Tim WIlson on Doha and Kyoto

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15 Responses to Tim WIlson on Doha and Kyoto

  1. jupes

    Yea sure Tim.

    How do you explain the cool weather in Sydney at the minute? I have just returned from PNG. They have no carbon tax and it was very hot there.

    The carbon tax is working its arse off.

  2. Token

    Jupes, does the Carbon Tax like all good Public Servants and take off the weekends?

    Yesterday it was hot in Sydney.

  3. jupes

    Yesterday it was hot in Sydney.

    Well then, we will just have to increase the rate.

  4. RedneckRuss

    Thanks Tim,

    “You can lead a government to water but you can’t make it drink “.

    Time for an election I think, anyway off to Brissie to join LNP and prepare hoorah!!!


  5. Up The Workers!

    I’ve already paid carbon tax up to 30th June 2013 on all my purchases since 1st July last.

    Given that our scrupulously honest and trustworthy Prime Minister announced last week that the world will be ending in 4 days time, it seems to me that I am due a pro-rata refund for 191 days of overpaid carbon tax.

    Does anybody know which Department I should write to for the refund – I do hope that Centrelink isn’t involved, as I only have 4 days left to spend it.

  6. brc

    Can anyone tell me if the Kyoto agreement was actually extended? I have read various reports, some which say it was, others which say it wasn’t.

    What’s the scoop? No actual agreement buried under a metric ton of UN-speak?

  7. m0nty

    The screen freeze makes it look like he’s shaping to fight cobra style.

  8. blogstrop

    Can we ditch the UN while we’re at it, or at least the stupid treaties we’ve signed up to -that would include the one on refugees, who are now fleeing anything at all, including incompetent governments and/or years of kleptocracies best described by that astonishingly non-pc segment at around 4.50am on Saturday, the Resident Presidents – part of the African hour on BBC.

  9. mct

    I’ve just returned back from

    No Tim, you may have ‘come back from’, or you may have ‘returned’, but not both, please!

  10. manalive

    Can anyone tell me if the Kyoto agreement was actually extended?
    Who cares? No signatory complies anyway.

  11. Dr Faustus

    Kyoto was extended thanks to the EU and Australia – but without the support of the US, Russia, Japan and Canada. China and India didn’t sign up to emissions cuts – so, Kyoto amounts to 15% of the World’s emitters fiddling with themselves.

    On the way through $100 billion was promised to help support third world dictatorships (although apparently the idiot Combet wasn’t paying attention when the vote was taken).

  12. mct

    Not picking nits, Gab… merely holding those in the public domain to a bare minimum standard!

  13. Gab


    LOL. That screen freeze.

    And he’s so cute with it too.

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