Open letter to Victorian Water Authorities

This open letter deserves wide circulation.

Dear Sir
I advise I am a customer of Melbourne Water [or whichever authority is the relevant authority]. My account number is [insert details]. I have been advised that over the last 3 years or so I have been overcharged with respect to my water bills.
Would you provide me within the next 7 days the following:
• details of the amount or amounts overcharged in respect of each account rendered;
• when you will repay the overcharged amount and at what interest rate?
Should you not be able to repay my money within a reasonable time, I shall have no alternative but to deduct it from your future accounts together with the current overdraft interest or existing overdraft interest at the time.
I look forward to your reply as soon as possible.
Yours faithfully,
[insert name]
Melbourne Water’s postal address:
PO Box 4342
Melbourne VIC 3001

Background to this story here.

The do-nothing Baillieu government needs to get off its backside on this issue. Already it is in danger of being a one-term government – quite rightly so – but this will tip it over the edge.

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13 Responses to Open letter to Victorian Water Authorities

  1. entropy

    of course el pinko the premier won’t do anything about it. Why do the Victorians put up with ALP lite when they could gave the real ALP?

    At least they know they will get screwed over.

  2. Sinclair Davidson

    Why do the Victorians put up with ALP lite when they could gave the real ALP?

    This might be a question we’re asking at the national level after the next election.

  3. papachango


    (What Would Campbell Newman Do?)

  4. Rabz

    Yet another lobodomy pardee fuckup.

    FFS, is there anything these idiots touch that doesn’t turn to shit*?

    *Hint: “desalination plant”…

  5. Sinclair Davidson

    Yet another lobodomy pardee fuckup.

    Problem is you either can it or you own it. Baillieu didn’t can it, so now he owns it.

  6. Rabz

    Baillieu didn’t can it, so now he owns it.

    He is a laybore plant – or vegetable, if you prefer…

  7. The Vic Libs are gone. It’s too late, a do nothing leftist Premier with a bunch of gutless MP’s. Add in dills like the Frankston MP and you have something that is probably worse than Labor.

    I just can’t see them winning the next election.

    Even Bernie Finn who once spoke openly and wisely about what Victoria needs has disappeared. I doubt that there is a single Liberal MP with the balls to tell the party that it’s over. They have lost the swinging voters, a lot of Liberal voters and the real lefties will never vote for them anyway.

    I feel sick.

  8. JC


    Why feel sick. We had a leftist government. An change to another leftist government means little. look forward to when we finally get a vic liberal party that isn’t afraid of being right wing.

  9. Jc, I get what you say. At least Ted isn’t making things worse than when the Libs took government. More Labor will result in more social engineering through legislation.

    In essence I don’t want a government that does things. I want a government that repeals legislation and does its best to get out of the way of people going about their own business.

    All Ted had to do was repeal most of Labors crap laws and get the finances right. Then he could sit on his silver plated arse and do nothing but hobnob with his artie, leftie friends.

  10. johno

    Red Ted has been a bigger disappointment than I thought he was going to be, and I was expecting him to be a big disappointment.

    Tony Abbott will be another big disappointment.

  11. Ex-Treasury

    Nice idea, crap letter but. QC? I could do better than that.

  12. Here we go again, ‘the other lot’ get in and don’t fix the problems, do I type another comment in the Cat or join the Liberal Party and make myself extremely unpopular.

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