Sorry folks, time for me to go

Rafe you are old and ignorant. You cannot write and your postings are feeble more than stupid. Your claimed right-wing values don’t ring true – ‘methinks he doth protest too much’. Your claims are the last hurrah of a foolish old man. Call it quits.

Thanks Harry. None of my friends were prepared to tell me the honest truth. Shame on you all. Especially Daniel Barnes!

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  1. ar

    None of my friends were prepared to tell me the honest truth. Shame on you all

    Sounds like Kevin Rudd PM…

  2. Infidel Tiger

    How old is Harry? I would’ve put him mid 70’s.

  3. .

    Harry is a hep cat fellas. Don’t be such squares!

  4. Harry has lost his marbles in a sea of …..

  5. JamesK

    Sounds like Kevin Rudd PM…

    Well it certainly sounds like Harry was channeling Shame Wand

  6. Sancho

    Catallaxy Files: Australia’s leading libertarian and centre-right blog.

    Content: complaints about comments buried halfway down the page on obscure blogs somewhere.

    This site is a force to be reckoned with in the national debate. A real game-changer.

  7. JC

    Wow! He’s very very angry. these days lol.

    It’s all all a show, Rafe. He’s basically putting up this squalid performance to show his leftie friends he’s reliable.

    He received recognition from the wombat whisperer, Ken Henry, for that appalling idea he has of charging people more for road use and he now thinks he needs to monster his old friends.

    He can’t be trusted for a second as he’ll turn on you.

    Don’t engage him. Just tell the prick to go fuck himself.

  8. Rafe

    And I thought he was just trying to help.

  9. RodClarke

    Please dont go Rafe.

  10. C.L.

    You didn’t criticise Bill Henson or the theory of catastrophic bovine flatulence, did you?

  11. Rafe
    They are all gunning for you this is from Steve of Brisbanes blog

    “This exchange between me and the climate change denialist Rafe took place over the weekend:

    Me: Which leads me to a fundamental Catallaxy and Coalition bit of nonsense: you are (mostly) dead keen on nuclear, but totally against a carbon price that would actually make implementing it competitive.


    Great idea Steve, intervene to make an existing service more expensive to help an alternative to get up.

    R&D will take care of the greater cost of nuclear power, if it is allowed to proceed instead of being brought to a halt as occurred in the US (under Carter?).

    Of course, Rafe would have absolutely no idea as to how long the R&D will take and whether it truly has any prospect of ever making it as competitive as coal for Australia. But the free market takes care of everything, doesn’t it?

    If pressed further, Rafe and other free market types will no doubt complain about excessive regulation of nuclear power being the reason it doesn’t evolve faster, and in doing so like to pretend that it isn’t inherently dangerous. So we get them and the likes of Andrew Bolt acting as if nuclear accidents are not a big deal. “80,000 people displaced indefinitely from their homes? What’s it matter – no one was killed!”

  12. JC

    You didn’t criticise Bill Henson

    No. He was also taking advice that global temps were going to rise 14degs from a man charged with stealing his neighbor’s manure. It was a fat tail theory. Only thing is that the fucking tail was bigger than the rest of the body.

    I stating straight out that I see no difference between Bird and Harry

    1.They’re both into conspiracy theories.

    2. They go apeshit abusive if you disagree with them.

  13. JC


    If Stepford is worried about nuke then ask the moron to stick with coal then. Also tell him that plastic panels and propellers on sticks will not work.

  14. JC
    Yes it is a problem when some of the warmists actually only want to use wind and solar because the wind doesn’t blow all the time and the sun doesn’t always shine. Or imagine the mining that has to be done to have all our power backed up by batteries and to supply peak load. Even Barnaby Joyces idea of horse and cart is no good due to methane emissions.

  15. Rococo Liberal

    Why do wankers like Clarke fetishize science so much? A few years back these same statists were telling us that there was no such thing as science, now the fuckers are all positivists. However, the problem they have is that they still think they are the revolutionaries, when the truth is that the warmist side of the argument is the flat-earth side of the argument.

