Bob Brown – hypocrite

Here is Senator Bob Brown complaining about Phillip Coorey.

Phillip Coorey never spoke to me about this matter—but then why would he?

Here is Senator Brown complaining about a Senate Clerk.

What I want to say here is that the Clerk is there to give us—Senator Ludlam in this case—fair and accurate advice and an alternative when the intent is clear. She has not done that. Instead she, in a Clerk strike in this Senate, refused to allow the promulgation of the wish of senators to have these motions adequately serviced before this Senate, and I object.

So Senator Michael Ronaldson asks the question.

Did you ring the Clerk before you came in and say, ‘I’m going to accuse you of being biased tonight’? Did you have the intestinal fortitude to do that, Senator Brown? No, you did not. You are a gutless piece of work.

It is remarkable to me that Senator Brown did not even have the guts to give the Clerk notice that he would be making these outrageous comments tonight. I think the comments themselves are despicable. Now he has slinked out. The fact that he has not even given the Clerk the opportunity to be here and hear those comments, I think, is lower than low.

I wonder if Phil Coorey is listening. I wonder whether Mr Coorey is listening to what was said about him. I am sure that was a reflection on him, Senator Milne. I bet Mr Coorey did not get a phone call to say, ‘I’m going to make some comments about you in the chamber tonight’. We have had an attack on Mr Coorey and then we had an attack on the Clerk. There was a show on TV I remember when I was a kid called Precious Pupp, and here we have the leader of the Greens as the ‘Precious Pupp’ of Australian politics. He is the walking glass jaw. When everything else fails, he will attack someone else. What a gutless wonder he is.

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21 Responses to Bob Brown – hypocrite

  1. JC

    Did Bob Cry?

    Ronaldson is right, Mad dog Bob is a gutless piece of work and you know what, quietly sitting there I’m betting the labor senators agreed with him.

  2. Stores Manager

    “Instead she, in a Clerk strike in this Senate…”

    Jeez. A Clerk strike?
    What next, the workers downing tools?
    Get a grip Bob. You sound like Precious Princess from the Jetsons.

  3. Winston SMITH

    I take it the Hon Slipper is going to defend the Clerk?

  4. Fred

    Bob Brown has always been a hypocrite. Look at his words in the Tasmanian Parliament way back in 1991

    “The House calls on the Prime Minister Bob Hawke to act immediately to put pressure on Australia’s allies to intervene in Iraq to stop the slaughter of the Kurds and establish their right to self-determination … we’re in the disgusting position of sitting on our hands while these people are absolutely slaughtered – the least we can do is get our Prime Minister to speak up and put the full weight of this country towards the protection of these innocents”

    Why do the media never grill him about this?

  5. ar

    quietly sitting there I’m betting the labor senators agreed with him

    Would one of them speak up? Or are they all as gutless as Bob?

  6. Winston SMITH

    ‘By their actions shall ye know them, ar.’
    Yes they are all as gutless as the faceless men in the Politburo, and will suffer the same fate.

  7. thefrollickingmole

    Im off to tasmania tomorrow for a couple of business meetings.

    If I see Bob Ill kick him in the nuts, might mean I have to aim for his boyfriends chin though…

    (note, threats of violence/homophobia etc, in this post are simulated only for comedy value)

  8. Boy on a bike

    Any reporting of this episode will be officially deemed as “hate media”. You’re all going to jail.

  9. Jazza

    Thank you Sen Ronaldson for another name I can add to those by which I know the father of the Greens

    It used to be my late father’s favourite name for a coward, who wouldn’t face the music he created, too

    Sometimes, for special affect he’d call out the coward by using”Chinless wonder” instead!

  10. Tom

    It’s worth restating the fact that the Greens have used the Senate to most effect in the three most gerrymandered states, Tasmania, SA and WA, with two Green incumbents each. One in each state is up for re-election next year and I’ll predict a savage backlash: Brown, who hijacked a Senate seat with just 25,000 votes in Tas (compared with 350,000 votes for a Senate seat in NSW), is now exposed as an economic wrecker, Hanson-Young was the main architect of the illegal immigration crisis and Ludlum is an anti-mining traitor to WA. I think it is possible they could lose all three seats. Keep it in mind. Mention it often. I believe the public rage against these joy-riding tax thieves will build in the second half of this year.

  11. Helen Armstrong

    Gee Tom
    That would leave tubby Milne as Dear Leader. Unless the Red Rihannon(?) (too lazy to check spelling) staged a coup? What entertainment is in store for us!

  12. Annabelle

    “Bob Brown – hypocrite”

    A tautology?

  13. cohenite

    Yes, gutless, hypocrite etc; but what motivates the bastard?

  14. Mk50 of Brisbane

    but what motivates the bastard?

    In no particular order, how about:







  15. Gab

    but what motivates the bastard?

    Dunno. What motivated Hitler?

  16. cohenite


    Ah, that’s fucking terrific.

  17. Mk50 of Brisbane

    Only if one delights in punching them, as Bobby certainly does….

  18. Winston Smith


  19. GrazingGoat66

    “….gutless wonder”.

    Sums up Bob Brown perfectly. Couldn’t have put it any better myself. Probably helps explain why he’s the one political leader who has never visited the troops in frontline action. Oh and the fact that his brand of politics would struggle to attract even one vote from all the defence forces combined.

    Keep up the grand work Diggers. We’re thinking of you.

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