His and her: policies not towels

Thirty years ago, his and her towels were all the rage for the bathroom.  Same colour, same size – the only difference was the two letters embroidered on each.

It would seem to be that way for the policies of the two combatants waging battle in the Canberra Coliseum (so much better than a barroom brawl, I say, and more enterataining than a bullfight – much more blood) – very little difference.

It is war about personalities and character, not about policies.

So this is what those two letters look like:

  • The Ruddster would try to accelerate the introduction of the ETS but stick with the intial carbon tax of $23 per tonne – without more details, this does not look like much of a difference, particularly if the ETS has a floor price as is contained in the current legislation.  There is also an issue about whether accelerating the ETS would even be practical.
  • “I dont’ want to live in a country that doesn’t make things” Kevvie would be even more protectionist than the Ranga – which is saying something.  He was disappointed that the Green Car Scam was ditched, one of the very few good changes that Gillard made although she was part of dreaming up the racket – alternatively called ‘co-investment’ – in the first place.
  • KRudd doesn’t have the stomach for offshore processing of asylum seekers, so expect even more boat arrivals.  “I wasn’t even consulted on the Malaysian solution” – which may or may not have been the case.
  • To dream the impossible dream of Australia securing a position on the UN Security Council would require even more dollars to be wasted, despots to be feted and propped up and a second embasssy established in Sierra Leone.
  • The man plotting Kevenge would seek to throw even more hard-earned taxpayer funds into the bottomless pit of the public hospitals and yak on about a federal takeover if the states do not behave, which they never will according to the Gospel according to Kevin.

But, all up, a very narrow shaft of light between the two prize fighters in policy terms. 

The policy packages of both are very weak and getting worse, but one would be inclined to award the fight to Jools, on points.

UPDATE: Professor Rudd thinks that restoring the HECS discount for maths and science would be good.  All the evidence suggests that this policy was completely ineffective.

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8 Responses to His and her: policies not towels

  1. Dianne

    You know the thing that really irks me about this whole thing is that these two morons & their supporters are running the country with absolutely no clue as to how it affects business and a lot of individuals who are not beneficiaries of public funds.

    Mugs like me are expected to keep paying tax so that they can waste it.

    It is driving me insane!

  2. blogstrop

    I don’t want to live in a country that doesn’t make things either. But it doesn’t follow that the only way ahead is to manufacture widgets or cars with large subsidies, tariffs or other forms of protection – not that it stops a lot of other countries from doing just that.
    Last time I checked in at the eye doctor’s, all the classy stuff there was made in Europe. German cars are expensive and profitable because they’re pretty good. They haven’t offshored all that to asia.
    If you’re not manufacturing, it’s a good idea to at least develop something then get it made in China or Taiwan or Korea. Are we doing that?
    Semi-skilled and unskilled people need jobs too. If you can’t be a process worker any more, you need an avenue that gives you something constructive instead of the dole. Australia is in need of large infrastructure improvements, be it ports, road or rail. Much of our rail is in need of overhaul, and rail freight should be taking trucks off the long-haul roads and keeping them local where their real benefits are – deliveries right to the loading docks of business.

    Or is it to be just mining, agriculture and assorted service industries? Baristas Are Us?

  3. rodney

    It depends on which towel is the dirtier.

  4. Helen Armstrong

    ‘Kevenge” – Love it. Immediately thought of Michael Palin driving that roller over Otto in the wet cement in ‘A Fish called Wanda’

    Swap Kevni for Palin and Julia for Otto.

  5. Greg

    The only difference in policy if Rudd wins tomorrow is that it will be legal once again to leave the seat up in the PM’s ensuite.

  6. Jazza

    But, but, there are oodles of us out here who don’t want either a HIS or a HER towel, thanks very much!

  7. Steve of Ferny Hills

    German cars are expensive and profitable because they’re pretty good. They haven’t offshored all that to asia.

    I believe Merc C Class and BMW 3 series sold here are made/assembled in South Africa.

  8. Mother Hubbard's Dog

    Maybe for the Canberra Coliseum the towels would have to be labelled Ben His and Ben Hurs.

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