A marketing problem

Last Sunday I found myself in church. I discovered that Advent and Christmas aren’t the same thing. Or something. Anyway the priest was giving the “we have lost the true meaning of Christmas” talk and everyone was nodding sagely. This morning newbie threadster Brian4Jesus did the same thing:

I’m quite disappointed with catalaxy … the site seems to have bought into the commercialisation of Christmas and forgotten to keep the emphasis on Jesus’ sacrifice for all our sins.

Brian, mate, Christmas is the birthday; Easter is the execution.

In all seriousness though, why condemn the commercialisation of Christmas? Instead of the Priest saying that eating, drinking, being merry, spending time with family and friends is somehow wrong, why doesn’t he say, “In addition to eating, drinking, being merry, etc. why not come to church? See if you like it. Give it a go.”

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