FME 2nd ed

I am very happy to report that I have received the following from the RMIT College of Business:

Research Excellence Award for Best Book by an Academic

The book is, of course, my Free Market Economics: an Introduction for the General Reader. It’s not the new Samuelson though it should be since it’s a tonne better and will teach you a lot more of what’s useful about how economies work than any of his 21-and-counting editions ever did. I wrote my book to show how useless any economics text built around a Keynesian frame of reference actually is. And as I point out, since there is nothing else like it when I thought the financial crisis would lead to a glut of such books, I really do have this terrain to myself. The sad thing, though, is that I do have this terrain to myself since no one else seems to want to invade this space. How this can be I will never understand.

But please do let me also note that I received this award on the same day I signed the contract for a second edition which I hope to have at the publisher by the middle of next year. There is some demand, at least, so there is a niche for what I have to say. Not a lot I feel I need to add or change but there will be some things. For any of you who have read the first edition – which has sold a similar number of copies as the first edition of The Wealth of Nations – if you have any suggestions about how the book might be improved or extended, please email me at this address:

[email protected]

And please use the subject line: FME 2nd ed. Let me thank in advance anyone who is able to help for their kind assistance.

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15 Responses to FME 2nd ed

  1. Megan

    Justifies my purchase of it for the somewhat academic library where I work. Although not sure how much understanding of the principles will result. I’ll let you know when I am first interrogated as to how it got through our narrow collection development guidelines.

    Rules…I love subverting the stupid ones.

  2. C.L.


    That’s a splendid achievement.

  3. Megan

    Thanks CL. Reminded me of my complete lack of manners…congratulations Steve!

  4. Gab

    Well done, Steve! Congratulations.

  5. Anne

    I’m off to the book shop in my iPad to buy it!

    It’s not too lofty for a lay person to understand, is it Steve? I’m blonde.

  6. Louis Hissink

    I say, I say, well done Steve. Discovered the nephew also purchased it recently – hope for us yet!

  7. entropy

    it isn’t available as an ereader in either the ibookstore or amazon kindle store.

    It would be great to have a more interactive version for iPads made using ibooks author. Videos, adjustable charts etc.

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  9. Louis Hissink


    You really need to get it onto Kindle etc. The coming generation won’t read dead tree books anymore, and neither will I, in spite of being at the other end of the demographic distribution. Well I do, but it’s a dwindling process as more and more of my book purchases are via Kindle.

    Then again if the incumbents in Canberra get their ultimate way we probably will be thankful for dead tree copies of books to read under candlelight.


  10. tbh

    Congrats, Steve. Also, please have a version released for the Kindle. I don’t buy dead-tree books any more. The Kindle is just way too convenient.

  11. Ellen of Tasmania

    Congratulations. Should those of us who have yet to buy the book wait now for the updated version?

  12. entropy

    A basic kindle or ibook version is straight epub and well, boring as a printed page. Do that as a minimum, but also have a go at the more interactive cool stuff that the ipad allows you to do that the kindle can’t.

  13. Driftforge

    Congratulations on the award.

    I’ll agree that not being available on iBooks does make it more complicated to get a hold of. Goes from being something that is an easy impulse buy to something one has to search out and transmogrify to be able to read.

  14. William Bragg

    How this can be I will never understand.

    Says it all, really.

  15. .

    You’re a hate filled shit, Bragg.

    Your finest hour was trolling the libertarian forum as a religious nutter, ‘Jacob Jones’.

    You will never amount to anything significant.

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