Christmas countdown 7

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9 Responses to Christmas countdown 7

  1. Alice

    Its these little gems you find isnt it?? – that amaze? Elvis Presley singing silent night in the most beautiful voice – not quite the Jailhouse Rock we all know is it?

    Try doing a search for Suzi Quatro singing that old classic “Fever”.

    You too will be amazed that its Suzi singing it.

  2. Gab

    Here you go, Alice – Fever as sung in Star Trek Deep Space Nine…becuase the tread below is about Star Trek…or something 🙂

    (Not my favorite version of the song)

  3. Rabz


    And I managed to last 42 seconds…

  4. Alice

    Hi Gab

    Wanna see some sexy 50s dancing????

    This was the guy who did it first Willie Lee Nelson?? Some dude from the 50s (Fever)

    Dont mind Peggy Lee’s version either…

    There could be a vote for who done this song best

    Quite like Peggy’s – pretty voice.

  5. Alice

    Sorry Gab – thats not Willie Lee Nelson (who the hell was he?). Its little Willie Jon singing Fever!

  6. Alice

    Jessie – thats a pretty version! (Charlotte Church)

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