“howling at the moon”

Last Monday Henry Ergas had an op-ed in The Australian that has obviously cut deep. It is the introduction and conclusion that has especially upset some people.

LITTLE Miss Bossy tells everyone what to do. Little Miss Naughty is badly behaved.

And Little Miss Fickle breaks her promises. But no one is as scary as Little Miss Ogyny, especially when she goes on the attack.

Not that she understands the difference between ad hominem and ad nauseam. Nor is she shy of veering into a Little Miss Statement.

Ever shriller in tone, our Little Miss Ogyny ends the year as she began: howling at the moon. And not even Little Miss Magic can wave her crisis away.

Perhaps it is the word “Little” or “Miss” that is causing the offence? Who knows? As my good friend Chris Berg points out it is the year to be outraged. Here is Tim Dunlop responding to Henry Ergas.

It doesn’t matter how valid the rest of his argument is, what grown-up would take him seriously when he couches the entire piece in the sort of wordplay and name-calling that would make an intelligent 10-year-old wince?

Really? I thought Henry had a wonderful play on words. Indeed given that the whole range of Mr Men Little Miss characters are in the stores right now it is clear that Henry got his inspiration from his Christmas shopping.

So how does their ABC columnist continue?

The article is replete with the giveaway vocabulary of the ignorance-in-plain-sight sexist, including references to “rabid feministas” and “mummy bloggers”.
This is not clever, it is not insightful, it is not a reasonable approach to take even under the broadest interpretation of the truism that everyone is entitled to their opinions.
It is nothing more than the misogynist bile of an emotionally stunted boy-man who, if he ran a blog, instead of a column for an enabling mainstream media organisation, would be unread and unheard of.

Those evil bloggers.

Yet here is Tim Dunlop just two months ago:

But it is odd that we tend to get more upset about incivility than we do about matters of deep political import.
There are so many things we could devote our outrage to – from the political neglect over climate change to the plight of the poor in Australia to kids suffering mandatory, indefinite detention, or, indeed, to Julia Gillard’s own stance on gay marriage – but we don’t. Not really.

Well, at least, Tim finally got the memo. No concentrating on “matters of deep political import” Gillard is the victim here and anyone who says otherwise is a misogynist or worse.

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  1. .

    She is responsible for this mess. How can she blame someone else?

    I hope she pays.

  2. Notch

    Come on, you can’t seriously expect a committed lefty caricature to not be a hypocrite, can you?

  3. Tom Valentine

    Well done Henry-and Sinc.

  4. C.L.

    It doesn’t matter how valid the rest of his argument is, what grown-up would take him seriously when he couches the entire piece in the sort of wordplay and name-calling that would make an intelligent 10-year-old wince?

    Tim Dunlop, The Drum, December 2011:

    A house in Sydney, not in the western suburbs. Mid-afternoon. The front room is a replica of the prime minister’s office in Old Parliament House, Canberra. A track-suited John Howard sits behind the desk, reading his autobiography. There is a framed portrait of him on the wall behind, another of the Queen, another of Sir Robert Menzies.

    Janette Howard enters from the front yard, flicking through a pile of mail.

    Janette: Still no Christmas card from Peter Costello.

    They both laugh. And laugh and laugh and laugh. Janette sits down opposite her husband.

    Janette: Here’s one from that think-tank you spoke to last year in Washington, The American Institute of Doing Good Things for Rich White People. (She opens the letter)

    John: What’s their motto again?

    Janette (reading from the letterhead): ‘Iraq means never having to say you’re sorry’.

    John: What do they want?

    Janette: They want to give you another medal. It’s their ‘Even when you’re wrong you’re Right’ award, for ‘Services to people we like and the furtherance of anti-union sentiment while pretending to care about working people’. Says they’ll pay for two business-class tickets to D.C.

    John: Business class? Do they think I’m from the Labor Party? Tell them first class and they’ve got a deal. What else is there?

    Janette (opening another letter): Oh, this one is from that nice Ian Plimer. You know, the professor of geology that Andrew’s always quoting in his columns? He’s written a book for kids about climate change and he wants you to launch it.

