Day 13 of a broken promise

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  1. Labor continues to play the man and quote “The Science”, as if even a God-Given certificate of reality of AGW/Climate Change could defend the way they are managing it.


  2. wreckage

    Perturbed, stop denying the science, you denier.

  3. mareeS

    David Murray deserves to live, Can’t say such about Emma and SWayne.

  4. Oh come on

    My ex-boss. Good man.

  5. Irving J

    The only advice Swannie takes is from Karl Marx and Joseph Goebbels

  6. Gerry O'Connor

    It seems the economic argument is unchallengeable
    Because he turns on Murray with an environmental issue …hmmm
    Either that or they (including Aunty) are dumb …not sure which tho

  7. johno

    Another example of the best ‘fair and balanced’ reporting that their ABC can manage.

    We should just sell them the ABC and make them pay for their own crap.

  8. jules

    Please help keep this question in the top 3 for the PM to answer on July 21. Every person gets eight votes.
    The question is not just about about a tax on Carbon – it is about the trade off between the trust placed in a Prime Minister by her constituents and personal political gain. It is about having used up valued political capital and then (ever more desperately) trying to win it back from a community that is no longer listening. Thanks

  9. amcoz

    As usual the visuals (at the end) show terrible polloodin’ steam doing its job of condensing the water for the boilers in the power station – WAFJ – and Ray Hadley is dead right, the Goose is a BOOFHEAD.

  10. Uber

    My new Dodo electricity rates have come in:
    daily charge – +56.1%
    peak – +31.2%
    shoulder – +43.7%
    off peak – +48.8%

    No explanation given for the new rates, except this:

    “As you may be aware, the cost of your electricity is made up of a number of different costs including your energy use, charges from your local distributor (for supplying energy to your premises), as well as government renewable energy schemes and other initiatives.
    While most of the costs associated with supplying you electricity increased as of 01/07/2012…”

    Apart from the new tax, what else happened on July 1st?

  11. jules

    Thanks Abu, there’s a lot of great questions there but I believe this will be the most difficult for our PM to just spin away. Everybody, please share the link if possible. Thanks:)

  12. Paul

    Perturbed, stop denying the science, you denier.

    Stop sucking up corrupted science you sucker.

  13. Token

    My ex-boss. Good man.

    So your a bank-ster, that explains a lot OCO about your comments over the past year…

  14. sdog

    Deniers, carbon racists and banksters – this blog attracts the most awful people.

  15. Rabz

    Switched off the video when that puffed up lobotomised toad the goose showed his stupid ugly face.

    A man who doesn’t understand the economics of clean energy

    Don’t you just lerve the goose’s assumption that everyone is as staggeringly stupid as he is?

  16. Rabz

    Deniers, carbon racists and banksters – this blog attracts the most awful people.


  17. Winston SMITH

    It attracts me too, spot.
    I think you may have a point…

  18. brc

    A man who doesn’t understand the economics of clean energy

    I would just love to understand the economics of clean energy.

    But that’s just because of my stubborn insistence that standards of living rise instead of fall over time. I can’t suspend disbelief for long enough to fall in love with Big Brother, as it were.

  19. The Old and Unimproved Dave

    The Carbon Tax’s thirteenth day is also Friday 13th.

    That’s Tony Abbott in the hockey-mask and chainsaw ensemble, in case you’re wondering, Greenies.

  20. Mk50 of Brisbane

    Hey, I am an Imperialist, dammit. How come I don’t get an awful people guernsey?

    Y’know, warmongerrunningdogImperialistoppresserofthepeople. One of them.

    Sigh. I miss the Cold War, when the commies ran a specialised array of anti-Imperialist insults. They had whole departments of people employed to dream up new ones.

  21. sdog

    Hey, I am an Imperialist, dammit. How come I don’t get an awful people guernsey?

    Imperialiths are not thimply awful, Mark. They’re unthpeakable.

    ::dismissive eyeroll::

  22. Mk50 of Brisbane

    Whew. Thanks, sdog. If I get an unthpeakable guernsey that’s OK then.

    I can’t tell you how relieved I am.

  23. blogstrop

    Another day, another ABC beatup on AM and elsewhere about a renewable energy project to proceed at Portland, combining the expertise of Wave Energy, Lockheed Martin, and $232m of which our government is said to be contributing $66m. I think they can wave that goodbye.

  24. JC


    Go get the gossip and report back!

  25. SteveC

    Other causes of electrcity price rises, unrelated to carbon pricing:
    Rampaging price rises to stop, says energy boss

    The revelations that power companies are earning a return on equity of up to 21.1 per cent, well in excess of most firms, prompted outrage from welfare and consumer groups, especially given years of double-digit rises in power bills.

    In recent staff briefings, Mr Graham said the level of price rises of the past few years were unsustainable, according to staff at the meetings. Staff have also been told future price rises must be kept as close as possible to the general inflation rate, which was 1.6 per cent in the year up to March.

    ”The electricity companies argue that they are building this infrastructure because people are using more electricity, particularly at peak times, but what they don’t do is take any sort of action to reduce that demand,” Choice’s Matt Levey said.

  26. blogstrop

    And idiot Green schemes contributing to infrastructure changes?

  27. Sean

    but what they don’t do is take any sort of action to reduce that demand,” Choice’s Matt Levey said.

    raise prices…

  28. blogstrop

    SteveC left out this bit:
    ” the three government-owned power distributors – Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy – were raking in record profits …”

  29. brc

    Gosh, 21%

    Time for a super-profits tax!

    Imagine how profitable they’d be if they stopped sponsoring football teams and sending glossy brochures in the mail.

  30. SteveC

    David Murray’s position is quite rational as he believes there is no correlation between CO2 and global warming.

    [Carbon dioxide] has got nothing to do with pollution.”

    What do you mean?

    “Well carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, it is colourless and odourless. It is not a pollutant.”

    Yes, but it is still bad for greenhouse gases?

    “No it isn’t. It is a tiny proportion of greenhouse gases.”

    So, if you believe in the warming of the planet, it is a tiny proportion of that?

    “There is no correlation between warming and carbon dioxide.”

    What about the melting of the glaciers?

    “They’re not. The amount of ice in the world is slightly increasing. It is not decreasing. It is just staggering, staggering.

    Unfortunately, his grip on the science is obviously limited.

  31. JC


    What does Kimberly think of David’s position?

  32. Rabz

    his grip on teh ‘science’ is obviously limited.

    However, his grip on reality cannot be faulted.

  33. JC

    Then don’t inflate “Kimberly” with so much air, SteveC.

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