Not the 99 percent

This picture is doing the rounds on Face Book.

Shows the importance of a work ethic.

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  1. JC

    Good come back.

    So umm what we know from the hordes infesting that park in NYC..the deamdn the following

    $20 minimum wage? (GM workers recently settled on $16)

    guaranteed annual living wage income for every American whether or not they’re working.

    Open borders so all people can live and work wherever they want to.

    “free college education”

    the “forgiveness of all debt on the entire planet period” demand.

  2. .

    the “forgiveness of all debt on the entire planet period” demand.

    Banks might actually like that. They forget about their balance sheet, keep the deposits and hit up risky things like options on convertible bonds on developing world miners and energy firms.

    They get rich, and without 500k loans, home ownership moves out of the hands of the many and once more to the few.

    Don’t think the we are movement have thought this through.

  3. daddy dave

    Their demands are very sensible and realistic. Total debt forgiveness, an end to “greedy banks”, open borders, everyone gets a massive pay rise (including those who aren’t working)… all perfectly achievable goals. I think they’ve thrown ‘world peace’ (ie “end to unjust wars” or something like that) just to round out the plausibility of the whole thing.

    And they are clearly young people who shoulder the responsibility for the consequences of their decisions.

    For instance, they accept that when they signed a document to voluntarily go into student debt, they’d have to pay that back some day.

    And if they break the law while protesting – they understand that any subsequent arrest was a direct result of their decision to break the law.

    Cause and effect are well entrenched in these sharp young minds.

  4. JamesK

    Their demands are very sensible and realistic

    Did they forget to remember ‘world peace’, dd?

  5. daddy dave

    There have been rumblings against ‘war’ by some of them – but I’m stretching it out to world peace just for a joke. Mockery, parody, and all that.

    But they’re not really asking for world peace. Alas.

  6. Z

    I wish I could employ this student.

  7. I tried to find a definition of greedy banks. I think it’s one that pays the CEO more than these people have fingers and toes.

    I also tried to find an example of a bank that wasn’t greedy. Seems there were some once, but they’re gone.

  8. JC

    I’m thinking that if enough pressure builds in the West particularly Europe we will begin to see much, much higher inflation.

  9. Boris

    DD, I understand where you are coming from, but it’s not the whole story. They are aslo protesting against massive bailouts (by-partisan, I must add).

    And another strong theme: influence of corporate money on goveernment (by both parties). Pork barrel is particularly notorious in the US, especially in congressional races.

    These are real issues. And there is more than one view on those matters.

  10. Infidel Tiger

    They are aslo protesting against massive bailouts

    They’re against bank bailouts but they’re pro being bailed out themselves. They also want more government spending. They’re confused idiots.

    Personally I thought bailing out the banks was an atrocious decision. It was philosophically wrong and went against every principle of capitalism. Businesses, no matter their size, have to be allowed to fail.

  11. The open borders demand is a very interesting libertarian idea. Humanity can only benefit by removing the barriers to rapid movement of capital and human resources by the owners of those resources in response to changing circumstances. But this is where they are confused (as in cross-eyed fairy mushroom level confused), they won’t be demanding the removal of barriers to the rapid exchange of labour and money by the owners of that labour and money, now will they..

  12. Judith Sloan

    But open borders and high minimum wage – not a good combination unless an informal market is possible.

  13. FDB

    I’m not sure what you’re getting at Ooh Honey Honey.

    Who but the individual owns their wealth or labour?

  14. johno

    They claim they are speaking for the 99% against the 1%. As one of those 99%ers who totally diagrees with what they are proposing I have only one response which many of the protesters will be familiar with – ‘NOT IN MY NAME’.

  15. FDB

    “As one of those 99%ers who totally diagrees with what they are proposing”

    Which is what exactly?

  16. Adrien

    I like the spirit but if he reckons he’s not the 99% he might wanna look at his tax bill. 🙂

  17. I wasn’t clear? People say they can read me like a book…
    Anyway, open borders means individuals can say “I want to go there and do that because it is better for me!” and no one stops them. The fleabaggers think that level of individual freedom would be great.
    The second one is where individuals say to each other “I will work for you and I am happy to accept this much for my work” and no one else has anything to say about the credentials of the worker or the nature of the work or how much money changes hands.
    I respectfully submit that the protesters in Wall St would stop short of supporting that level of individual freedom.

  18. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    Utopia wasn’t born in a day, it takes at least a week of sitting in the park with wool over your eyes for all your dreams to come true. Sorry assorted nutters, but that’s just the way it is. Hope your self-esteem survives this terrible news.

