Celebrity big brother

Julia Gillard on her rivalry with Kevin Rudd

This is not celebrity big brother.

Well, sadly, it is. Not only that, the contestants in this contest are worse than those on both ‘celebrity big brother’ and ‘big brother’.

Worse still, the taxpayer is paying a hell of a lot for this episode of celebrity big brother.

Note also that Gillard thinks herself a celebrity. Lara Bingle is better known than Gillard and Rudd.

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8 Responses to Celebrity big brother

  1. Rabz

    Heard ruff on the news this morning, prattling on about himself.

    “The attacks on yours truly, blah, blah, blah…”

    God, he’s an insufferable li’l twit.

    Election now, idiots!

  2. Myrddin Seren

    So many posts on Political Big Brother – but this one looks as good as any to flag “The Day After Tomorrow”.

    In a fairly rebotic performance on BoltA this morning, a disappointing Michael Danby at least telegraphed what the Tuesday morning talking point for ‘new’ Labor will be:

    Carbon Tax Compensation.

    So they will find everyway possible to throw the spendathon at the punters – gift wrapped in Julia’s photo – and doubtless we will hear about the evil Mr Rabbit planning to stand between ‘working families, carers and pensioners’ and the pile of dosh.

    Subtext – forget the policies and just buy the proles.

  3. EJ

    …it’s still ringing in my ears…”Labor has lost its way”…”moving forward”…”it’s in the best interest of this Nation”…”don’t write CRAP” …well what do you know the dirty laundry has arrived and there is nothing in the bag now that will help clean it up…ohhh and how shit sticks to everything!

  4. I don’t want to watch a ‘bum dance’ I want an election!

  5. I think it was Gab who quipped that it was more like Biggest Loser.

  6. jrm

    I’ve been wondering why so many young people have been acting so enthusiastically friendly towards Rudd during his walkabouts. My husband said it was so they can get a picture of themselves with the “celebrity” and post it on Facebook. Sounds about right.

  7. Jumpnmcar

    It is a bit like BB. The ” any publicity is good publicity ” in a pop/rock culture sort of way ( and ATM it’s blanket coverage).

    Short term popularity may result, even a bounce in the polls, but eventual tragedy is guaranteed.

    J. Gillard and K. Rudd are more like Amy Winehouse and John Belushi

  8. Rabz

    J. Gillard and K. Rudd are more like Amy Winehouse and John Belushi.

    Without any of the talent.

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