Bring home the bacon

An interesting view of democracy out of Detroit.

(HT: HG)

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  1. Token

    I was wondering how long it would take for this to get posted.

    This is from a city which the council has turned into a ruins.

  2. Gibbo

    Gimme, gimme, gimme… I’m ENTITLED!

  3. Token! Don’t be so swift to judge!

    Unions had their fair share of input into Detroit’s demise. Not fair to stick all blame onto the council.

  4. John Mc

    Don’t panic though, I’m sure the Councillors have generous, comfortable pensions from the moment they lose office.

  5. C.L.

    She doesn’t look as though she needs to be eating bacon.

  6. Gab

    You voted for him. Sucked in. Ha ha.

  7. But John Mc, what if the council don’t have the dinero to fund pensions?

  8. John Mc

    Seriously , the greatest nation in human history certainly has developed an entitlement culture that would make the Europeans proud.

    Imagine the responses of the Founding Fathers if they could see this. They’d call the revolution off!!

  9. That video is why I made this proviso re. my political support for @GayPatriot.

  10. John Mc

    But John Mc, what if the council don’t have the dinero to fund pensions?

    I guess the city will just have to borrow to maintain essential items like the councillor’s living standards. It’s Ok to carry debt, isn’t it? We all do it, I mean I’ve got a house mortgage……

  11. .


    Clay Davis is a villain. Maybe you can figure this out when you come down.

  12. Jannie

    Ive seen this in outback camps in Oz and in PNG.

    What is the problem? You vote for somebody and they give you free stuff. Why else would you vote?

  13. Sort of recalls what this thoughtful young lady was saying four years ago:

    “I never thought this day would ever happen. I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage. You know.
    If I help him [Obama], he gonna help me.”

  14. Cold-Hands

    “Quid pro quo” she says.

    Ben Franklin had it right: “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”

  15. johanna

    Yep, Obama is seen as the Big Man of the village whose job it is to extort money and favours to reward his supporters. And, I don’t mean that in a racist way, because plenty of European and Australian politicians with little skin pigmentation are casting themselves in the same role.

    Imagine if Churchill had made his “blood, toil, tears and sweat” speech yesterday. The response of the ABC, Fauxfacts and the mendicant class would have been: “Waaaah! What about us! We are both offended and entitled! Mr Hitler has promised to give us a new Nirvana with lots of free stuff!”

    A few years ago I would have dismissed this as mad conspiracy theory/tinfoil hat stuff, but now I am very concerned that the West is digging its own grave, shovelful by shovelful. To the extent that I care about future generations (which is not much), this is the biggest problem we face.

  16. Gab

    the West is digging its own grave, shovelful by shovelful.

    That must be those “shovel ready” jobs Obama was promising.

  17. H B Bear

    Who are “our people”, as in “our people voted for you.”?

    Da brothas and sistas gonna be shafted all over again. At least fling ’em a free mobile phone or something.

  18. James of the Glens

    Obamy give us free phones if we vote for him, now he must give us Detroit. Obamy give us stuff.

    Soon Obamy will only be able to give stuff all. Let these mendicants live off their ample adipose tissues until they start voting for (low) paid work.

  19. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    Everyone wants a daddy in dere house.

    That’s why he’s called Father Christmas.

    He’s got to be on the job 24/7 for some people.

  20. Infidel Tiger

    Remember when National Review fired John Derbyshire for saying:

    Do not settle in a district or municipality run by black politicians.

  21. Rabz

    Detroit – you could carpet bomb the place and no one would be able to tell the difference.

  22. Louis Hissink

    Should be the USSA, then.

  23. @James of the Glens
    How’s that referral to ANZMI going for you?

  24. And here I was thinking: there just aren’t enough threads which are all about Numbers.

  25. Someone should really take pity on him and help him start his own blog.

  26. From lotocoti’s 11:49am link…

    Develop mechanisms with the faith community for the redistribution of $1 million in illegal drug profits annually to fund drug prevention programs.