    Science is always developing, and it has developed away from AGW. More and more scientists are seeing AGW for the can it was, i.e. the new leftist ramp, to replace all the earlier failed leftist ideas in economics and social theory.

  16. JC


    You preaching to converted, son.

  17. Poida

    In my own defence Rafe, I was going to say something about the honest truth, but it looked nothing like Harry’s comment. And in the end I didn’t feel it needed to be said.

    I’ll say it now just in case…

    “Keep up the great work.”

  18. Gab

    Yes it is a problem when some of the warmists actually only want to use wind and solar because the wind doesn’t blow all the time and the sun doesn’t always shine

    Details, Kelly, details. They don’t worry their pretty vacuous heads about such mundane things. Somehow Gaia will care take of it all. Youse gotsa believe.

  19. A few years back these same statists were telling us that there was no such thing as science, now the fuckers are all positivists.

    Love it.

  20. sean

    It’s a shame SFB posts at this blog but has failed to learn much more than m0nty on how economics works. What a dud. His comments on Nuclear are just a sign of an inability to critically examine ‘left-wing concensus’ on Nuclear and consider one incident rather than overall risk profile. Per kW/Hr Nuclear is the safest technology, but asking some people to seperate emotion from fact is a bridge too far.

    GE have an off the ****in shelf reactor already designed and operational around the world, we don’t need to be re-inventing the wheel. Gen IV will be commercialised by a superpower China/Russia/India and we can reprocess our spent fuel 50x times over in a breeder reactor in 100 years or whenever it becomes cheaper than extracting Uranium from the ground.

  21. Rafe

    My children are urging me to keep on blogging. They are afraid that if I stop I will be nagging them to visit more often, read to me, take me out on the deck, or even for a drive to get away from the old folks home.

  22. Gab

    Hang on? Are you seriously considering not blogging just becuase of what some old fart said, Rafe? Don’t be daft. Get those fingers on that keypad and start typing. Quickly now….like a bunny.

  23. bruce

    Do not go gentle, Rafe.

    Rage! Rage!

  24. I’m getting that Harry would be just FINE with people who are young and ignorant.

  25. Here’s a contrarian view. It is said that and even there is medical evidence that if you stop using your brain it will degrade. So because of this fact if some say you are getting old and foolish then it is time to pick up the pace, time to blog more and more so you can get your facilties back and beat them.

  26. ken n

    The reason Harry and others get so angry about climate change is that it isn’t really a scientific issue.
    Can you think of any other scientific issue that non scientists would get so wound up and angry about? Not even evolution produces so much violence. Let alone cold fusion or string theory.
    The reason for the sparks is that it is a political issue. It’s political that raises bile and blood pressure.
    Politics produces fear and hate. Science does not.
    But many keep pretending it’s about science, I suppose because then they can appeal to authority. Politics on the other hand is a matter of personal interest, experience and tribal loyalty. All emotion laden stuff.

  27. ken n

    In my old age, I think I’ll prepare a list of quotation, mostly Biblical or Shakespearean, that are often misused:
    ‘methinks he doth protest too much’ is one.
    ‘honoured in the breach….’ is another.

    Harry seems to be a fairly common offender.

  28. Jc


    Let’s be frank. The science pretty much suggests there is agw…at least it does to me.. No I not looking for a debate.

    However this stuff that the clarkester goes on with isn’t just politics. Its religious crap in the same way European cities were taken over by religious loons for periods of time. They are really quite totalitarian too.

  29. Jim Rose

    your round-ups alone suggest wide-reading as do your book reviews.

    speaking of paid climate deniers, are any paid to work full-time. by whom? where do you apply?

  30. I just love the collegiality of Australian academic economists, especially those in Melbourne. This from hc is worthy of this year’s Ignoble prize:

    “The anti-climate science nonsense being promulgated by ratbag groups such as Quadrant, the IPA and the utterly degenerate and despicable Catallaxy blog depend on the rantings of a handful of so-called ‘sceptics’.”

