Christmas countdown 4

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7 Responses to Christmas countdown 4

  1. Anne

    Now that’s a catchy melody.

    Found myself singing along…..Fa la la la laaaa, la la la la….

  2. .

    This of course destroys Dee Snyder’s personae, if he ever had one.

  3. John A


    It’s this kind of idiocy that keeps me thinking about the Catholics, Anglicans, Orthodox and so on grabbing all the copyrights they can and simply taking Christmas out of the public eye.

    If they did, we might actually get some peace and quiet at the stores instead of tinny loudspeakers ruining classic hymns.

  4. .

    Hence my comment, Fleeced.

    But we see what pillocks the Gore family consist of. At the end of the day they are evangelists of the worst kind. Gore needs religion, of any kind.

  5. Splatacrobat

    Great version of Little Drummer Boy by Die Roten Rosen.

    pa rum pum pum pum

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