Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency blue book briefing

Blair Comley (Secretary of the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency) will have an interesting task in preparing the incoming government briefings for his Department.

For the Red Book (for a returned Gillard Government), it will be pretty much status quo.

But for the Blue Book, Comley will have to include administrative advice (in conjunction with the Department of Finance and Deregulation) on the abolition of his Department – a core promise of the Abbott Opposition.

He will also need to show a credible and rapid path for the repeal of the carbon tax.

Surely not such a complicated briefing? After all, the Department’s motto is

think change.

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11 Responses to Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency blue book briefing

  1. Not only the abolition of his department but (as in Qld) the systematic unwinding of absolutely everything it has fucked up done since it was first formed.

  2. Jim Rose

    In NZ, there is one incoming government briefing for each Department.

  3. Pete B.

    Abbott? You’ve got to be kidding. He’ll keep the carbon tax and he’ll expand the climate change department.

  4. johno

    Abbott? You’ve got to be kidding. He’ll keep the carbon tax and he’ll expand the climate change department.

    Pete. Abbott will be a disappointment, but these are two promises that he will have to keep. He has made much political capital out of Juliar’s carbon dioxide tax lie that this number one political priority in his first term will be to do whatever he can to get rid of this tax. Getting rid of the completely useless climate change department is all political upside for him as well.

    I suspect Abbott will be fairly cautions in at least his first term. He has been the number one beneficiary of Juliar’s lies and the Qld result shows how the electorate will punish a political leader who is dishonest. Abbott will not want to go too far beyond what he promised to do at the election.

    If he sends his first term cutting spending and de-greening the country, that would be a good outcome. I doubt that he will not do either properly.

  5. wes george

    Pete B is an example of why I’m against mandatory voting laws. People like Pete would just get stoned and stay home! Forcing him to vote skews election results towards ignorance.


    BTW, I sincerely hope the Coalition, once firmly in office, uses it mandate to leverage the precedent established by the Greens to set up an media inquiry into whether the ABC violated its mission and ethics charter in reporting on the Climate Debate between 2005 and today.

    It’s of utmost importance to the proper functioning of our democracy that the ABC report all sides of debates of national interest. If the Australian taxpayer must fund a Ministry of Information it has to adhere strictly to the rules journalistic ethics so that it serves the interests of all taxpayers equally, not just a favoured cultural elite.

    The current culture of climate derangement – especially evident among our ignorant political elite classes – is in large part induced by the corrupted flow of information fed to us by our ABC. Dumping the Carbon Tax and the Climate bureaucracy is only treating the symptoms of the morbidity without addressing its root cause — wilful abuse of taxpayer funds to propagate misinformation.

    Lest anyone worry this will interfere with the ABC’s right to free speech. Fear not. The ABC, as government-funded information supplier has no right to a privileged editorial position as private media organisations definitely do. All opinion commentary must be placed in context with competing counter-arguments. And, of course, it’s a violation of journalistic ethics to use news stories to promote hidden or not-so-hidden agendas.

  6. Abbott? You’ve got to be kidding. He’ll keep the carbon tax and he’ll expand the climate change department.

    Much as it sickens me to admit, once you understand politics you realise it is all Kings and Queens by other names, and none of them regard taxation as bad. They just regard as undesirable rates of taxation so high that you get your head chopped off.

  7. Winston Smith

    Wes, Pete B is just SA or a clone under another name.
    He’ll morph into something else when he gets fed up with being whacked on the head.

  8. cohenite

    wes; the abc; you may be interested in this little compilation.

    That is a seriously sick mindset; and the abc caters for it.

  9. johno


    As noble as your aspirations are for the ABC, it will never happen. Journalists, like all of us, have our biases and those biases colour what we choose to hear and report. The only solution to the problem of the ABC and SBS is to privatise them so they can sprout their own interpretation of the world to whoever wishes to purchase their services.

    The other major media reform that should be undertaken is to remove those sections of the Broadcasting Act that establishes the private cartel of commercial TV and radio broadcasting. It is currently illegal to compete against the commercial TV broadcasters and virtually impossible to obtain a licence to compete against the commercial radio broadcasters.

    Maybe Turnbull could turn his oh so brilliant mind to a communications reform agenda. You know. Do his job. 🙂

  10. entropy

    Malcolm do his job? On communications? That will be when cats and dogs start living together. And like it.

    Maybe its just that he can’t bring himself to attack Conroy. Cruelty to dumb animals and all that. Or maybe he thinks it would be too easy. Arrogant git.

  11. Mother Hubbard's Dog

    Bligh’s other half should be able to give him a few tips.

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