Monday Forum: December 3, 2012

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  1. Jarrah

    “Aliens is one of the few (if only) sequels that is better than the original.”

    Racking my brain to think of another.


    Got one! Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

  2. Carpe Jugulum

    You’re annoying me, Carpe

    Meh, i’ll get over it Gab.

    If you like we can go back to the pizza discussion or invite Steve, Steve, Steve, Alice and some other numpty to discuss their bodily functions?

    Or perhaps you could pick an interesting point of discussion. As long as it’s not Star Trek – Sinc is a bit confuswed there.

  3. Carpe Jugulum

    There are few better judges of Aesthetics on this planet (or in it’s history) than my good self, pardon the modesty.

    I concede 🙂

  4. twostix

    From Craig Thompsons maiden speech to parliament in 2008 (the gift that keeps on giving).

    Here he is haughtily lecturing the former Howard Government on morals:

    I think it is worth having a look at some of those values and then comparing them to the former government’s values on the same issue. Value: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do to you.’ Former government: ‘Don’t worry about what others might do to you. If you can, do it to them first.’ Value: ‘Make sure you share with the other kids.’ Former government: ‘Take as much as you can. Don’t share. Fairness is not part of the system.’ Value: ‘If you have done the wrong thing, say you are sorry.’ Howard government—we know what their position is on ‘sorry’, don’t we. Value: ‘Play by the rules and accept the umpire’s decision.’ Former government: ‘If I don’t like the rules, I’ll get rid of the umpire.’

    A psycopathic lack of self awareness that seems present in so much of the “Labor Movement”.;query=Id%3A%22chamber%2Fhansardr%2F2008-02-19%2F0061%22

  5. Sinclair Davidson

    Two Towers was better than LOTR…

    Yes – the battle of helms deep is a movie classic.

  6. DaveF

    The LoTR debate is tricky.

    The battle in the 3rd was better than special, however the movie was marred with the homo stuff with Sam and Frodo.

    The 2nd had a good battle, but a lot of Gollum stuff, which is a bore.

    The 1st was the set up movie and there was a lot of effort in it. Building characters and such. The Undead on horses scene was brilliant. The kid next to me at the cinema had his legs up covering his eyes. Good stuff.

    I vote 3. For the battle.

  7. Jarrah

    “however the movie was marred with the homo stuff with Sam and Frodo.”

    What homo stuff? I think you’re reading too much into it.

  8. H B Bear

    Banging the hired help is not a good look.

    Just ask Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  9. Carpe Jugulum

    LOTR, you guys are soft, harden up and enter the Star wars Multiverse.

    Yoda would bitch slap you with a damp hanky.

  10. DaveF

    It was pretty gay. A bit too close for me.

    Marred my viewing a bit.

    But the battle!

  11. Mk50 of Brisbane


    the end result is that the JSF project is a disaster compared to previous generations

    No. It’s just the latest focus of every self-professed ‘expert’ who knows better than anyone else. You can see the same process staring with the F-86 project. According to these ‘experts’ every US combat aircraft which entered production since teh late 60s has been a ‘disaster’, a ‘failure’ and ‘the worst choice’.

    They have a verifiable 100% record of being wrong.

    And here’s the rub, their actions mean there is now no choice. There are F-15 flying today that are coming up on 35 years old, the fleet is ancient, and it is nearly a 50 year old design.

    and Australia should withdraw ASAP.

    And then operate an aircraft which is inferior, has a higher through life cost due to the smaller production run and probable near-monopoly support, and which si not compatable with our major ally.

    This is clever how?

    Maybe get some Sukhoi variant

    Oh dear God. Please tell me you have not been reading Carlo Kopp. Just no. Despite what dear Carlo writes, moving to Russki would mean rebuilding our entire logistics, support training and maintanence systems from the ground up. We have NEVER forgotten the B-24 lesson in 1944-45 when we had to do that – even the fasteners on US machines were different from Imperial machines. We did it, but it was astoundingly expensive.

    The costs involved (yes, it has been looked at to scotch this sort of idiot ‘bright idea’ idea from politicians) seriously dwarf those of F-35. It would actually be cheaper to re-start the F-22 production line and build a semi-unique RAAF variant!

    You do understand that going Russian entirely changes even tactics? We use single shots in BVR, they use two-bird salvoes to get teh same PK we do with singletons, a SARH and an IRH, or a TVM and an IRH. Completely different tactical philosophy.

    Think about that for a sec.

    It means that you have to DOUBLE your AAM holdings for a start. Then you don’t have any operational or alliance imperative to be able to obtain access to stocks in wartime….

    Thoroughly silly idea.

  12. JC

    Go Maxine.

    God I love her. She makes the stupidest Republican look good.

