Rand Paul for Vice President

It had already crossed my mind that the ideal running mate for Mitt Romney was Ron Paul’s son, Rand Paul, the Senator from Kentucky, so it’s nice to see others are thinking along the same lines. I had met him at Freedomfest in July last year and was genuinely impressed. He fielded questions from a very conservative/libertarian group and made not a single political error, a political error in this case being a statement acceptable amongst conservative libertarians but which would disqualify him from winning wider support from the community in general.

I now see Rand Paul is being considered by Romney which would be the perfect alliance of conservative and libertarian. This brief article concludes:

On the surface, tapping Paul as veep might not make sense. But conservatives are refusing to go along and eat the dog food with Romney — and adding Rand Paul to the ticket would fire conservatives up – and ensure that Ron Paul drops any plans to launch a 3rd party challenge. And just imagine if Romney arrives at the GOP convention needing some of Paul’s delegates to win the nomination?

It’s not an absurd idea.

Rand Paul would be a great Vice President and one day possibly the President itself. This is not, as the article seems to imply, the politics of the backroom deal, but may be as good a ticket as the Republicans could imagine putting together if their aim actually remains to win the election come November.

Foreign Policy Addendum: Having written this post it occurred to me after whether Rand would have foreign policy notions similar to his Dad’s that would not really work for me. So I have had a look and found this article titled, “Rand Paul Outlines his Foreign Policy”. Here I think is the key passage which I found quite comforting:

But unlike his father, the younger Paul is not proposing immediate withdrawal of US troops, and said he supports increasing the percentage of America’s budget spent on the Pentagon—despite an 81 percent increase in defense spending since 2001.

‘When I prioritize spending, I think national defense is a constitutional function of government, so I think that it would have a priority for me over all other spending really,’ he said.

And this just in: Gallup: Romney up by four on Obama.

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20 Responses to Rand Paul for Vice President

  1. Les Majesty

    Joe would kick his ass in the debates.

  2. Oh come on


  3. Oh come on

    Joe’s main problem is that he wouldn’t be able to find his spectacles before the debate started.

    Apparently the nurses keep hiding them.

  4. C.L.

    Joe to Rand: “Get out of my Rhode!”

  5. Skuter

    I have said all along that a Romney-Paul ticket would be the way to go as a good balance with broad appeal to republican voters…I just never considered this Paul. But works for me…

  6. MrLiberty

    First, this would not be the perfect combination of conservative and libertarian. It would be an unholy alliance of borderline liberal and nearly libertarian (Rand still has some things to figure out about the role of government). As a solid Ron Paul supporter, and one who firmly believes that he will be our next president by one path or another, I would hope that he would be smart enough to sell out his son for the cause of liberty before he would sell out liberty before the cause of his son. His decades in the house tend to support the later liklihood. Romney is Obama for the most part. The only purpose for Rand as VP would be to try and lure the Ron Paul supporters to vote for him. There is certainly NO WAY that most Paul supporters will vote for Romney should he get the nomination. Likely they would sit out the election (I mean what real difference will it make if either Romney or Obama gets elected), or will write in Ron Paul, vote for him if he is 3rd party, or consider the Libertarian nominee if ok. The media is dreaming if they think Ron Paul supporters can be bought with such trickery. We have taken the Red Pill. You cannot pull the wool over our eyes anymore.

  7. MrLiberty

    Sorry, I meant to say former option. I think he would sell out Rand before liberty, not the other way around.

  8. Oh come on

    hahahaha CL – although I’m sure he’d say “Get out of my Rhode, man!”

  9. Driftforge

    The biggest benefit to a Paul is not that it “would fire conservatives up” but that it allows the move to the foreign policy and fiscal proposals that independents and disaffected democrats want.

    Unfortunately for Romney, it won’t pick up much of the Ron Paul vote.

  10. JamesK

    Toby Harnden:

    “You have to ask Congressman Paul and Governor Romney what they’ve got going together,” Santorum told reporters in the spin room in Mesa, Arizona. “Their commercials look a lot alike and so do their attacks.”

