In case we forgot …

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  1. .

    “In case we forgot…”


    Is this a reminder for Queenslanders?

  2. Rabz

    Never forget, never forgive…

  3. Carpe Jugulum

    The lying slapper and the cabal of cretins have written the Libs next election advertising for them.

  4. Max Scream

    Relax, it was a non-core promise and it wasn’t written down.

  5. johno

    I think we are being a bit harsh on the PM. Many do not realise what a kind, caring and selfless person she really is.

    The recent death of Margaret Whitlam provides an opportunity for us to be reminded of what a really decent human being the PM is.

    The life of a politician’s spouse is not easy. For Margaret Whitlam, it must have been harder with the knowledge that her husband is generally regarded as the worse PM in living memory. But thanks to Julia’s heroic effort, Margaret Whitlam was able to go to the grave knowing that her husband is no longer regarded as our worst PM ever.

  6. Rabz

    “… it wasn’t written down.”

    No, it’s merely recorded for posterity on video.

    Here’s hoping (for your sake) that your level of stupid isn’t at risk of going exponential…

  7. ar

    “When I said those words before the election…”

    Not “those words” – your word.

  8. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    Vote, Queensland, vote. It’s not just Anna.

  9. JC

    If the Lying slapper and Shane Wand had a love child, what would it have looked like I wonder?

  10. Pedro the Ignorant

    . . . . . . But thanks to Julia’s heroic effort, Margaret Whitlam was able to go to the grave knowing that her husband is no longer regarded as our worst PM ever.

    🙂 Johno. Beautifully done.

  11. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    She never said that … what you are all saying she said. It did not happen.

    Anyway, she’s our first Proime Mister who is a she and she deserves a fair go because of that. Why, it was only a year and a half back that the people voted for her, for that very reason. And ‘cos she’s an awesome negosssiator.

    That video thingy has bee Photo-shopped.

  12. Gab

    I swear her nose grows longer and her earlobes droop further south every time that video is played.

  13. Skuter

    Never forget, never forgive…

    Damn straight Rabz! Of course, the Australian populace will inevitably give these pricks another chance. Let’s hope it isn’t for around 20 years!

  14. RCon

    To be fair, *pricing* carbon[sic] was part of their platform, she only ruled out a tax.

    If she’d kicked straight into a cap-and-trade, she’d have avoid all this.

    Note, I think the policy is horrible and likely to destroy wealth, and the initial policy they’ve passed is a tax. They’re ate a horrid administration.

  15. JC


    Not true. She ran on a policy that she would institute a peoples’ assembly to help decide and then in time formulate a policy. The policy of a cap&trade was essentially dead which the slapper advised Rudd to kill off.

    The campaign on both sides was muted about this crap.

    Immediately after the election the lying slapper went into alliance with the communists and ended up getting trapped by them to go with the tax and the communist Bob’s bank.

    Furthermore the original Rudd plan pwiced carbin at around 11 bucks, not fucking 23!

    She’s a fucking liar of the worst type. She has not an ounce of integrity and most likely raised a lowlife and stayed one.

  16. Max Scream

    Liar of the best type = liberals like howard and abbott?

  17. Infidel Tiger

    Super work Johno.

  18. Oh come on

    Mark P: that’s rather elementary debunking. He’s saying a carbon tax is preferable to an ETS.

    And he’s advocating that taxing carbon but rebating to users “is a simpler way of going” relative to an ETS.

    Abbott can be criticised for advocating stupid, unnecessary churn (sounds revenue neutral at best – tax carbon and then rebate to users, minus administrative costs of course), but that’s hardly a ringing endorsement of a carbon tax.

  19. Oh come on

    Whereas Gillard and her team quite explicitly promised there would be no carbon tax under a government they lead, but after they were elected they introduced one.

    They lied. Abbott didn’t.

