Rafe’s Roundup Feb 13

The road to ruin. Subsidies for trade unionists who work for Holden.

Don’t Sell Your Coat by Harold Ambler, another poke in the eye for the warming alarmists. He is especially impressive because he is a progressive leftie and a climate nut for as long as he can remember. After many years of accepting the warming orthodoxy he started to notice that a few things did not add up and the more he checked the more things did not add up. He is now arguably the most scathing critic of Al Gore on the planet, especially on account of the biofuel debacle that takes food from the Third World. He reports on the work on sunspots which suggests that we may be in for a period of cooling due to changes in sunspot activity.

More of the same from Jo Nova. A major defection in Germany.

The best known environmentalist in the German Social Democratic Party announced he had become a skeptic (see FOCUS and read  about his new book). It doesn’t get much more damning than this. Fritz Vahrenholt was a chemistry professor and a leftie politician, and, could it be any more poignant… also headed up the renewable energy division of Germany’s second largest utility company. CEO of a wind farm for goodness sake.

Dont forget to  vote for Jo in the Bloggies.

People may have noticed that GetUp and Crikey circulated some video of Christopher Monckto at my seminar at the Mannkal Foundation. Yes my seminar. I am really upset that they picked up the sideshow about media ownership and didn’t take any notice of the seminar. Is there some agency where I can lodge a complaint?

So much for brainstorming. A myth busted.

Andrei Scheifer and the things he learned from the transition experience in Russsia. Something else, cherish our legal and moral framework.

I warned them in 1966 when the Education Officers of the National Union of Australian Uni Students met at the Black Prince Hotel at St Kilda. Amidst wailing about the claim that there was only one Aboriginal uni graduate I suggested to fix up primary and secondary education and the uni situation would take care of itself.  Did anyone take any notice? Andrew Bolt reports on some Productivity Commission findings.

The Productivity Commission has just delivered its massive report on how government services are delivered, and notes that Aboriginal students are, on average, way behind on reading, writing and maths. We’re talking about 160,000 Aboriginal students. If they don’t learn to read, write and count as well as everyone else, most will stay behind forever.

For nerds.  A reading guide to The Poverty of Historicism, Popper’s shortest book.

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4 Responses to Rafe’s Roundup Feb 13

  1. Dakingisdead

    “The underlying assumption of brainstorming is that if people are scared of saying the wrong thing, they’ll end up saying nothing at all. The appeal of this idea is obvious: it’s always nice to be saturated in positive feedback.”

    Now I understand why Julia wanted the brainstorming session. She just needed the hugs.

  2. wreckage

    Really, it seems to imply the problem with brainstorming is that it actually encourages group-think; superior variety of ideas is generated when people develop their ideas solo and then pool them.

  3. Helen Armstrong

    Oh Gosh, how many times have I been part of a group that it appears wasted so much butchers paper. Although it appears to work better if everyone knows each other moderately but not overly well – the latter leads to groupthink too. I must admit that in depth development of ideas – for me – is best done alone – but everyone is different. Think Meyers Briggs.

    Thanks for the book links and reading Rafe!

  4. Rafe
    I like how you find all the climate change sceptics and actually I am a bit more hopeful now because there does seem to be a steady flow of converts which are the most important group. They give much more credibility than those that have always been sceptical. There is some danger though with some of the sceptics trying to make predictions like the warmists which could cause problems as the weather does not appear to be predictable and they are likely to be wrong also. Best attitude is don’t know but not enough evidence against GHGs.

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