotional health than those younger than 60 years. In fact, a septuagenarian is far more likely than someone in their 30s to have high emotional health. These results hold true even after statistically controlling for gender, race, education, marital status, employment, income, and regional location.

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11 Responses to Cheer up youngsters!

  1. bytheway

    We have a choice. To be cheerful we can either grow old, or read the Sydney Morning Herald.

    Fact: energy prices head for the sky. Consumption falls 2%

    Herald headline today: “Price rises pay off for electricity consumers.”

    Fact: Labor’s disastrous Nielsen poll results persist.

    Herald headline today: “Gillard shines in Labor gloom”.

    Tomorrow’s story perhaps? “Rising death rate lowers incidence of disease”

    I feel better now.

  2. john malpas

    Being well over seventy I think the most likely emotion we have is burning rage at most government institutes.
    Especially those who claim to dispense health care like hospitals.
    As for politicians of all stripes it is probably illegal ( hate crimes) to have such thoughts as we do.
    Otherwise were are remarkably calm.

  3. No Worries

    Ah, but did they correct for survivor bias ?

  4. Paul Williams

    I think this graph provides the explanation!

  5. papachango

    @Paul Williams – how about a bit of warning with that link, for those of us at work:

    Based on your corporate access policies, access to this web site ( ) has been blocked because the web category “Adult/Sexually Explicit” is not allowed.

  6. Paul Williams

    papachango, there’s nothing in that link except a funny graph. It does have the word [email protected]&k on it, but that doesn’t seem too strong for this site.

    Now get back to work!

  7. papachango

    thanks PW – gotta love over-zealous work Internet filters!

  8. Rafe

    In the government dept where i used to spend some time on weekdays (your taxes at work) the word ‘hot’ in the subject of an email could be too much for the net nanny.

  9. Quentin George

    Rafe – in the dept I work in, the filter blocks all that, as well as anything “sport” related (such as articles about the insects known as “crickets”) and stuff with “chat” in the title…including any article about the suburb of Chatswood.

    Like a laser.

  10. Winston Smith

    John, the anger part of the equation continues to rise because we know that when Tony Abbott gets in, he won’t chuck the parasites out on their ears.
    You can vote Liberal, but you still get the Left.

  11. Scott

    It’d be different if most had to pay their own way.

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