  20. Blogstrop

    Yesterday the media reported Bligh’s frantic visit to dozens of electorates in quite different terms to their reporting of Tony Abbott’s similarly energetic campaigning in 2010. They were always ready to ridicule him, never her.
    But Queensland has reached a NSW-like tidal turn that no amount of media cheer-barrage can affect, unlike the last two federal elections.
    Foe now, the ABC remains committed to agreeing that Julia has the runs on the board, while ignoring the ugly truth that the legislation passed is despite, not because of, the views of the electorate. While we may derive some anticipatory comfort from knowing that the next federal election is assured, the fact that the 2010 was such a botched job will remain with us all the way to the bitter end of this term, if as seems likely it must run drearily on for that long.

  21. TerjeP

    This is why the Internet is changing politics. 30 years ago an election eve lie such as that could be forgotten in the fog of political warfare. If somebody mentioned the broken promise at the pub somebody else could just as easily claim their recollection was faulty. The media cycle would move on as the collective memory faded and morphed. But now the game has changed. Youtube and iphones ensure a more accurate collective memory. Lieing about past lies is no longer so easy. More than the past the future will belong to politicians that are consistent. And it is hard to be consistent unless you are principled and honest. I think this explains more the rise of plain speaking individuals like Ron Paul than some sudden embrace of liberty. And once politicians are required to be consistent those that wish to endure better be correct in their articulation of both the problem and the solution. Following the party line won’t be good enough.

  22. .

    I doubt when Gillard gets boned she will be respected the same way as many former Prime Ministers and Premiers are. I suspect the same for Bligh.

    The ALP’s affirmative action crap has set women’s lib back 30 years. They are clearly not selecting on talent.

  23. Bruce of Newcastle

    She’s right, it isn’t a tax. Its a tithe.

    “There was rapturous applause and a fuzzy green glow at the Hobart Town Hall last night as Australian Greens leader Bob Brown took to the stage and sang for the planet.

    Senator Brown’s The Earth Song was like a hymn of praise and hope amid a euphoric celebration of the Tasmanian Greens’ 40th birthday.”

    All religions need hymns and tithes.


  24. H B Bear

    Expect the usual platitudes from federal Labor that were seen after the electoral Armageddon in NSW. Likewise in WA when Colin Barnett goes from minority government to a very comfortable majority in the lower house.

    Federal Labor will maintain this lie right up until their own electoral wipeout. Remember the poll bounce they were going to get after the introduction of the carbon tax and the end of the Abbott scare campaign?

  25. blogstrop

    Why did you select a start at 4:35 of the interview, Mark P, not earlier? It was acknowledged that even back then the Australian people were in favour of waiting to see what the rest of the world did before implementing anything here. He was quite clear that it was all hypothetical, and even in your chosen grab he’s not stating a stupid $23/ton figure, nor is he advocating sending billions overseas for dodgy carbon credits later. The scheme we now have to have (at least until a change of government) will cost real money and will not be fully rebated.
    You are therefore part of the problem.

  26. On your Marx

    My My,
    A unity ticket between people here and Julia of not knowing the difference between a carbon tax and an ETS which starts with a fixed price.

    This was originated firstly by John Howard ( it was called an ETS then).

    There was also an agreement between the Government and Opposition ( it had a longer period with a fixed price and was stilled called an ETS).
    We now have an ETS starting in July. It converts to a flexible price determined by market conditions in the future.

    A carbon tax cannot convert to a flexible price in the future nor cannot it be bought or sold.

  27. .

    Howard started the ETS!


    Fuck me you’re a dishonest, mollycoddled joke Homer Paxton. You literally are the epitome of the worst that the boomer generation has to offer.

  28. blogstrop

    And according to the open thread he’s pretty much as good as it gets in the troll (handicapped) stakes.

  29. Carpe Jugulum

    Blogstrop – don’t be too harsh, the computers at the special school don’t have passwords and he snuck a comment in when the carers wern’t looking.

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