    Santorum’s top strategist John Brabender went even further, charging that the two men had “joined forces” and were coordinating attacks against his man

    “Clearly there’s a tag team strategy between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. For all I know, Mitt Romney might be considering Ron Paul as his running mate. Clearly there is now an alliance between those two and you saw that certainly in the debate.”

    The was also coordination in their attack ads, he charged. “Ron Paul for all practical purposes has pulled out of Michigan. Correct? Where’s he running negative ads against Rick Santorum? Michigan.

    “It was interesting to me that if you watch Ron Paul when he came into the debate, he wrote negative things about Rick Santorum down because when he started to get questions he would immediately pick up his paper and start mentioning Santorum stuff.”

    He added: “What is amazing to me this shows a remarkable ability by Romney, who has already proven to be the most negative man in history on TV, now he’s even training his opponents to be negative for his benefit and actually I think that takes remarkable skill.”

  11. .

    I blame the relentless negativity of Bain Capital stooge Mittens Romney for the poor perception of Santorum.

  12. JamesK

    Mal is to Mittens as Tone is to Wick

  13. Driftforge

    JamesK – yes, Santorum is a whinger and conspiracist.

  14. JamesK

    i’m leery of Chris Christie but you can see why the electorate loves his combativeness.

    On Morning Joe the most successful MSNBC political show: Chris Christie: Barack Obama is a Coward

    Talking on Morning Joe today about gay marriage and his recent veto of a New Jersey “marriage equality” bill, the guy who should be running for President found a way to use the issue to attack President Obama. It was glorious.

    Christie defended his recent veto of a bill allowing gays and lesbians to marry and reiterated his call to put the question to a popular referendum, arguing, “the Democrats in my state are criticizing me saying my feet are firmly planted on the wrong side of justice. I said yesterday, yeah, my feet are firmly planted right next to President Obama.” “He could have gotten more votes in New Jersey out of Democrats in the legislature — not all of them voted for it –if the President would have taken a stand,” Christie added.

    But that’s not even the best part. The real fireworks started when Johnathan Capehart pressed Christie on putting “civil rights of a minority” up for referendum. Christie was, er, unfased.

    CAPEHART: Governor Christie, I heard you say that you have your feet firmly planted next to President Obama on this issue, but the key difference between you and the President is while you support putting the civil rights of a minority up for a public referendum, the President is certainly not in favor of that.

    CHRISTIE: Has he said that, Jonathan? Jonathan, has he said that? I haven’t heard him say that…The President is silent on this like he’s silent on every issue that’s difficult for him. […] Let’s have the President of the United States show some courage, come on this program, look into the camera like I’m looking into the camera, and state his position. He won’t because he wants to have it both ways. I’m not looking to have it both ways, I vetoed the bill. That’s my position. What I’ve offered to the supporters of same-sex marriage is if one of your reasons for why I should have voted signed it was because you’re telling me the majority of the people of New Jersey want it, then prove it. Put it on the ballot and prove it. At least I’m standing up for what I believe in. The President has hidden on this issue, Jonathan, he’s hidden on it… This is the type of cowardice that we don’t want.

  15. JamesK

    Maybe Christie will be Romney’s Attorney General or Justice Department Secretary if not VP?

  16. I think it is more likely a match up with Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. Although there is one problem that being that Mitt says he is a war monger but I would say this is not certain and could be just to get votes from the Republican base. If you watch him in the debates he likes to say as little as possible often saying yes I agree with what they said. Another thing he does is just not answer the question at all if he doesn’t want to going into campaign speech at times completely ignoring the question. It is really difficult to know what Mitt actually believes. A ticket with Mitt and Ron on it based on all the polling so far is unbeatable.

  17. Driftforge

    Actually, Mitt would make a good VP for Ron, except for life expectancy issues.

  18. sdfc

    But unlike his father, the younger Paul is not proposing immediate withdrawal of US troops, and said he supports increasing the percentage of America’s budget spent on the Pentagon

    Like the US needs more military spending.

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