    Actually hc used to be fairly sceptical, but since 2007 he’s realised it’s best to curry favour with the current powers that be, e.g. by putting JQ on the board of his Economic Papers and then publishing a really 10th rate paper by JQ – at the Journal where I’m on the Board, it was made clear to me that accepting membership would rule me out from submitting a paper myself. Not so at the AES and its journals.

  31. ken n

    jc – and I agree with your first statement.
    The heat and light comes from the fact that one side wants to make major social and economic changes and the other does not.
    Sounds like politics to me. Much of the stuff done in the Inquisition and other awful times was, on my readings, political with religion used as a purpose and a weapon.

  32. Gab

    the utterly degenerate and despicable Catallaxy blog

    Tee shirts?
    Coffee mugs?
    Bumper stickers?

  33. Rococo Liberal


    You preaching to converted, son.

    You no have verbs on iPad?

    Kis Kiss

  34. Rococo Liberal

    BTW Rafe,

    I think you are one of the great bloggers of our time. HC is a total twunt and should be ignored by all intelligent people. In fact anyone who even thopught once that they might vote for the green/alp allaince should be forced to wear a dunce sign and carry a bell, so we can point at them in the street and laugh.

  35. ken n

    Great idea Gab.
    I’ll mock it up on Cafepress.
    Are you happy with that Sinc?
    I guess we don’t have to get a copyright release from hc?

  36. ken n

    hc is fairly sensible on issues other than AGW.
    Not always right but more often than many other economist bloggers.
    Present company excluded….
    It’s pretty well just the climate that winds him up.

  37. JamesK

    The science pretty much suggests there is agw…at least it does to me.. No I not looking for a debate.

    Debate or no – actually it doesn’t.

    It – being ‘science’ – evidences that we have been in a warming period since the mid-1800’s and it also suggests that the earth temp has been warmer than now in past human history – (one of the falsifications of the activist climate scientists’ from reconstructions of tree ring thicknesses etc )

    Also theoretically a doubling of CO2 (which may or may not be largely d/t man) – all other things being equal – will cause a 1C rise in global temp – very good and uncontested evidence from physics theory.

    GFreater rises in temperature are predicted/surmised as so-called ‘climate sensitivity’ as a product of positive feedback loops in complex system computer models – “which is not science as we know Jim”

  38. Token

    The heat and light comes from the fact that one side wants to make major social and economic changes and the other does not.

    The argument of purity from the warmanistas is striking in how it shoves anyone who disagrees with the narrow approved dogma a denier.

    Why don’t they allow nuclear energy in the dogma? It is irrational. Kelly states the obvious, wind & solar are duds, so you either have to use a “cleaner” fossil fuel like gas or nuclear to even tread water in terms of energy.

    On another day we can discuss how getting people to shift from petroleum cars to electric cars makes sense…

  39. .

    It’s the health nazi stuff and the dogmatic view of congestion pricing that sends me bananas. He even admitted that under a very thorough pricing regime, the fuel excise we pay is arguably too much – although he inferred it should be about 60 c.p.l.

  40. ken n

    JamesK I am not a scientist and though a sceptic I do accept what seems to be the consensus view. I am very happy that there are scientists who challenge that view and I wish there was more.
    But it would be a career destroying move for a young scientist (few do any good work past 35) to set out to challenge. And I think that’s a great pity.
    But to me the most important arguments are about what we do – and that’s politics where we can all have an opinion. hc and the others want to claim the whole thing is science and so put it beyond debate.

  41. JamesK

    The differentiation is on what people undrstand is ‘science’ Ken.

    Let’s just say that ‘hard’ science says a very limited amount from which no reasonable person would accept the theory of AGW (which is catostrophic warming in the face of a doubling of CO2 atmospheric concentrations – which is assumed to be mainly due to man).

