Christmas countdown 3

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6 Responses to Christmas countdown 3

  1. Pyrmonter

    In the spirit of Pedants’ Corner … isn’t the countdown for Christmas Advent?

  2. Judith Sloan

    About time. How adorable is she! But note initials …JG

  3. manalive

    While on the topic, I’ve taken to Dickens’s novels in my declining years and highly recommend them (for what it’s worth) for the very funny insights into everlasting human folly, in particular his early novels The Pickwick Papers and Martin Chuzzlewit.
    They are all delightful, if you ignore or skip over the nauseatingly sentimental passages in his later works and make allowances for the never explicit antisemitic undertones in some of his characters — although the hypocrisy of Christian do-gooders is also a frequent theme.

  4. F–k you if you don’t like Judy Garland.

    NSFW. And yes, I’m trolling Snic’s gooey Christmas thread again. That’s right.

  5. papachango

    If we’re going to have 25 days of Christmas schmaltz, at least chuck a couple of Boney M‘s in there…

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