  27. Anne

    “Quid pro quo”

    We’re Black and we voted you in ’cause YOU’RE Black so give us soma dat damn White people’s money!

  28. Simon

    Seems to me that any place that manufactures cars ends up going communist or broke, even the Japs and Germans need government protection and subsidies.

  29. John Mc

    Simon, as my engineering colleagues put it: cars are like the aerospace sector, there is nowhere in the world where the industry exists without extreme levels of government subsidy.

  30. Mk50 of Brisbane

    I have heard this referred to as classic post-Great Society ‘gibs-mee-dat’ entitlement culture.

    it was explained to me last time I was in the states as the re-enslavement of US blacks by the US Democrats and their elitist liberal allies. In the end, a slave is a poor dependent without any family support structures which can help him stave off or evade this dependency.

    It should surprise nobody that the US political party which vehemently opposed the removal of black slavery in that country, and which invented and nurtured the KKK for well over a century should be the party to invent re-enslavement via welfare dependency. The US Democrats have much to answer for!

  31. Token

    Someone should really take pity on him and help him start his own blog.

    No way anyone would read a blog by the old ego-maniac.

    It would be really self indulgent and boring.

    Anyway, he’s the petty type who finds greater joy in destroying other people’s work.

  32. Luke

    Mk50. Yeah mate the problem is that Democrat re-inventing of history means that many (if not most) young Americans don’t know that. They infact think the opposite. e.g. it wasn’t the Democrats but the Republicans.

    Most of the rest of world also thinks this thanks to the history as presented by Hollywood.

    It must be great to be a party that even when you fail, you know it’s only a matter of time before you are portrayed, and eventually believed, as a success.

  33. Brian of Moorabbin

    And here I was thinking: there just aren’t enough threads which are all about Numbers.

    ‘Nam was hell, you just don’t understand maaaaaaaan.

    Seriously though, if there’s one thing this blog needs, it’s more threads dedicated to our very own Digital Dude.

    Clearly he was badly treated by the military of this great nation for not being nominated for a Victoria Cross for his selfless sacrifice in spending 10 months peeling spuds in the jungle….

    He should be entitled to twisiting and turning all threads into ‘All about me and my jellybeans’ if he so desires… and we should in no way oppose this bold new direction for the Cat, for that would be the ultimate denigration of such a great, great man (and his service in Vietnam. Did I mention that he served in Vietnam? He did you know. Just ask him about it.)

    We should all prostrate ourselves before his magnificence, and pray to the Potato God that His Numerical Prophet sees fit to lay upon us the full spectrum of his knowledge.

  34. Mk50 of Brisbane

    Or, Brian, one could ignore the useless little knob-spanker.

    Luke, the US democrats do have that advantage, I must admit. This probably means that there is going to be one hell of a trainwreck.

  35. Anne

    @James of the Glens
    How’s that referral to ANZMI going for you?

    7 Dec 12 at 1:53 pm

    R.J., I’m sure you mean a great deal by this but it isn’t very clear to me.

  36. Gab

    Interesting Mk50/Luke. This day in history (well that’s if you’re in the US). The resolution to amend the Constitution, signed by Lincoln and dated 5th December 1864. The Thirteenth Amendment was adopted December 6, 1865.

  37. Abu Chowdah

    Cold-Hands: snap. The Franklin quote was the first thing I thought of when I saw this fat leech.

  38. Milton von Smith

    “Our people”? What on earth does she mean? Is that like “you people”?

  39. Jessie

    Heartland Institute has a paper out of the extent of debt in county and municipal government. Well worth a read. Particularly in light of the Aus situation where local government is seeking Constitutional recognition.

    While many studies have analyzed the current debt level of the federal government and to alesser extent that of state governments, there has been little research on county and municipal debt. This report seeks to begin to fill that void, starting with Cook County, Illinois.”

  40. I want to use the Obamaphone lady’s recitation as my ringtone. Just to remind me of how fucked the entitlement state is.

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