Gillard’s misogyny speech was written by a man

I read this in Christopher Pearson’s column and even then it took me half a day to appreciate what it said. I had probably heard the same before but hadn’t really thought about its significance. This is what he wrote:

McTernan is credited with writing Gillard’s misogyny speech and with her gender wars campaign.

Gillard’s misogyny speech was written by a man! Come on, it was written by a man!

I had actually thought at the time that as much as I found her speech vile and divisive, that it had been her own true self finally exposed to the light of day. Not a bit of it. She was merely repeating the words and sentiments put there by some male, a male who saw political advantage in her saying what she said. If he did not think there was political advantage, she would not have said what she said. It’s the reverse of the politics of conviction. It is the politics of the con.

Pointing out the phoney outrage of the Labor Party has to be at the top of Coalition policy in the election to come along with an emphasis on how worthless their promises are. Their specialty is outrage and discontent. They do not have a platform so much as a plan of revenge on behalf of the bitter and envious combined with a series of plans to spend vast amounts of money they do not have.

They are the singularly incompetent. On no issue has this government been a success. Nothing they promise to do ever gets done.

They cannot stop the boats. They cannot balance the budget. They cannot maintain economic growth. They cannot build the NBN. They cannot improve our education system. They cannot maintain national defence. They cannot reduce carbon emissions. They cannot keep living costs down. They can’t even devise a tax on the mining industry that actually raises revenue.

All of their outrage is a pretence and none of their promises will be kept. This must be the theme for the Opposition and it must start now so that when the election finally arrives this will be the thought in every voter’s mind whichever party they choose to vote for. No matter what Labor promises, the reality, the true reality in everyone’s mind must be that they NEVER deliver on what they say they intend to do.

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