Say’s Law the video

From the genius of John Papola, the man who brought you the Keynes-Hayek Rap. For those interested in the finer details of Say’s Law, might I recommend Say’s Law and the Keynesian Revolution, the book from which the video was made.

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3 Responses to Say’s Law the video

  1. MT Isa Miner

    Aha! Sneeeky KAtes. It’s Claytons education- the education that you have when you’re not having an education. For those that aren’t old enought to remember that coloured crap they sold prestending to be whiskey.

    So good for the teenaged attention spans that miners ( me included) have . Even though we then have to spend hours looking up the names!

    And we wouldn’t usually be having any education unless it was for a DUI offender program.

  2. michael

    I like it, good stuff. The says law part of it should become the new national anthem.

  3. Samuel J

    Much better music than that awful rap.

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