    John: Kid’s, eh? Smart move. Get ’em while they’re young.

    Janette: He doesn’t believe in climate science, does he?

    John: Of course not.

    Janette: And neither do we, do we?

    RTWT – if you can stay awake.

  5. Infidel Tiger

    My God. To think that that Australians are banned from owing semi-automatic weapons but Tim Dunlop is allowed to own a word processor. This country is truly buggered up.

  6. Dan

    Word have never directly caused a fatality. Scientific fact.

  7. Dan

    Words have never directly caused a fatality. Scientific fact.

  8. Sinclair Davidson

    Words have never directly caused a fatality.

    Let’s invade Poland?

  9. Chris M

    And Miss Ogyny couldn’t even figure out what to say so Mr Ogyny had to write it down for her to recite.

    Sad and pathetic.

  10. Infidel Tiger

    Words have never directly caused a fatality.

    “Ready, Aim, Fire!”


    “It’s alcohol free beer, sir”

  11. C.L.

    “Yeah, installing pink batts, hey? Sure – where do I sign?”

  12. Dan

    Yea, shot down. My point is that, they are only words on a page, or sound made with the mouth. People need to relax

  13. C.L.


    – Woman to Billy Snedden.

  14. Sinclair Davidson

    People need to relax

    Exactly – people getting annoyed by that need a sense of humour transplant.

  15. Des Deskperson

    ‘The American Institute of Doing Good Things for Rich White People.’

    Comic Genius!!

  16. I enjoyed Henry’s column more than any for the whole year. He always has a way with words but he really outdid himself in that one.

    Little Miss Ogyny is now in my dictionary.

  17. Pedro

    I wonder how it is misogyny to point out the character flaws of a person who happens to be a woman, or that a certain style of female blogger is recognised or that some feminists are a bit full-on about it?

    Is it ok to call dunlop a fuckwit, but misandry to call him a fucking stupid bloke?

  18. Dan

    He’s an effwit living off tax payer funds to peddle his own views. A right nobody should have.

  19. HRT

    Thank you Infidel Tiger of 2.48 on 28/12. Summed the whole thing up quite nicely.

  20. TonyO

    Dan – “Yea, shot down. My point is that, they are only words on a page, or sound made with the mouth. People need to relax”

    “words”, whether spoken or written, are our strongest weapon – this should be obvious by the way the socialists, or anyone else bent on tyranny, are trying to curtail or eliminate our freedom of speech.

  21. Major Elvis Newton

    Such extraordinary gender self-loathing from ABC’s resident Mangina Man, Tim Dunlop.

    In a patronising stream of conscious drivel Dunlop – via the public broadcaster – unleashes his ‘Defender of Women’ superhero manifesto in a way that should set off alarm bells amongst all rational X chromosomers.

    All that’s missing are the red underpants.

    Predictably Dunlop judiciously avoids Gillard championed House Speaker Peter Slipper’s rampant woman-hating mots and conveniently ignores the relentless character attacks on Abbott that have become a hallmark of the Left and their enablers in the media.

    “…if he ran a blog, instead of a column for an enabling mainstream media organisation, would be unread and unheard of…”

    Oh sweet irony!

    “…It’s nearly 2013, for heaven’s sake. Grow up…”

    You could harden up too Tim.

  22. ugh

    “Word have never directly caused a fatality. Scientific fact.”

    If you are that certain take a holiday to a major city in Afghanistan or Pakistan and insult the prophet at the top of your lungs…. Make sure you pay the funeral insurance first.

    True, only in the hands of people can words cause a fatality, but the same can be said for guns – without anyone to pull the trigger they are safe too.

  23. Splatacrobat

    Little Miss Ogyny

    Right down to her myopic glasses

    1.Ophthalmology . pertaining to or having myopia; nearsighted.
    2.unable or unwilling to act prudently; shortsighted.
    3.lacking tolerance or understanding; narrow-minded.

  24. Bruce

    I quite like Little Miss Take. Works on all kinds of levels. Or maybe Big Miss Take.

    Shorten by 1 April?