    This we say in light of the “good” news two days ago from the Congress when it was reported that Rep. Maxine Waters (lunatic- Calif.) was named Tuesday by her fellow House Democrats to serve as the ranking member on the influential House Financial Services Committee. Ms. Waters will succeed Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts, who is retiring at the end of the year. Ms. Waters is the most senior Democratic on the financial services committee and it is her turn to be the “ranking” member and she will take that position having only recently been cleared of allegations she helped steer federal bailout money to a bank in which her husband owned stock.
    Why then is this a happy day? It is because there is no one in the Congress more capable of the utter nonsense of Ms. Waters day in and day out, save for perhaps Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Georgia) who said in a public hearing a year or so ago that he was fearful that too many American soldiers stationed on Guam might cause that island to tip over. Even Ms. Waters is incapable of lunacy of that level, but she has come close.

    Yep, it’s the GOPers who are dumb.

  13. Sinclair Davidson

    the homo stuff with Sam and Frodo.

    What? Don’t recall that.

  14. H B Bear

    Presumably Shagger Thompson is hoping the knock shop’s record keeping is as lax as the Prime Minister’s legal file management.

  15. DaveF

    Yoda would bitch slap you with a damp hanky.

    And Ripley would adjust her nutsack and tear Yoda apart.

  16. DaveF

    Well I’ll back away from homo. But Sam and Frodo were not really matey.

    A mates relationship is different to theirs.

  17. twostix

    Whenever I watch LoTR all I end up wanting to see is Sam kicking that whinging little fuckwit Frodos arse, taking the ring off him, leaving him in a ditch then going on alone and getting the goddamned job done minus the hysterics.

  18. Cold-Hands

    Such a shame that Guillermo del Toro had to pull out of directing The Hobbit. At least he was there to adapt the script. While I enjoyed Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings I didn’t think much of his writing. And he ruined Fellowship with his dwarf tossing and collapsing walkways in Moria- Gandalf’s showdown with the Balrog just became a total anti-climax.

  19. Mk50 of Brisbane

    Another point, Jarrah, is that we already operate much of the F-35 at the tactical and logistics level.

    The F-18G and the F-35 have full data, partial software and partial hardware compatability. These two aircraft were designed to operate together due to the USN decision that F-18F and F-35 would be their future carrier air group.

    So in our case, dropping F-35 would also degrade F-18F operationally: we’d be missing a part of the system we have already bought into.

    Again, this is clever how?

    Did you notice how before the Milky Bar Kid was elected PM, dear little kruddles was ‘going to cancel the F-18F buy’? it was ‘the wrong aircraft!’

    Then the little sod got the full briefings. Never said another word about it, it was the first ‘promise’ he dropped. We have bought (even partially developed – Wedgetail is far more than you think) a system – an ADGE – which includes many thongs, all interdependent. F-35 is just one of them.

  20. Sinclair Davidson

    I thought the hobbits were simple minded folk and Sam has a bit of hero worship.

  21. And he ruined Fellowship with his dwarf tossing and collapsing walkways in Moria- Gandalf’s showdown with the Balrog just became a total anti-climax.

    True. Not enough dwarf-tossing.

  22. DaveF

    The Hobbit is 3 films as well.Peter Jackson is Mr Trilogy.

    It won’t work this time Pete.

    Should have been involved in the original Star Wars.

    Now I’ve brought the conversation back full circle.

  23. Carpe Jugulum

    And Ripley would adjust her nutsack and tear Yoda apart.

    Sure she would be confident,until tiny wierd dude with the big ears light sabred her into bite size chunks, whilst spining and trash talking.

  24. Sinclair Davidson

    Is there enough in the hobbit to make three movies?

  25. DaveF

    Yoda doesn’t trash talk.

    Talk backwards he does.

  26. Splatacrobat

    JC I think I found out where SteveC got his doll from.

    When Mrs. Tawny Huxton opened her son Timmy’s bedroom door, she was shocked to see his innocent white hiney nestled into the new 7ft Jar Jar Binks doll she had bought him for his birthday. Lately, many Americans have suffered similar incidents. Young children are being seduced by the character of George Lucas’ latest Star Wars Movie. Jar Jar’s soothing voice, and timid childlike manners, seem to lure young teens into a world of lustful abandon. Unsuspecting parents purchase the popular life-size doll, only to find out later that it is being used by the child as a masturbation toy.

  27. JC

    ya always knew when you bought that yacht the size of a football stadium something was missing. Yep it was more room. So the first thing that comes to mind is.. the support yacht. that’s where you store the helicopters and submarines… and possibly the couple of mistresses.

  28. JC

    No no no Splat. StevesC plastic doll is a Kim Kadashian lookalike, or at least that what he told us.