    In other words the the null hypothesis would have to be accepted ie the theory rejected in scientific terms

  42. Rafe

    I am always surprised to find how much aggro a meek, self-effacing and inoffensive person like myself can stir in the breasts of some people like hc and the trolls on Troppo.

    And how times change, (sits back in armchair, adjusts rug around knees, lights pipe, calls the nurse to bring pre-dinner tot of whiskey). I remember when the Demons won the premiership. And I remember the time when that nice young Ken Parish took me in at Troppo after that young whipper-snapper Jason Soon dropped me off Catallaxy.

    Ah, those were the days. Ken even called me the grand old man of the blogosphere. I thought that was a compliment at the time but of course it was just a sign that my days were numbered. And when Rising Fast won the Melbourne Cup. And when a good meal at the Malaya at Central was only two dollars. And the fuss when it went up to $2.20. And Bob Gould had his shop in Goulburn Street. (dozes off)

  43. .

    You poor Parramatta fans don’t even know why the world hates you.

  44. Rafe

    Yes I can remember when Parramatta won the premiership as well. Those were the days, ah the 1980s…

  45. bruce

    “And Bob Gould had his shop in Goulburn Street. (dozes off)”

    Resist! Rafe.


  46. .

    Balmain could have won a run of Premierships second to only St George. The 1980s was a time of wasted opportunity.

  47. Rafe

    Great mouse pad. What about the 1969 Grand Final. Glebe was on the boundary of Souths and Balmain and fans of both drank in The Ancient Britton in Glebe Point Road. The set-tos by the old ladies with their walking sticks!

    Four tackle rule, two points for a field goal. What a boilover. Pre-dementia I could recite the entire Balmain run-on team. Artie Beetson, Hal Browne and Dennis Tutty watching from the stands.

  48. Rafe

    I am going blind as well. I thought bruce said “Desist!”

    And the Balmain boys all had a rest on the fourth tackle.

  49. .

    Canterbury fans and Premiership winners of that era will disagree, but Balmain was consistently the best NSWRL team from 1983 to 1991. or at least they have a strong claim to that.

    Manly are probably the best club – they have won in every era they have played in. Bennet and the Broncos have won so many in so few years.

  50. Rafe

    Easts should have won in 80, and could have won in 81. Manly could have won in 81, 82 and 83. St George should have won 1985. Balmain should have won two for sure, when Canberra pipped them in the last minute and when Terry Lamb knocked out the Black Pearl, he should have been sent off.

  51. In 1969 I was not alive so doesn’t mean much to me.

  52. .

    It meant a lot to me before 2005.

  53. JC


    Have you bothered to ask Clarke how old he is? I dunno, but he didn’t come down in the last pre-Flannery shower.


    Yes thanks for the correction. I should proof read the stuff I post.

  54. Sinclair Davidson

    Love the mousepad and the Tee-shirt idea.

  55. bruce

    ” I thought bruce said “Desist!”

    Aah well, I thought you might recall, Resist! with an arrow against a line symbol was popular poster Gould had in those days. For those who didn’t like the ‘peace’ symbol.

  56. ken n

    And Rafe, remember the Pocket Bookshop in King Street run by that Scots fellow who used to speak for the Socialist Party in the domain on Sundays. That was when the Party was a kind of soft Fabian outfit. I never believed, but had some affection for them.

  57. .

    The Liberal Party is finished. They have been done like a dinner since the 2007 election. They may split in three.

  58. ken n

    OK go to
    and search for catallaxy.
    It needs a bit of polish…
    I’ll do CafePress as well but that requires you to do an image and upload it.
    Remo handles text. Helvetica OK?

  59. Samuel J

    Harry Clarke should be ruled out of editing any journal for his strident views on climate science.

    But his ad hominem attacks are tiresome. And hypocritical: from his own website we get this on the comments policy:

    Comments Policy: Are welcome although they must avoid personal attacks on anyone. Anonymous comments must bear a unique identifying pseudonym.

    I hope that readers do feel free to comment but I take care with respect to comments which contain insulting and even conceivably defamatory language.