  25. Gab

    Dunlop needs to take a chill-pill. A one-off slightly cheeky approach for an article is not the end of the world and it’s not like Henry employs this tongue-in-cheek playfulness every time.

    If Dunlop really wants to attack authors of articles “that would make an intelligent ten year-wince” then I suggest he scrutinize the numerous SMH jejune and vapid pieces of tripe served up daily masquerading as intelligent thought.

  26. Gab

    When you have children in government it’s only fair to treat them like the juvenile delinquents they are.

  27. jumpnmcar

    Miss Appropriation ?
    Miss Chievous ?
    Miss Feasance ?

  28. Giffy

    The “Little Miss” would’ve caused major offence.
    It was funny – so the supporters of Little Miss would be upset.

  29. nic

    No doubt Dunlop hates the Australian classic, 7 little Australians, the house in the book was named ‘misrule’. What a prat, I thought Ergas’ article was very witty indeed.

  30. Gutho

    I think that what hit the nerve, is that there is absolutely no doubt about the person to whom he was referring.

  31. jumpnmcar

    Miss Govern.!

    That’s the winner right there.

  32. jumpnmcar

    Miss Tress.

    LOL. Damn you Well done.

  33. Splatacrobat

    Miss Synthetic
    A man made creature of the factions.

  34. thefrollickingmole

    Miss on-the-take?

  35. jumpnmcar

    I’m calling Albanese MR Idangam.

    mridangam |mri?dä ng g?m|
    a barrel-shaped double-headed drum with one head larger than the other,

  36. candy

    Miss Wonderful?

    on behalf of Steves and MOnty so those lads don’t get upset …

  37. Bruce

    A mridangam and a vuvuzela could make an orchestra! Or more likely a very bad pub band.

  38. H B Bear

    Tim Dunlop would be right at the head of the queue for The Dumb’s hand wringing panty bunchers.

  39. Alfonso

    Excellent Henri…
    Dunlop’s bottom lip pouts wetly in everyday use. I always strain to see if he has a Death to Liberals tattoo on the overhang, in denial as he is at the twilight of the bogan gods.

    The mass ABC comrade tantrum after Abbott gets up as PM is a 3 year continuous certainty.

    If Abbott takes that continuous shit AGAIN from Their ABC without massive and easy retaliation….. I dunno….

  40. JC

    Dunlop is complaining? That fucking hypocritical asshat ran a hate site laced with conspiracy theories for years until it became so bad he closed the sewer down.

  41. Tracey

    Miss Appropriation of Funds

  42. Septimus

    Whatever names we might give to Miss Spent, she has gone to ground on the budget matter. Keeping her head down . . . Gutless . . . Stinking . . . Disgusting.

  43. blogstrop

    I’ll pay that one at 5:17 Bruce. The odds are “shortening”. And I have it on good authority that he’s “very ambitious”. Of course, if the Red Queen hears a whisper of that sort it may be “Off with his head!”

  44. Jannie

    Hey Tracey, that leads to aline by TA:

    Mr Speaker I object, its misappropriate calling me Mr Rabbitt.

  45. Gerry

    Poor Tim doesn’t get it at all…..the satire is on two levels …there’s the words and then theres the tone ……..the childishness reflects the tone of the government’s performances over the year ……

  46. Toiling Mass

    She learned the value of keeping an open and respect for others from Dr N Aire.

  47. Tintarella di Luna

    The odds are “shortening”. And I have it on good authority that he’s “very ambitious”.

    OOooh yeah, It’s William Richard Ambitious Shorten. He took Ambitious as his confirmation name.

  48. Much mirth could be made of Tony Abbott’s gait. He sways about 15 degrees left to right for every metre moved forward.

  49. jumpnmcar

    Willy Dick Shorten !?!?!
    Really ??
    WOW, some parents are cruel.

  50. juanluissegundo

    All in the interests of satire. That was Sinc’s point, after all.

  51. .

    Liberation theory? Dude you might be trolling but you cannot be serious.

    Oh Lord, please save us from our fat arsed, ill spoken communist oppressor cohabitating the lodge with a cuckhold!

    I wonder what she thinks of that!

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