Calling Sydney bloggers (and visitors to the emerald city)

Searching for a venue for regular meetups of bloggers and other vibrant and interesting people. Previous meets had too much noise and crowds. The Thought Brokers have great speakers but that is a differetn kind of thing due to the cost and the tendency to be static (I think for this gig we need to circulate freely). Someone, possibly Leonie of the Thought Brokers suggested a pub in Chippendale with a kitchen and a beer garden. The Rose.

Coming from pioneering stock, it only took a few weeks to mount an expedition to the south side of the harbour to explore this possibility which, in the nature of research (see Francis Crick on the double helix story) revealed other possibilities as well. At the Broadway end of Shepherd St there is another pub with a kitchen and a large bar area, and between the two pubs is Humanist House where Humanists and others can hold meetings and functions.

The suggestion is to book Humanist House for an evening each month, people can dine at one of the pubs if it suits then take a bottle or two into Humanist House where people can sit or stand according to taste, chairs can be shifted into small (or large) circles (or squares), there is a kitchen to make tea and coffee, nibbles can be organized.

Parking could be an issue (like most places). It is about a k from Central on the way to Sydney Uni.

Other suggestions are welcome. The idea is to be accessible, regular but also minimum organization.

What do you think?

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14 Responses to Calling Sydney bloggers (and visitors to the emerald city)

  1. Jessie

    The Marmalade Bar at The Rose looks promising.

  2. Wilbycat

    The Elbow Room upstairs at The Rose in Erskineville? Big space with access to their restaurant and 2 bars, right next to Erko rail station.

  3. Rabz

    Ah yes, the Rose – I know it well.

    Keep us posted, Rafe. If I’m up in Sydney and it’s on I’ll try and make it.

  4. I have no wish to inhibit this idea, but the LDP has a monthly meeting in Sydney at the Burwood RSL. Discussion often covers libertarian issues as well as practical politics. Details here.

  5. John Mc

    Humanist House is an absolutely terrific venue for these kind of meetings if you have someone presenting to a small group. Otherwise you’ll probably find yourself down at the pub after the first 30 minutes.

  6. old bloke

    It’s a long way from Perth, but I usually have an ale or two at the Rose when I’m in Sydney. It can be noisey on weekend nights though. An alternative is the Duck Inn which is a block away, it’s smaller though quieter.

  7. A great idea. There used to be blog meets happening every six months or so, for any and everyone. It was good to run into those you had huge online arguments with, share a beer or two and a joke or ten. If this meet up is going to be regular I might even pop in at some point while visiting from Melbourne! Maybe keep the tone apolitical though, as it’s worth the trouble for right and left-wing bloggers to make friends… and as many bloggers don’t give a shit about politics.

  8. one old bruce

    That general location is good for me. But what John Mc said, Hum House looks good for a focussed meeting but pub would be better for casual chats.

  9. Rabz

    the Burwood RSL

    FFS – I saw Dr Feelgood there in 1987…

  10. blogstrop

    and as many bloggers don’t give a shit about politics.


  11. Poor Old Rafe

    This is a meeting for any and all who are interested in blogging or just meeting bloggers, people can talk to anyone about anything.

    Will check out the Erskinville Rose, sounds good, especially for access. What about the noise level? Suppose it depends on the night.

  12. Just take the ‘as’ out blogstrop… should make more sense.

  13. Potemkin’s Village

    Let the gender wars begin… here

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