    1. I will not tolerate personal, abusive language at all. I have a persistent problem with troll(s) and I am dealing with them. I will delete such comments ASAP and will permanently ban people posting such comments. I will not revise this view on the basis of claims of my own allegedly past bad behaviour. Life is too short to waste on such discussions. Critical comments are welcome – unless you have been banned – but rudeness to me or other participants in online discussion is something not catered for here.

    2. If you wish to stage an ongoing complaint about someone else in the blogosphere then do it elsewhere – not here. It may take me 24 hours but with probability one I will delete your efforts and ban you permanently from my blog.

    3. Avoid commenting simply to score points. It is better to try to present a reasoned argument.

  60. Rafe

    Hey Bruce, Right On Man!

    That was Jim Thorburn. When he arrived as a ten pound tourist he fell over a hawser on the dock at Pyrmont and knocked himself out. A young medical officer on duty attended to him.
    Medical Office. “Tell me your name”.
    Jim Thorburn. “Jim Thorburn”.
    Medical Officer, “No, your name, not my name”.

    Dr Jim Thorburn became the family doctor for the Nilands at Balgowlah, near Manly.

    The other Jim Thorburn is living in retirement on a five acre block on the edge of Sydney and is still active in his 80s, mowing his block with a ride-on lawn mower. I suppose that will be the death of him!

    Just about time for my bread crusts in warm milk.

  61. Megan

    I didn’t think Rafe would be that easily intimidated. And by hc, he of the Rational and Complex Thinking Bypass, no less. Man up!

    And I’d buy that shirt – I can sew my Foul Mouthed and Cranky badges to it when I’ve graduated from JC’s class.

    Respectfully suggest the URL would look better centred under the quote.

  62. Annabelle

    The left believe in diversity…in everything except ideas.

  63. ken n

    Yes, Rafe. But he must be in his 90s.
    Surely he wasn’t only (mumble) years older than I was in the early 70s.
    We must catch up for that coffee soon…

  64. JC

    And I’d buy that shirt – I can sew my Foul Mouthed and Cranky badges to it when I’ve graduated from JC’s class.


    You have to make a formal application and there’s an 80% failure rate.

  65. JC

    anyways… the conclusion from the comments on this thread is that harry ought to man up some.

  66. Gab

    I wish Harry and Rafe could just make peace. Bad enough Mum and Dad in government are shouting about their divorce across the country. We just don’t need more bickering!

  67. Megan

    JC, please forward application form at your earliest convenience. I would appreciate any material you may have on the requirements to achieve a passing grade high distinction. I have many years of experience in both subjects, a grandfather with a PhD in Bad Tempered Cursing, am an inveterate swot, and, having studied the ALP at length I am not averse to currying favour with the lecturers should it become necessary.

  68. JC


    The key to the Phd program is that it definitely isn’t crankiness. It’s snark and sarcasm to an art form.

  69. Rafe I had a go at you (in jest though) in the first midweek forum and would like to say I understand now given the part of the country you are from. The whole south east corner of the country are totally to blame for our current government which is a bit on the left side. Although I am slow to notice the following are the figures from the 2010 election G for government and O for opposition (including independants) QLD G 8 O 22 NT G 1 O 1 WA G 3 O 12 SA G 6 O 5 now for the commie states NSW G 28 O 20 ACT G 2 O 0 TAS G 5 O 0 VIC G 23 O 14 So it is only those south eastern states that gave us such a terrible government and now I have even more agro against them wanting to tax us more with the MRRT and give it to car makers lol. The results are on the last page on the bottom right

  70. Megan


    Life Partner believes I would easily qualify for Recognition of Prior Learning in Snark, Sarcasm and Sheer Bloody Mindedness.

    Is HECS-HELP available?

  71. John Mc

    Rafe you are old and ignorant.

    This is a product of Harry’s deepest need to be accepted and acclaimed. It’s the one thing that never came his way no matter how much he desired it. I’m sure he believes that if things were just a little bit different he would shine like the star he knows he was born to be.