  29. tbh

    LoTR was a lot better than any Tolkein fan had any right to expect. The second move (TTT) was the best, I agree with Rabz there. It’s the same with the books too.

    Nilk, I’ve always been a bit partial to Killing Joke as well. Like a lot of bands, I skip the political message and enjoy the music. When I was a teenager, these two were big ones for them:

    The harshness of Geordie’s guitar playing and the etherial arrangements always appealed to me.

  30. C.L.

    Provided nobody acknowledges ‘Alien 3’, there will be no animosity. There were only two Alien films.

    Re sequels, Batman 3 was crap. Sorry. Just crap. It was basically just 1&2 re-jigged with lots of annoying input from Cat Woman – whose ‘I’m smarter than any man and, hey, let me nonchalantly save the day’ schtich was at total variance with the franchises’s hitherto non-pc vibe. The circuitous introduction of Robin – ROBIN, ffs – was a shark jumping moment.


    The F-111 program cost blew out massively and the delays were similarly intolerable but at least in the end we were equipped with an extremely capable aircraft with a very long range, huge payload and good survivability.

    More importantly, it was the the coolest looking jet bomber ever.

  31. tbh

    CL, but the franchise was saved in my opinion by Christopher Noland taking up the reins. Batman Begins was mighty good. As opposed to the shit ones that came before it.

  32. sdfc

    Is there enough in the hobbit to make three movies?

    No from memory.

  33. tbh

    The Hobbit strictly a one shot deal in the book form. The same should apply for the movie. Loved it as a kid reading it in primary school.

  34. Absolutely, tbh. Love Like Blood did okay in the charts here – it even made it onto Continental Drift, or one of those shows. I was hooked and still have a heap of their albums on vinyl.

    Eighties is also a classic.

    What about the Anti-Nowhere League? They have what I consider the ultimate modern love song.

  35. Cold-Hands

    It’s a little known fact that Star Wars and Star Trek actually share the same universe, although not necessarily at the same time. F’rinstance, the operational deployment of the X-Wing space superiority fighter took place in Tasha Yar’s home system.

  36. .

    Mk 50

    You seem too apologetic to the US and manufactuerers.

    The F-35 has become more expensive than the F-22.

    This is an unacceptable fuck up.

    Wars are fought on economic terms. The West cannot afford to piss money away.

  37. tbh

    Ah the ANWL, that takes me back! So What is pretty classic too.

  38. Cold-Hands

    s there enough in the hobbit to make three movies?

    No from memory.

    If you add in the detail from Appendix B of the Lord of the Rings, there’s plenty. For example, all of what Gandalf did after leaving Bilbo and the Dwarves.

  39. .

    Anne Summers

    Elvis Richardson

    “Her blog”


  40. .

    What about the Simarilion?

    Anyway. I’m partial to the Fw 190, Hawker Typhoon and Douglass Skyraider.

    As a teenage boy, everyone would talk about F 15s F-16s, F-14s, F/A-18s.

    The A-10 blew your mind, even outdoing the AIM-54s or sheer bomb load of the F-15E.

    I guess I like the idea of tank busting.

  41. C.L.

    Support yacht.



    Looks like Bird was right about the Raptor over against the F-35 Budgerigar.

  42. Yup and you’ll never listen to Ralph McTell the same way again. Those guys are still touring, too.

  43. sdfc

    I reckon the Silmarillion as TV series is the way to go.

  44. .

    That’s probably the way to do it. Different periods as different series of the same programme.

  45. DaveF

    Anne Summers

    Elvis Richardson

    “Her blog”


    I had to double check the name.


  46. kae

    I watched the start of a TV program where the fellow was explaining about electricity (Amps, ohms, watts and compared them to flow through a hose and the diameter of the hose). It was interesting.

    What was particularly interesting was that where is was in the US they pay 10c/MWH (I think that’s what he said). We pay more than double that.

  47. DaveF

    Best 2nd movie is probably Letters from Iwo Jima.

  48. JC

    Best 2nd movie is probably Letters from Iwo Jima.

    I reckon Godfather part 2 was even better than 1. Far better in fact. 3 of course was a bust.

  49. tbh

    Empire Strikes Back is one of the better second movies I’ve seen. Mad Max II as well.

  50. DaveF

    1,300 comments is getting a bit long……

    Godfather 2 yes.

  51. johanna

    There was a famous US football quarterback whose name was …

    Elvis Grbac

    As Dave Barry would say, I am not making this up.

  52. kae

    John MC, the lite milk in it’s various forms has more sugar in it than regular milk. People are better off with just normal full strength milk.

    Gab, I have farmdale milk from Aldi. There is about 1% difference in the carbs. I don’t think it matters.

    Full cream milk has only 4% fat anyway.

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