Tony Burke eats the Great Barrier Reef

One of the great myths perpetrated by green activists is that the Great Barrier Reef is under threat from farming.  Jennifer Marohasy has totally deflated the claims which scientists have used to milk money from governments determined to say they are doing good. 

In this interview with one of the thickest Environment Ministers ever, Tony Burke, the ABC’s Emma Alberichi totally shreds him for not understanding what is in his own reports, even though she does allow him to prattle on about climate change as being a cause of the reef’s alleged sickness in addition to the agricultural run-off on which the government is spending hundreds of millions.  See after 5 minutes 50 seconds and again after 7 minutees 30 seconds

Of course, in typical ABC style, she seeks to promote the green agenda of no new development that a UN World Heritage report urges upon us, claiming this is a matter for tourist jobs as well as other economic benefits.  She also contrasts the urgency with which he implemented the super trawler ban (which was pure pandering to green activists) with his dilatory actions to protect the reef which he says is in danger. 

But interestingly she does take him to task and seeks to hold him to account in the light of his previous statements.  As always, the ABC will attack from the green left perspective even its pin-ups in the ALP

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4 Responses to Tony Burke eats the Great Barrier Reef

  1. rob

    That is truly jaw-dropping.

    I am just imagining our CEO presenting his report in that fashion at our next board meeting…

    Imagine asking why no data has been presented for three years and being told that results are “..uuh tracking” the way they should and that at some point more data will be released…

    How long would this CEO last do you think??

  2. .

    Burke was the Minister responsible for a MDBA report which said if 90% of water allocations were cut, there would only be 800 job losses at a maximum in the Murray-Darling Basin.

    There are two million people in the basin and 90 000+ are employed in agriculture. Agriculture has the highest multiplier for any industry in Australia.

    I remind you the Murray-Murrumbidgee area right now has some of the highest unemployment rates and lowest participation rates in Australia – and the world economy is tanking.

    All of this for an artificial lake at the end of the river!

  3. kae

    27% of the reef is dead or dying

    it’s the crown of thorns

    there must be more reasearch!

    Yes, of course. The AGW threat isn’t cutting it any more, huh?

    OMG, just looked up the broadcast I heard earlier this week – the GBR has lost half its coral

    So they’re running around in circles bumping into things in a panic, again.

  4. Kae, the Lefts Party Anthem is:
    When in danger,
    When in doubt,
    Run in circles,
    Scream and shout.

    Sung to the tune of God Save the Queen.

    (Yes I know it doesn’t work, but neither does the Left.)

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