Remember that look?

At Centrebet: Gillard $1.14. Rudd $5.10. Any other candidate $9.00.
At Sportsbet: Gillard $1.15. Rudd $5.25.

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  1. John Comnenus

    He was in a bit to $3.75 earlier this morning. It wouldn’t surprise me if Gillards supporters dropped a bunch of cash to shift the odds.

  2. John Comnenus

    On other ALP survival issues, I heard that the NSW police strike force into HSU corruption raided a home this morning – apparently the printer who claims he made secret commissions to Thommo and others.

  3. Harrys on the Boat

    A poll in the left leaning West Australian of preferred PM:

    Gillard 9%
    Rudd 38%
    Abbott 39%

    None of the above was giving Gillard a hiding also.

  4. Infidel Tiger

    And for those that think Oakeshott or Half Windsor would ever abandon the lying filth, have a butcher’s at these odds:

    Coalition $1.20
    Oakeshott $4.25

    Coalition $1.32
    Windsor $3.40

  5. Fleeced

    Odds of doing what, IT?

    They’re the odds in the individual seats (Lyne and New England, respectively)

  6. Rabz

    FFS, what a hideous moonfaced tw*t.

    Programmatic specificity, anyone?

  7. tbh

    Would whoever picked on him at Marist Ashgrove please apologise, so we can be spared any more of the combination of his collossal ego and the equally large chip on his shoulder?

  8. Rabz

    …please apologise, so we can be spared any more…

    And the car he was forced to live in as well – that car must found and forced to apologise also…

  9. ar

    Remember this look???

    Rudd saunters around a war memorial with his hands in his pockets.

    Showing off to some young thing, no doubt…

  10. Entropy

    So what happens on Monday, does Rudd get his nose thoroughly rubbed in it to the extent he decides to resign from Griffith forcing a by election? Will Peter Beattie then step in to save the day (and Anna while he is at it?)

  11. Fleeced

    I dunno… I’m tempted to make a bet on Rudd at those odds.

  12. Megan

    I’m invoking Bob Sutton’s No Asshole Rule. One go round with Kevni was more than enough for me.

    Take the ARSE test on the poor hard-done-by lad’s behalf to see just how close to Certified Asshole status he really is.

  13. Infidel Tiger

    Kevin and Julia have destroyed the ALP for generations. They are heroes of the right.

  14. Harrys on the Boat

    Is there odds on Rudd pulling out of the vote? The gutless coward to withdraw would be safe money.

  15. Infidel Tiger

    I don’t think he’ll withdraw. The perfect Rudd scenario is a Newspoll suggesting he’s as popular as cold beer on a hot day and then the ALP carcass rejecting him.

    Martyrdom will then be complete.

  16. C.L.

    Newspoll has brought forward their next poll for publication Monday morning.

  17. RodClarke

    The gutless coward to withdraw would be safe money.

    hes on telly in a few mins giving a press conf

  18. johno

    He has jusy annonuced that he WILL run.

    I reckon he will be massacred.

  19. Infidel Tiger

    This is one hell of a sociopathic speech.

    This bloke could go postal on Monday.

  20. Fleeced

    From the numbers released, it’s not looking good for Rudd – but the party is destroying itself in the process.

  21. C.L.

    Rudd: Gillard lied under orders from her handlers.

  22. Harrys on the Boat

    Will a caucus annhilation lead to him quitting parliament?

    I still think he’ll withdraw.

  23. Infidel Tiger

    Fuck I hate Rudd. He’s a despicable man.

  24. Carpe Jugulum

    And on cue the little turd blames Abbott.

    He actually thinks he can beat Abbott, sweet cheeses he is deluded.

  25. C.L.

    This is great.

    The electorate wants Rudd but the ALP says they can’t have him.


    Mrs Rudd is nice. She seems a good stick.

  26. Fleeced

    Will a caucus annhilation lead to him quitting parliament?

    As long as it’s over by Noon Monday (Qld time), he has time to nominate for Qld state election 🙂

  27. Infidel Tiger

    Mrs Rudd is nice. She seems a good stick.

    Fred West’s wife was probably quite lovely until all the murdering.

  28. JamesK

    Big mistake if he was serious about a one stage win.

    No policy change.

  29. jtfsoon

    actually in today’s AFR, it’s reported that Rudd is offering to retain subsidies to the car industry in his pitch to win leadership.

    it’s bad enough they engage in vote buying during elections, now they do it in leadership challenges too.

    worst governments ever.