  19. Capitalist Piggy

    Nice sentiment, but let’s face it, its probably a hoax.

  20. Oh come on

    Which is what exactly?

    Very good question, FDB. They’re hardly the spawn of Alinksy.

  21. rog

    So someone somewhere scribbles something on a bit of paper, takes a shot of it and posts it on Facebook.

    Only in Catallxia would this be given serious attention.

  22. daddy dave

    Only in Catallxia would this be given serious attention.

    Not quite, rog. This is just a parody of what the “99 percent” are doing.

  23. JamesK

    So someone somewhere scribbles something on a bit of paper, takes a shot of it and posts it on Facebook.

    Gee wodge are you suggesting that its not a serious facebook activist page like ‘We Are the 99 Percent/?

    Jeez. Imagine that. Sinc has been taken in by a hoax.

    Thank God you visit us here wodge, else Sinc would never hope to learn from his mistakes.

  24. Peter Patton

    But wait! There’s more! Occupy Darwin! I kid you not.

  25. Oh come on

    Wog – you do understand that words have meanings, right? Or do you oppose the writing of books? Maybe these should all be ignored, too?

  26. JamesK

    But wait! There’s more! Occupy Darwin! I kid you not.


    If they’re there we may as well give up, capitulate and return to a foraging lifestyle.

  27. rog

    Foraging or just plain old raging a’ la Catallaxy?

    Vis dans le moment présent

  28. Oh come on

    Wog – jam a crap in it. You have nothing useful to add.

  29. JC

    Wow, Wodger, French now? Was that taught in 2nd year at the wood work academy, you whiny low rent little bitch.

  30. Oh come on

    Wog has a problem with people writing down reasoned opinions. Possibly because he’s unable to do this himself.

  31. Adrien

    According to some kid with a (damn!) megaphone (and a very irritating pompous faux-Anglo Aristocrat accent) at the corner of Collins and Swanston the 99% are now staging occupations in about 1600 cities worldwide. The website claims 1500.

  32. JC

    99% are now staging occupations in about 1600 cities worldwide. The website claims 1500.

    Who cares, except Odumbo wanting to make them his largest voting constituency.

  33. Oh come on

    This “99%” are the same people who, during post-election commiserations, scratch their heads in wonder and ask each other “How is it possible that they won? No one I know voted for them!”

    Hence why they consider themselves 99%.

  34. Peter Patton

    Fabulous, delightfully ironic move at the Occupy Darwin hoe-down.

    Open mic followed, which was when a LaRouchite, who’d been standing alone with a sandwich board depicting either the queen or Julia Gillard in royal robes and the phrase ‘I want to carbon tax you’ scrawled beneath, grabbed the mic. Her first bit of advice was to ‘ditch the witch’, which may have got her applause at a Tony Abbott-endorsed rally but got nothing from anyone in the Occupy crowd. This was followed by a brief analysis of the failings of the OWS movement: that there was no leader (which I think is its strength). She assured those leaderless minions present that the LaRouche senators in North America were working on this, and the travesty of a leaderless movement would soon be rectified, which I’m sure is news to all those currently occupying Wall Street.
    She flipped the page of her sandwich board to reveal Barack Obama’s face with a Hitler moustache. She proceeded to list Obama’s crimes, one of which was that he’s actually a British agent. Her solution? To have Obama declared criminally insane and removed from the White House.

    Ya rolls the dice…

  35. Peter Patton

    WTF. Is Occupy Darwin run by Dr. Christina Ho?

    Now, with the glaringly obvious evidence that the thing that’s making ordinary people’s lives hard is not Islam, not Communism, but rather global corporations, overpaid executives, amoral share traders, and the reality that modern government only exists to facilitate corporate functionality, people are again demanding real change.

    Yep, that evidence sure is glaringly obvious. Just like Dr. Ho’s.

  36. Peter Patton

    I bet the 99% are really the 4200.

  37. Supplice

    Geez, I wish I’d known about the “Occupy Darwin” mob. I’m staying just down the street from there, I might wander over and see if anyone is still there… and heckle them.

  38. Peter Patton

    Interesting. That great social sneer, Lefty Kim, has defined the “not 99%” as those who attend “Alan Jones rallies”. While Lefty p.kwigg’n insists the feral urchins are “nearly all the productive activity (as against the 1 per cent’s incomes drawn from a parasitic financial sector)”. [Ed: Shirley, you mean tenured macro academics who don’t teach?]

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