You have to admire Laura Tingle’s chutzpah. In her Friday AFR column she claims that the ALP has no chutzpah and can take some lessons from the Coalition!

Such chutzpah has always been in short supply in the Labor ranks of 2007-12.

(Maybe Tony Abbott has sucked all the available chutzpah out of the atmosphere.)

Despite all the words written about spin doctors, and the delusion that it can control the media cycle, the Labor government has always had a bit of trouble exuding that “we know exactly where we are going and why we are doing it” ring of confidence.

So over the holiday break, Labor will need to take some chutzpah lessons, or hope to get some in its Christmas stocking.

Mind you – she is half-right. This government has never exuded

that “we know exactly where we are going and why we are doing it” ring of confidence.

Probably because they are useless, incompetent gits. They know it, we know it.

But being confident while incompetent isn’t the meaning of chutzpah.

This government has heaps of chutzpah.

As Tingle recognises:

… you can get away with almost anything in politics with the right amount of chutzpah.

Journalists too, it seems.

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20 Responses to Chutzpah

  1. tbh

    I read that and smirked to myself. If we look at the following definition of chutzpah:

    Chutzpah ( /?h?tsp?/ or /?x?tsp?/[1][2]) is the quality of audacity, for good or for bad

    the surely the current government have it in spades.

  2. roger

    Tingle’s obsession with Tony Abbott is borderline insane. There are two places that someone like her – so consumed by hatred of someone who never hurt her – could possibly belongs to in today’s society: a lunatic asylum; or the errrr “mainstream” media.
    That someone as diseased as her with the ADS disease won the Walkley Awards tells you everything you need to know about the Press Gallery.

  3. Jim from Brisbane

    … you can get away with almost anything in politics with the right amount of chutzpah.

    Should actually read

    …you can get away with almost any amount of chutzpah in politics with the right number of journalists in your pocket

    I’m sure THAT’s what Laura meant to say…..

  4. Biota

    This falls into the same category as Doug Cameron claiming the ALPBC is too right wing.

  5. H B Bear

    It’s funny, you would have put money on Ol’ Man Ramsey losing his marbles first. Walkley Award winning stuff.

    Good on the AFR to have the chutzpah to publish this crap.

  6. Muphin

    The Labor Party is bereft of any form of Chutzpah. This guttersnipe is unworthy of the position of Prime Minister a position that she shamefully occupies.

  7. Louis Hissink

    I’m fast forming the impression Tingle and her mates actually do live in an alternative reality, along with the queen of chutzpah, Gillard of Canberra.

  8. manalive

    Chutzpah can imply daring, guts, boldness.
    … If you are John Howard, for example, it means you can say “never ever” about introducing a goods and services tax but be lauded when you change your mind as a pragmatic reformer …
    Tingle doesn’t mention that Howard did not introduce the GST until after the ’98 election (modified to pass the Senate) — they never do.
    Howard changed his mind, put it to the electorate and won narrowly; that to me shows guts or chutzpah.
    Gillard’s reversal of the ‘no carbon tax’ promise shortly after taking office wasn’t chutzpah but utter contempt for the electorate.

  9. Gab

    Chutzpah in gillard’s case is just a euphemism for lying. And gillard has lying down to a fine art form.
    What gillard has taught me: If you’re going to lie, do it with conviction and daring, never retract, never waver, keep repeating the lie under all circumstances and always, always remember your lies.

  10. candy

    somehow I thought chutzpah had a connotation of glamour to it these days.
    perhaps Ms Tingle is just trying to jazz up Ms Gillard’s big lie.

  11. Jannie

    In the original Yiddish joke chutzpah is shown when:

    A man being sentenced for the murder of his parents, begs leniency from the court on the grounds that he is an orphan.

    For Gillard chutzpah is condemning Abbott as a misogynist while simultaneously defending a man whose loathing for female genitalia is on public record.

  12. Keith

    Gillard probably thinks chutzpah is something you buy at the supermarket. I think the mouth-breathing, window-licking Tingle meant hubris, for that is what we are seeing. The final downfall will be the stuff of legend.

  13. johno

    Probably because they are useless, incompetent gits. They know it, we know it.

    But it seems that poor dear Laura doesn’t.

    How mwnay years has she been a political commentator?

    And she still doesn’t get it!

    Only at Fairfax! (Or their ABC)

  14. Got into a lift with a young chap who was very surprised at my prediction that the Trade Union Party would lose the next election. I started to explain about the independents losing their seats but he immediately suspected “thoughtcrime” and insisted the TUP would increase their seats.

    That wouldn’t be so bad except he was a very ambitious, highly qualified Economics graduate from a local sandstone university!

    I have no doubt the equally young coffee shop owner entrepreneur across the road who sold him his $7.00 latté knows more about economics!

    I pity poor old Laura when in her old age deeply regrets plastering her deliberate ignorance in such a public (and endlessly retrievable) place and leading the decline in what was previously a must-read publication.

    Even my Budgie won’t read it now.

  15. jupes

    Chutzpah to me means lying while being hypocritical. (Hey it’s 2012 – words mean whatever you want them to.)

    For example:

    A slattern who has had at least three affairs with married men, claiming that a married man with three daughters, three sisters and a loving wife is a misogynist.

    An ALP member who has publicly supported at least two union officials who were responsible for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars of union member’s funds claiming that a coalition government would be bad for workers.

    A government member unable to comment on cases embarrassing to the government because they are “before the courts”, banging on about cases supposedly embarrassing to the opposition even though they too are “before the courts”.

    A government loudly proclaiming that alleged comments from the opposition leader led to a race riot when it was started by a member of the Prime Minister’s Office.

    Government members who cannot discuss any subject at all – none – without falsely bagging Tony Abbott, then claiming they are the victims of smear and sleaze.

    If the word Chutzpah didn’t exist before this government, we would have had to invent it.

  16. Louis Hissink


    hate to disappoint but lefties generally don’t change with age. The intelligent ones do – they turn into capitalists on reaching maturity, but the rest take their youthful beliefs with them to the grave; hence the need for the word stupid, I suspect.

  17. Borisgodunov

    Louis ,I agree ,look at comrades hawke and keating ,now BOTH Millionaire Soshalists ! And they both cum from nuffin ! Workin class all the way !

  18. Tel

    … you can get away with almost anything in politics with the right amount of chutzpah …

    … for a while.

    Fool all the people some of the time.

  19. Honesty

    And its still Tony Abbott’s fault. At least the invisible hand is working on their readership.

  20. Jillor

    Is it just me, or are they someone’s testes on a chain on Julia’s neck?

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