  30. Rabz

    Hi Alan,

    I’m an old fashioned conservative lady who’s been utterly horrified by the recent monstrous, petulant behaviour of that egomaniacal marshmallow, kevni ruff.

    He obviously has no respect for women – I mean look at his poor daughter for example, reduced to swearing like a wharfie on that new fangled twatter jiggery pokery – and don’t get me started on that wife of his.

    But his attacks on the woman left to pick up the pieces of his disastrous tenure as Prime Minister are truly beyond the pale. juliar has moved heaven and earth forward in an attempt to put the hideous ruff disaster behind us. She’s implemented a far reaching social justice and pro-environment agenda based on honest communication with voters as well as policies and programs rooted in the most stringent, economically sound foundations. Her prudent spending of taxpayers’ dollars will become the stuff of legend, mark my words.

    As a leader she’s proven to be both a peerless communicator and a canny negosheeaytah. Her principled partnership with both the greens and the vastly underrated, selfless and much abused rural independents has demonstrated her pragmatic approach to gaining and remaining in power for the benefit of all Australians.

    As for Tonee Yabbott, he really can’t take a trick, can he? It’s interesting that the only person who’s been able to destabilise juliar’s sterling stewardship has been ruff. Yabbott’s been flailing around like the brain rattled pugilist he is, succeeding in little other than belting himself repeatedly in the face. Bring back squire turnbull, now there was an excitement machine!

    Yes Alan, juliar and malcolm, the only two politicians who truly have this great country’s interests at heart.

    Keep fighting, Mary from Mosman

  31. Pedro the Ignorant

    Love your work, Rabz.

    Post that at the Drum or Lavatory Protein, I reckon the luvvies would lap it up. 🙂

  32. Token

    Keep fighting, Mary from Mosman

    Did Lenore Taylor ghost write this?

    Mary of Mosman’s letter summarises her “independent” position for the last 4 years.

  33. Gab

    That’s a parody for sure, Duncan. They cannot be that stupid to actually believe that waffle.

  34. Adrien

    remember the look? Sure. It’s the expression of a vain, haughty, void psychocrat who makes everyone who works with him ill and unable to function. So why are you guys so eager for him to return to the headof the government?


    You bastards! 🙂

  35. Fleeced

    Which muppet should run the country?

  36. val majkus

    A funny comment from a lay commentor on some blog this morning (don’t remember where sorry) where the headline was “Rudd has landed” might have been the courier mail anyway the comment was

    The ego has landed

  37. Julie Kirsten Novak

    For those interested, Charles Rowley, prominent public choice researcher had this to say about the leadership wrangling:

  38. Gab

    it’s not even a secret ballot on Monday and with threats from Gillard’s camp that those voting for Rudd will lose pre-selection at next election…

    Guess that means Gillard will win, by hook or by crook.

  39. Infidel Tiger

    You don’t get a secret ballot on work sites, why should these arseholes be affored favours others aren’t?

  40. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    Mrs Rudd is nice. She seems a good stick.

    Australia’s First Waddler (in exile)? Spare me C.L.

    She’s just another otherwise unemployable useless public servant who got lucky when a public service services outsourcing opportunity arose.

    Obese Thérèse with an acute and a grave – that alone shrieks “Wanker!”

  41. Art Vandelay

    The poll on channel 9 during the cricket asks, “who should be PM?”

    Rudd 16%
    Ponting 80%
    Gillard 4%

  42. duncan

    Fleeced… got a nice chuckle out of that.

    Does Gillard lose her noggin in an unfortunate lab accident?

  43. James in Melbourne

    I thought that reading the papers in the days after the Latham defeat was unbeatable.

    But this is better. It does not get any better. Thank you, Kevni, from the bottom of my heart, the gift that keeps on giving.

    You will end up doing what the Liberal party could never do – make the ALP unelectable.

  44. sdfc

    the left leaning West Australian

    You’ve got to be kidding.

  45. Rabz

    Thanks Pedro, Gab and Tokes (lenore taylor, FFS?!?!)

    Inspired by that magnificent Mosmanite, Mary T.

  46. Fleeced… got a nice chuckle out of that.

    Does Gillard lose her noggin in an unfortunate lab accident?

    It does seem that everything she touches blows up in her face.

  47. wreckage

    the left leaning West Australian

    You’ve got to be kidding.

    I think it might lean left, relative to Western Australia in general.

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