You want allegations

I just caught a little bit of Roxy on Meet the Press – yes, I know, groan – telling us that there are no actual allegations against the Prime Minister, so we should all shut up.

Oh really?  Here are just two:

  1. Party to fraud.  The PM was involved in the establishment of the AWU Workplace Reform Association, which she acknowledged to be a slush fund for the re-election of some AWU officials, including her boyfriend.  The AWU, a client of the firm, was not informed about the association. Former national secretary of the AWU now describes the fund as ” inappropriate” and “out of bounds”.   (And since when has it been OK, ethically speaking, to be involved in setting up slush funds?)
  2. Providing false information to government officials.  By providing information to the Western Australian Corporate Affairs Commission to assuage their doubts about the bona fides of the association, particularly the fact that AWU was in its title, she is potentially guility of this misdemeanour as well.


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