  72. Samuel J

    From Harry after I asked how he could reconcile his own comments (about Rafe) with his comments policy

    Samuel, You are one of the other nasty clots at Catallaxy that I do not wish to engage with. What I said about Rafe is accurate. He can’t put a sentence together and many of his posts involve links without any intelligent input to fellow clots like Jo Nova. Such views not wanted or sought here.

    I’m not sure what a ‘nasty clot’ is, but I must be pretty bad.

  73. JC

    This is a product of Harry’s deepest need to be accepted and acclaimed.

    Yea, it’s startling obvious for anyone to see. However you never earn respect by groveling. You’re basically seen as a groveler and people won’t respect you in the morning. And he pushes that Glimate change bullshit like there is no tomorrow.

    People need to accept at times that they are basically mediocre human beings and nothing much will ever change, not even sucking up to people you once fiercely opposed. They’re going to laugh at you behind your back.


    Clot means you’re “dumb”. You’re dumb, Samuel, because you don’t kneel in front of the Great Harry Houdini and accept all he says as gospel. The man who can stop traffic at peak hour, project earth temperature 200 years, plug cow bums to stop the incessant farting and turn global temperature down a few notches all by himself.

    There’s a Nobel coming. I can smell it in the air, or is that a cow fart?

  74. Samuel J

    If a potential student was at Latrobe and asked me where to go for an economics education I’d reply “not here my son, try RMIT with Professor Davidson”

  75. Oh come on

    All hail Catallaxy!!

    The measure of the success and effectiveness of the blog can be measured in the number of self-styled moderate, non-aligned or ostensible conservatives (read: closet leftists) – folk that generally tend to pride themselves on their cool and even-handed analyses – who become irrational, raving lunatics whenever they turn their sights onto the Cat and its assorted and colourful denizens.

    Let’s call this bizarre phenomenon CDS – Catallaxy Derangement Syndrome.

    Harry Clark has a severe case of it. See above and also here:

    the utterly degenerate and despicable Catallaxy blog

    Hahahahahhaha! Have a Kleenex, Harry, and wipe your monitor. A few Valium knocked back with that cask of Yalumba Pinot would do you the world of good, too.

    Steve of Brisbane is also deeply afflicted.

    John Quiggin has a slight variation of the disorder; he doesn’t generally suffer the rabid, mouth-foaming, projectile spittle-showering symptoms that HC and SoB exhibit. The Quiggler, driven by a deep-seated bias of what he thinks Catallaxians believe, is willing to risk his academic reputation by creating falsehoods about Catallaxy commenters which can be exposed with risible ease. I’m talking about the following snippet of this post:

    As a PS, I couldn’t resist checking a 700-comment thread on the US elections. I shouldn’t link, but I will. While there is plenty of not-so-innocent amusement to be had, what struck me was that most of the commenters appear to be creationists – the handful holding up the flag for evolution are getting hammered.

    If you search for the brief moment in that thread where evolutionary theory is discussed, it becomes obvious that the above is a load of horseshit. Having sad that, at the point he published his palpably false update, he was guilty merely of being wrong. OK, yes, that’s because he is a dope; an academic embarrassment whose analytical credentials are deeply undermined by such cack-handed and ill-targeted accusations. But still, nothing more than mistaken. Until…

    He was subsequently informed – several times – that what he’d written was incorrect. Yet he didn’t retract or even remove his wildly erroneous observations. That’s the moment when he transitioned from merely being wrong to outing himself as a liar.

    Yep, Catallaxy is performing splendidly and CDS is spreading like wildfire amongst the “moderates”, “non/mild-partisans” and “objective conservatives”; sandblasting away the millimetre-thick veneers of civility and objectivity to expose the shallow-thinking, abusive and even out-and-out fraudulent cores of these angry old men.

    What can I say. The enemy’s slip is well and truly showing, and the Cat did that. This blog fucking rules.

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