Liberty Clip II

Defend liberty – while you can

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10 Responses to Liberty Clip II

  1. m0nty

    That’s not a liberty clip, it’s a paranoid conspiracy theory clip.

  2. roger

    The only possible way the Radical Left could ever take over America is not by violence and force, but by inserting one of their own into the White House. As long as this doesn’t happen, America is safe!

    Oh, wait…

  3. roger proving that the clip over the head of the election loss hasn’t brought wingnuts back to reality yet.

  4. Ellen of Tasmania

    SFB – How does an election loss make socialism or communism any less real?

  5. It’s calling Obama a “radical Left” president that’s the reality challenged problem, Ellen.

  6. Alfonso

    Ah, our Tony has just announced he supports a referendum to de facto instal Aboriginal privilege in the Constitution….’recognised’ is the cute term.
    Just a few vague platitudes is all it takes to enable further rule by judicial activist. Liberty my arse.

  7. manalive

    That’s not a liberty clip, it’s a paranoid conspiracy theory clip

    The movie was made during the Kennedy presidency by Armed Forces Information (Wiki).
    It was made in 1962, the year of the Cuban Missile Crisis, a couple of years after Khrushchev’s (of “we will bury you” fame) shoe-banging performance at the UN.
    The show may have been over-simplified for popular consumption, but was not “paranoid”.
    If you didn’t live through the Cold War, or did but was a useful idiot at the time, the clip would look “paranoid’.

  8. Samuel J

    This clip from 1962 warns of brutalities occurring under the Soviets in the countries overran. At the time, most Communists in Australia turned a blind eye to the atrocities.

  9. Poor Old Rafe

    Yes a remarkable number of “progressives” (ABC types) still think that Quadrant Magazine was on the wrong side of the debate during the 1950s, or at least should be treated as though it was.

  10. Oh come on

    That’s not a liberty clip, it’s a paranoid conspiracy theory clip.

    How so, m0nty? Do you think a communist takeover of the USA would look remarkably different to what was depicted?

    Idiot. Not even a useful one.

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