Larvatus Prodeo closing down

Mark Bahnisch is closing LP.

As of today, Larvatus Prodeo will cease publishing.

After a couple of test posts, the blog began to wend its way through the online world on March 17, 2005, so it’s a very old beast in internet years.

We collectively feel seven years is enough.

We have come to the conclusion that while we’d like to reorient our perspective as writers and analysts, LP is not the place to do it. The blog has its own momentum (and its own inertia), and it’s not an easy thing to turn around.

I think the authors have lost interest in the project – over the last while it has been slow to update and the comments haven’t been as lively as in previous years. There is recognition of this point.

I don’t think it’s appropriate to the history and spirit of this blog to just keep it ticking over while our energies are directed elsewhere (and it does take a lot of energy to do this sort of work).

It is always sad when a familiar part of the landscape disappears but given their contempt for free speech (see here and here) that can’t be a bad thing.

Another part of the story, I suspect, is the intellectual exhaustion on the left. They just don’t have a story to tell. Snarky comments can fit into twitter but full argument cannot. I think this is very much a retreat from the front-line in the market for ideas. The new(er) social media complement a blogging presence, while the LP crowd are substituting.

What particularly pleases me is that we at the Cat have managed to renew ourselves and survive the retirement of the founder (Jason Soon – for all the newbies). We have a story to tell and authors to write up our arguments.

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