Cost of the 12 days of xmas up on the back of gold and poultry

Some folk have tracked the cost of the “12 days of Christmas” gifts for about a decade. This year the price has appreciated despite difficult economic times due to the cost of gold rings, geese, French hens and swans.

Musicians like the 11 pipers and the 12 drummers were a bit more expensive, at $2,562 and $2,775. Each group received a 5.5 percent raise over last year, based on information from music groups and unions. The nine ladies dancing received no raise, remaining at $6,294.

Pushing up the final bill, however, were the geese, which soared by 29.6 percent, to $210 each, up from $162, as corn and other bird feed costs jumped. The seven trumpeter swans could be found for $7,000, up 11.1 percent.

Also up 11.8 percent was the cost of a pear tree, which rose $20, to $189.99, an increase that Mr. Dunigan said reflected a better housing market. In the song, the pear tree is a perch for the partridge, but in contemporary life, it is a tree often used in residential landscaping.

The gold rings this year rose by 16.3 percent, to $750 from $645 last year. The three French hens totaled $165, an increase of 10 percent from last year’s $150.

The partridge is the cheapest item, at $15, and the swans, at $1,000 each, are the most expensive. The availability and price of swans greatly fluctuates every year, and each annual PNC list factors in the final gift total both with and without the swans.

Online shoppers will find assembling the parade of fowl and performers easier and more convenient, but shipping costs make the final bill much higher. The cost to give one set of items rises to $40,440 when buying is done online.

Nice pictures from last year.

This one is a bit busy but quite fun if you like that sort of thing.

Sorry to violate the elevated moral tone of some other threads but its Christmass for Chrissake!

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8 Responses to Cost of the 12 days of xmas up on the back of gold and poultry

  1. Splatacrobat

    There must be a few people with a lot of time on their hands.
    Maybe in someone’s spare time it could be calculated the cost of The Court Of King Caractacus to pass by?

  2. “The gold rings this year rose by 16.3 percent, to $750 from $645 last year.” Gold hasn’t risen by this amount, maybe Gold jewelers are increasing their margins 😉

  3. Amfortas

    Those that do the calculating, Sir, must work in the Treasury and under Wayne Swan’s direction, for they have missed a vital fact.

    If one pays attention to the song, the partridge, arriving the first day is joined by 11 others until day 12. All of the other items are sent multiple times as well in the number of their descending order. So, for example, the five gold rings carry on arriving each day for seven further days after the first package. The place gets far more Leaping Lords than you can shake a stick at amd they have their way with a very large number of milkmaids if you do not hire guards to keep an eye on them properly. (And guards for the guards most likely).

    That’s inflation for you.

    In total there are 364 gifts that are sent from My True Love, who is well heeled as the Oz taxpayer, it seems.

  4. its Christmass for Chrissake!

    Ah, the true meaning…

  5. Ellen of Tasmania

    How do they determine the prices? Who’d be eating goose this Christmas at that price?

    You can buy a live goose here in Tassie from about $20. Although that means it’s probably a green, leftist goose.

  6. val majkus

    thanks Rafe and Amfortas (what sort of name is that?)
    A good laugh is just what is needed
    Merry Christmas to everyone – even the green goose

  7. Chris M

    That’s a quantitatively eased goose!

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