Would Leveson care to comment?

The scandal:

Earlier this week, Mrs [Maria] Miller was exposed by this newspaper for claiming more than £90,000 for a second home used by her parents.

The arrangement is banned under Parliamentary rules. Mrs Miller has since claimed that her elderly parents are dependents and therefore need to live with her.

However, Parliamentary sleaze watchdogs have previously stated that, in this situation, they should live in an MP’s main home or the taxpayer should be compensated for the costs of their accommodation.

Okay – looks like a politician has been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Stock standard story.

The political response:

In a phone call to the editor of this newspaper, [Director of Communications for UK Prime Minister David Cameron] Craig Oliver indicated that the article may be poorly timed as “she [Maria Miller] is looking at Leveson at the moment.”

The comments came less than 24 hours after an adviser to the Culture Secretary telephoned a reporter working on an article about Mrs Miller’s expense claims to “flag up” the minister’s role in implementing new press rules.

[Craig Oliver] then raised the fact that Mrs Miller was leading the Government’s response to the Leveson Report which recommended statutory press regulation.

Resignations all round I suspect is the only way Cameron can slither away from this.

Well done the Daily Telegraph!

The Daily Telegraph has decided to disclose details of the private conversations amid widespread concern about the potential dangers of politicians being given a role in overseeing the regulation of the press.

Funnily enough Leveson seems to have denied that this was ever his intention in the clips I posted this morning.

(HT: Viva)

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18 Responses to Would Leveson care to comment?

  1. Infidel Tiger

    A timely reminder that even though journalists are scum who should be forced to live outside the city walls, politicians are worse.

    David Cameron is a despicable shit.

  2. H B Bear

    Claiming your parents as dependents? Nice little earner. One for the Musselman to look into.

    I suppose it is less morally repugnant than claiming the cleaning costs for the duck pond on your estate.

  3. Nick Ferrett

    IT, that may be your best comment ever.

  4. johanna

    Meh, we already do that, and much more efficiently.

    One phone call from the PM, and a journo gets sacked.

  5. Leigh Lowe

    Well done the Daily Telegraph indeed.
    What a classic … “I’ll see your threat and raise you”

    If only the editor-in-search-of-a-spine previously in the chair at the Oz had shown the same level of courage when the Altona Droner rang with her vitriolic demands to sack Glenn Milne.
    If someone would just publish one or two of John McTurdman’s diatribes at journalists this country would be rid of this scum in no time flat.
    Pricks like McTurdman and Oliver rely upon quaint gentleman’s agreements about “off the record” conversations to ensure their threats are never published.
    All it would require is for a journalist to say that he/she thought McTurdman (or whoever) was committing a crime of some sort in supressing information and use that to waive the confidentiality convention.

  6. Luke

    johanna – spot on. It amazes me that more is not made of that.

  7. WhaleHunt Fun

    And they ridivuled Abbot when he said people do not trust politicians

  8. Ian

    An entirely predictable development.

    Yet for all their supposed wisdom and foresight, neither Leveson nor our very own Fink could see this coming.

    And their grand schemes to nobble the free press haven’t even been implemented yet.

  9. Anon

    Shown for what they are. Not greater than the rest of us. Just as flawed so stop pretending

  10. Leigh Lowe

    Yet for all their supposed wisdom and foresight, neither Leveson nor our very own Fink could see this coming.

    I beg to differ Ian.
    Both could have seen what was coming. In fact, the Fink had a real live example in the Altona Droner demanding the head of Glenn Milne on a plate for printing what now turns out to be the truth about her past shenanigans with the AWU.
    No … both Fink and Leveson were falling over themselves to introduce controls to bring down Rupert’s evil empire, knowing full well what these powers meant.
    They just assumed that the draconian powers would only ever be used against Rupert.

  11. Token

    If only the editor-in-search-of-a-spine previously in the chair at the Oz had shown the same level of courage when the Altona Droner rang with her vitriolic demands to sack Glenn Milne.

    If we did, Senator Red Underpants would not be so blatant and the government would not be ignoring probity rules when it comes to handing out multi million dollar grants to electorates & tenders.

    The weed that is corruption grows in the ground our childish and partisan media has created.

  12. I’m posting this to both the Leveson threads here in the hope that any of his defenders (and critics, of course) might read it. It’s via Matt Ridley, “The Rational Optimist”.

    Powerful comment on press regulation from one who knows: http://www.martindurkin.com/short-thoughts/kiss-goodbye-james-delingpole#.UMnM8oQBPc8.twitter

    Seriously, worth a read.

  13. Socialism Sux

    I there nobody left in this world with integrity?

    Why does politics seem to attract the dregs of society rather than the best?

    Britain may never get over the Blair/Brown years of damage and whiteanting but this new mob aren’t much better.

    A pox on both their houses.

  14. Alice

    IT is right

    “David Cameron is a despicable shit.”

  15. Angry God

    I wonder what the Telegraph would have done if it was Labour still in power. We will never know.

  16. MichaelC58

    Considering how vitriolic most of the press has been towards Tony Abbott, I welcome Finkelstein. /sarc on

    When Abbott gets in, he can use Finkestein’s star chamber to stomp on all the Mark Rileys and SMHs in Australia, every time they even think about misquoting him or publish lies.

    But why stop there?

    The next conservative government can bring the ABC into the scope and shut down every leftist luvvie biased echo chambers in Australia. I should think Marieke Hardy should be the loudest opponent of Finkelstein.

    Fortunately, the lefties are too stupid to realise this works both ways.

  17. Carrie-May

    Unfortunately for us, John McTurd is here in Australia poisoning people through his puppet Julia Gillard [who is one of your lot, she came from Wales – take her back! PLEASE!]She is our so-called first female PM and I hope the last for a very, very long time! We are in great danger in Oz of losing our free speech, something that wars were fought over, maybe we will have to rally the troops again and go into battle because freedom of speech is just so precious.

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