“It’s a drag. They’re making me do my homework”

Obama is the laziest, least involved President possibly ever. He really cares little about policy and has no taste for the engagement of the political process. He likes the pleasures of office, just doesn’t like what it actually requires, like knowing things in depth and thinking things through to the end.

The debates are, however, the real thing, and he is about to take on someone who knows what he thinks and has developed his ideas in the best way possible, by writing a book. Romney wrote No Apology: Believe in America in 2010 and it showed in the debates he had within the Republican side. He understood each issue and has an articulate and soundly based conservative perspective on every issue that matters.

He would therefore be a very good president, possibly a great president. But there are two halves to this. To be president, great or otherwise, requires someone to be elected president first. For reasons largely invisible to me, Obama is seen as the great campaigner and a great orator. While it seems to me he is capable of reading his script with the best of them, off his teleprompter, not so good with many big time errors along the lines of “you didn’t build that”.

And of course there is the media which largely shares his deep leftist views who will for that reason do everything they can to get him through. This matters a very great deal. But really, when I think of what will work for Obama, I am reminded of this, which will be at the centre of everything Obama says. It is from Peggy Noonan and I have quoted it before many times because I think of this as the single most important fact of the Obama presidency and campaign. She wrote this in 2011:

The other day a Republican political veteran forwarded me a hiring notice from the Obama 2012 campaign. It read like politics as done by Martians. The ‘Analytics Department’ is looking for ‘predictive Modeling/Data Mining’ specialists to join the campaign’s ‘multi-disciplinary team of statisticians,’ which will use ‘predictive modeling’ to anticipate the behavior of the electorate. ‘We will analyze millions of interactions a day, learning from terabytes of historical data, running thousands of experiments, to inform campaign strategy and critical decisions.’

What Obama finds a drag is to be without his teleprompter but needing to get into his largely dim mind the conclusions from these terabytes of historical data so that they can be stated exactly right.

The debate in the US is on the evening of 3 October. For fans in Australia it starts at 11:00 am Thursday morning on SBS.

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16 Responses to “It’s a drag. They’re making me do my homework”

  1. Steve D

    Even if much of Obama’s aura still seems intact, perhaps enough voters shall be prepared to cast a more critical eye over his performance in the debates and the campaign this time. Shall indeed be interesting to watch.

  2. Luke

    You are well aware Steve that should Obama not ‘win’ this debate the MSM in the US, and Obama media fanboys worldwide, will suddenly be running hard on some big ‘breaking’ story. (Like the potential naval conflict with China and Japan, for example).

    Come Oct 3/4 suddenly the MSM will find some other issue soooooo important that it drowns out coverage of anything else for weeks. And anybody mentioning the debates will be howled down for ignroing the really big and important issue and focusing on some ‘silly’ debate.

    Also, before they properly co-ordinate someone (NBC etc) will run with a Romney gaffe headline. I expect that they have already written it with just the appropriate blanks waiting to be filled in. Because it’s worked so well for them so far.

  3. Dangph

    Obama may be lazy about presidential business, but he is very dedicated to the show business. He is about the seeming, not the doing. And he’s very good at it. I watched his recent Letterman appearance, and he looked and sounded fantastic. If you weren’t interested in politics, like most of the public aren’t, you’d easily think, “Wow, I’m glad such a competent guy is in charge.” He seems to believe his own bullshit, which makes him sound convincing.

  4. Eyrie

    He’s as thick as 3 short planks. This was obvious back in 2008. So is Gillard.

  5. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    “Shall indeed be interesting to watch.”

    Don’t bother Steve D.

    I thought Obamaccles was masterful – godlike – when I saw him tomorrow morning. That Romney fella looked way too rich, which means he is most certainly raaaaacist (he is anyway for running in November and not conceding now).

    MSM reports tomorrow night agree with my asssessment.

  6. one old bruce

    But they aren’t making him do his homework, ‘they’ never did. Idiocracy.

  7. Quite so, Mick.
    Did you find your way out from under the lounge chair after the last shindig at Timbos? Or has someone pushed a laptop under with a blunt stick?

  8. In the political context, SCOAMF Obambi the Blind Idiot God is a shit-stain on the underpants of humanity. Until he is cleansed (electorally, BTW – he needs to live long in the shadow of his humiliation), the US will not be a fit place to live in. But too many people have gotten high too long on sniffing those underpants to admit the fact of what they’ve been doing.

    With any luck, people will watch the debate and see the post-hoc analysis and think WHAT THE FUCK ARE THE MSM EXCRETING FROM THEIR MOUTHS?

  9. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    “Quite so, Mick.

    Did you find your way out from under the lounge chair after the last shindig …”

    That’d be the lounge chair out on the front verandah, Winston, overlooking the rusting Alfa Romeo body in Blair’s front yard with the paspalum growing up through it.

    That kae person and Merilyn Who I Fear won’t ever let me inside the joint! Something about being old and past it and making the place look untidy with my very presence, they say. Plus I don’t drink near enough for that motley lot.

    That Tim Blair’s doing alright, going on walkabout n’ all – the Balmain to Bamaga Bash is over so I reckon he is taking time to get his mind right for a big weekend at the Bathurst 500 and the Gold Coast 600 up here in a couple of weeks.

  10. m0nty

    Romney wrote No Apology: Believe in America in 2010 and it showed in the debates he had within the Republican side. He understood each issue and has an articulate and soundly based conservative perspective on every issue that matters.

    Romney is so deep in his understanding that he can articulate both conservative and liberal perspectives on every issue that matters. And has done so over the last two campaigns.

    The man is a policy blancmange.

  11. westie

    You heard it here first, tonight Obama will pull an LBJ and decline a renomination, he will retire to Hawaii with his Gay entourage.

  12. 2dogs

    “The man is a policy blancmange.”

    If he were not an ex-governor, this would be a real problem. Fortunately, we have a track record to go on.

  13. m0nty

    Ooh, don’t mention Romneycare, 2dogs. Romney tries not to.

  14. mundi

    Its pretty clear that Obama and him statisticians realise that no one important watches the debate or cares about it. Certainly not the 47% that’s for sure.

  15. Yeah, kaes all right, Mick, but watch that Merilyn. She knew the combination to the TARDIS lock and wouldn’t tell us. We wanted to remove some of those nasty stains off Tims ceiling and realised he was coming up the drive. We could have gone back just a couple of hours, but no, she said we had to suffer the consequences of our evilness.
    Umm, actually Mick, how did those stains get there? And who put the assegai through the kitchen bench?

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