Training our new taxi drivers

One way in which Ted Baillieu could improve Melbourne taxi services is to make use of these new drivers

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9 Responses to Training our new taxi drivers

  1. Rabz

    Meet mUttley, your designated driver.

    Brilliant and yes, they couldn’t be any worse than Melbourne taxi drivers.

  2. Leigh Lowe

    You know how it goes though.
    The ID photo on the dashboard is nice happy Labrador but the pooch driving is a smelly, ill-tempered Afghan who drives like his last job was on the dodgem-cars at Luna Park.

  3. Up The Workers!

    I’m almost certain that the taxi driver in your photo is the same one who drove me, the last time I was forced to take a taxi trip.

    Probably smells like him too.

  4. e-girl

    Guide dogs for the blind drunk.

  5. Rafe

    When men used to ride horses to the pub the horse could find the way home. Try that in a car.

  6. old bloke

    You would have an interesting ride if your driver spied a cat crossing the road and decided to give chase. Road rage would enter a whole new dimension.

  7. Skuter

    Their breath would probably smell better…

  8. Up The Workers!

    Can the taxi driver in your photo, run the National economy?

    We might give him Wayne Swan’s job – he couldn’t do any worse!

  9. If only all the passengers were well behaved like the dog. Just yesterday had some guy pull the handbrake on me whilst moving. Fortunately nothing happened except a very annoyed driver.

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