Christmas Day 2012

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  1. Antipodean

    Merry Christmas all.

  2. Skuter

    Glad tidings to all. Especially my CCC brothers! Rabzie, John C, dd, eb, it’s been great to socialise with all of you. May there be more of it in 2013!

  3. DaveF

    Damn so late.

    Merry Christmas All.

  4. John S

    Merry Xmas all ….. Rest easy in the knowledge that the country is temporarily in the safe hands of Wayne Swan.

  5. kae

    Hey, Merry Christmas!

    I’m early, it’s not Christmas Day here… yet!

  6. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    I have a feeling here in Queensland that very early tomorrow, on Christmas Day, kae will wish everyone here a Merry Christmas – dunno why, it’s just one of those things that occurred to me out of the blue …

  7. tbh

    Merry Christmas everyone, even though it’s not ticked over here in Perth.

    Stay safe and have a great time.

  8. JC

    Interesting editorial in the NY Times supporting the then state law referred to the Sullivan Act in 1911 restricting and permitting concealed carry.

    The motivation for passing the law was no secret. During debates leading to the ultimate passage of the gun control law, The New York Times editorialized:

    Such a measure would prove corrective and salutary in a city filled with immigrants and evil communications, floating from the shores of Italy and Austria-Hungary. New York police reports frequently testify to the fact that the Italian and other south Continental gentry here are acquainted with the pocket pistol, and while drunk or merrymaking will use it quite as handily as the stiletto, and with more deadly effect. It is hoped that this treacherous and distinctly outlandish mode of settling disputes may not spread to corrupt the native good manners of the community.

    More at Reason.

  9. JC

    But plenty of New Yorkers have chosen to own guns outside the official system. In a city that, as I write, has roughly 37,000 licensed handgun owners and about 21,000 rifle and shotgun licenses, the running guesstimate of illegal firearms stands at two million, give or take a bit. That’s the number the U.S. Department of Justice has used in its official publications in recent years.

  10. kae

    Yeah, Mick.

    Merry Queensland Christmas, twenty minutes late now though!

    I’ll be on the GC tomorrow, at Mudgeeraba.

    Probably stuffing my face with nice food and trying to stay awake!

  11. Antipodean

    The plan for Christmas day:
    1-5am get woken up by kids, tell them to go to bed.
    5:30 am relent, kids start opening presents
    6:00 am coffee
    7:00 am call family in eastern states
    8:00 am start trying to sync new galaxy tablet to home network
    8:30 am give up, more coffee
    9:00 am start making food for Christmas lunch
    11:00 am load car for in-laws
    11:45 am arrive at in-laws, first beer
    12:00 pm exchange gifts, more beer
    1:00 pm lunch, first wine
    2:30 pm pool time, more beer ( forecast 39 degrees in Perth)
    3:30 snooze
    6:30 dinner ( leftovers), more wine
    9:00 home time

  12. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    “I’ll be on the GC tomorrow, at Mudgeeraba”

    Onya kae – enjoy, enjoy, enjoy my dear. Today I noticed mad impatience on the roads around the northern (Broadwater) end of the Coast so do be careful on the drive down and back from almost-the-range.

    Haven’t been there for a decade but Woodchoppers Inn at Mudgeeraba used do good Friday lunches, including the occassional gathering of colourful Sydney business identities who had quietly moved north over the years to avoid Plod, which was eventually joined by Plod when some of them retired and also moved north!

  13. Tom

    Hope you’re all having a beautiful day. I’ll be at a large family gathering. It’s one day of the year I always look forward to. Happy Christmas all.

  14. Septimus

    Merry Christmas everyone. Have a great day.


  15. John Comnenus

    Merry Christmas to all Catallaxians. I hope Santa is good to you all and that you enjoy Christmas with friends and family.

  16. Abu Chowdah

    Merry Christmas each and every one!

  17. nilk

    Have a wonderful Christmas, Cats and Kittehs.

    Thanks for keeping me sane.

  18. Chrisse

    Merry Christmas all. Just saw this via Blazing Cat Fur and thought of you all. Macro Follies Featuring Keynes and all the greats singing their favourite economists carols.

  19. Helen Armstrong

    Merry Christmas all, hope you have a splendid day full of love and laughter.

  20. Gab

    Merry Christmas to all. Food consumed today has zero calories 🙂

  21. Rafe Champion

    Have a great day everyone!

    Raise a glass for the Australian school of economics and especially our dean and mentor Sinc.

  22. Abu Chowdah

    Just quaffed a glass of Bruichladdich Rafe. (11:00pm here).

  23. hammygar

    Yes happy holidays to all Catalliaxians, even those who patronise or otherwise despise me. I do forgive you all.

    I hope next year I’ll see the turning of the tide, and Catallaxy may yet achieve a modicum of decency.

    Good to see so many right wing blogs dropping off the net – Marohasy, Bunyip, Bolt et al. I think it’s because they see the error of their ways.

  24. Alfonso

    Merry Christmas………..but a holocaust for prawns.

  25. Leigh Lowe

    This is why we need semi- automatic weapons.
    The pig will just not sit still ….. and he needs to be slaughtered, bled, shaved, stuffed and in the oven by 9:30.
    Merry Christmas to all at Animals Australia.

  26. Papachango

    Joyeux Noël et bonne année à tous les Catallaxians … même hammygar

  27. Pickles

    Happy Christmas to almost all. Anyone know how to fix a spa?

  28. Carpe Jugulum

    Morning All

    Merii Kurisumasu ????????

    Akemashite omedetou ???????????


  29. blogstrop

    Christmas Greetings everyone, hope you have a great day.
    Had my say earlier on Open Forum, not realising this one was to take over.

  30. Steve of Glasshouse

    A safe and happy Christmas to all.

  31. face ache

    Merry Xmas all. Decency is nice Hammy, graciousness is too.

  32. Infidel tiger

    Today we celebrate the birth of our Lord and the greatest ever Australian invention – sparkling Shiraz.

    Have a bonzer Chrissie.

  33. Viva

    Lucky Antipodean in Perth. Wonderful memories of my childhood summers there.

    It’s all rain and thunder here in Sydney.

    Happy Christmas all.

  34. What a lovely day, surrounded by friends and loved ones.
    And semi cremated pigs, ducks, geese, and cows.
    The rest of the town has gone down to the creek for a swim, but I’m having a grandpa nap…

  35. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    Happy Christmas from me and da Hairy Ape, who is currently feeling no pain and very cheerful. Like many others, we are with old friends and family. We have been moving around this city of Sydney in a flat spin for the past three days, and continuing tonight and tomorrow and tomorrow night. I love Christmas. Went out walking this morning and in the streets everyone was so friendly, wishing each other Happy Christmas. Hope we never lose this crucial celebration and reminder of our common humanity to each other and that reach back into our religious life with all that it means for so many still.

    Couldn’t let the day get by without saying Happy Christmas to all friends on the Cat, good company to keep at all hours and times. Our Christmas has been full of true joy with little and bigger children, the joy of the world. Hope yours has also been so blessed in some traditional way.

    Many thanks to Sinclair for making the community on the Cat possible and to all contributors for generating such a vibrant meeting place.

  36. Alfonso

    C’mon dot…give us a grin.

  37. kae

    So I get home from the GC and it’s raining!
    Great Christmas present.

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