Utopia always ends up with mass murder II

Myrddin Seren draws our attention to this story. (via PJ Media).

On (not) killing CEOs and lobbyists
Let us say clearly, this is not a call to undertake assassinations of the elite scum who are pillaging the planet and enslaving the populace—but not because we think that is a bad idea.

And it’s also not because we think killing CEOs and lobbyists is negative PR either. In fact, most everyone hates these creeps,and many would applaud their demise. Some would even be so enthusiastic as to make a bid on the assassin’s old underwearif given the chance in a government auction, as we found out last year, when the State sold off Ted’s personal belongings tofurther enrich the family of Unabomber victim Thomas J. Mosser, executive of corporate marketing giants Burson Marsteller.[See EF!J Vol. 31, #2]

We are not calling for the assassinations of CEOs and lobbyists primarily because those assholes are disposable and replaced with relative ease. Whereas eco-revolutionaries like us are still far and few between, and someone getting popped on that sort of charge it could pull them out of the game for a long time.

So instead, until the police state and prison industrial complex is weakened, thus leveling the battlefield a bit more, we propose a campaign of “prank assassinations.”

This involves various acts intended to let people know they are vulnerable, and well hated—even that we wish they were dead.These could range from the classics, like flaming-shit-on-the doorstep or a strategically placed dollar bill covered in turd on the facedown side, to the new fangled hacker-style shit all up in their internet profiles, and a million things in between… (of course,the more feces the more better.. just remember security culture, and use non-identifiable scat.)

So this splinter group EAT(it) – Eco Assassination Team (in training) – will refrain from actually murdering people because they reckon they’ll get caught and go to prison. So much for the argument that prison, especially long prison terms, isn’t a deterrent against crime.

Anyway read the whole thing – see their hit list.

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31 Responses to Utopia always ends up with mass murder II

  1. nilk

    I’m surprised Brandon Darby isn’t at the top of the list.

  2. Dangph

    They need a logo. I would suggest a raised fist holding a flaming shit.

  3. It’s all about poo with Socialists…

    Reminds me of the Monty Python and the Holy Grail; Peasants scene…

    “There’s some lovely filth down ‘ere!”

  4. Toiling Mass

    Did I read that right? They are training to be assassins by…igniting bags of pooh on people’s doorsteps?

    I wonder if their anti-interrogation techniques include bursting into tears and begging the police to let their parents come pick them up.

  5. Gab

    How long before they start down the suicide bomber track?

  6. John Mc

    They need a logo. I would suggest a raised fist holding a flaming shit.

    I think that says it all. Fight the Power!

  7. Rousie

    Is there a market for non-identifiable scat?

  8. Sinclair Davidson

    Gab – read the original post. They eulogise the unabomber.

  9. Grey

    I have to admit I did find the Unabomber’s Ship of Fools an engrossing read. Well worth tracking down with google.
    Perhaps if he had just found a decent literary agent he wouldn’t have to have bothered with letter bombs. Derrick Jensen seems to get along just find without them

  10. Gab

    So they’re entirely predictable then. Yeah, no, didn’t read the post…tried to…got past two lines and then gave up….really hate polluting my mind with their misanthropic drivel.

  11. candy

    I barely got past the diagram at the top, of people eating someone’s brains …

  12. lotocoti

    Meanwhile, from their website:

    the Earth First! Journal editorial collective has drafted this policy of active opposition to oppressive behavior of all kinds within the editorial collective, the Journal community and the pages of the Journal itself.


    Oppressive behavior comes in a wide variety of forms, from seemingly harmless jokes to threats of violence…

  13. Gab

    Reading a bit about Earth First, David Foreman was one of the original co-founders and has since left the group becuase over time it was taken over by Marxists and anarchists.

  14. Myrddin Seren

    Ooo !

    A thread acknowledgement ! Thanks Doomlord – I am honoured.

    I thought this one popping up was a timely post-script to the idea on the previous thread that the extremists will move to the next level eventually.

    Absent a supply of plastic explosives – the most convinced catastrophists are pretty much there already – they lack a spirit of martyrdom so far.

    And these loons may sound a tad clueless with comments like:

    new fangled hacker-style shit all up in their internet profiles

    but if you have been following some of the internet hack-style shit in the US – this could turn deadly.

    Alleged supporters of leftist activist Brett Kimberlin – aka the Speedway Bomber ( think about it in this context ) – have allegedly taken to ‘swatting’ conservative bloggers like Stacey McCain and Patterico.

    Do a search if you want to see how things can potentially turn fatal if the eco-loons are ever shown the phone spoofing and other tricks of the trade by the Swatters.

    Looks like a ‘Clear and Present Danger’ to me.

  15. lotocoti

    The Australian branch seems a bit muddle headed.
    Perhaps one of the rules provides a clue.

    Our projects operate by consensus, and we define consensus as the approval of all involved in a decision. There is no voting, those empowered to make a decision have the power to block consensus on that decision.

    MacDic is working on the new definition.

  16. Grant B

    “use non-identifiable scat”

    I thought the average blokes “scat” had cells from the large and small intestines on the outside making the craps owner identifiable by DNA analysis.

    Perhaps they’re going to polish their turds before inserting them into the flaming paper bags.

  17. Jannie

    Well, it makes it clear why the Yanks are for good reason reluctant to give up their Second Amendment rights, despite the awfulness of the shooting of innocents. This will turn deadly, its only a matter of time and place.

  18. Eyrie

    This should last until they seriously piss off somebody with Russian Mafia connections.

  19. I am the Walrus koo koo k'choo

    ‘We’d like to kill you, but we’re not allowed, so instead we’re going to terrorize you with poo.’

    Now I know I’ve seen it all.

  20. WhaleHunt Fun

    Has there ever been a single instance where the breakdown of civil society has not led to the evisceration of the leftist dreamer cliques?
    How many dreamers survived Stalin outside the fear east labour camps?
    How many social libertarians survived Polly Potty while remaining inside cambodia? How did gay rights activists get on under Goerring?
    The French Revolution? Any dreamers left alive then?
    These cretins think the nasty people will stay their hand when there are no rules?
    It is not possible to be more stupid than to think that the people you do not like are the most evil around.

  21. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    It is not possible to be more stupid than to think that the people you do not like are the most evil around.

    Says it all about these cretins.

    Their glib abandonnment of all morality in the name of a ‘higher cause’ gives pause to be rather concerned about the evil that lurks within them too.

  22. mct

    It is not possible to be more stupid than to think that the people you do not like are the most evil around.

    Liberty quote

  23. cohenite

    It is not possible to be more stupid than to think that the people you do not like are the most evil around.

    Almost as good as “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”; it worked well for the leftist cretins in iran when they were celebrating the demise of the Shah.

  24. Steve of Glasshouse

    Looks like Prof Pancutt has had his butt handed to him on a platter by the Uni of Gratz. Those pesky hate crime statutes that they have in Austria have become a road block in his campaign.

  25. J.Hansford

    Perhaps someone should hack their site and change the names of their “assassination” victims to the names of the EAT(it) team.

    …. It’d be kinda fun. 😉

  26. Zatara

    U Graz issued the following statement:

    “Die Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz ist bestürzt und entsetzt über die Ansicht und distanziert sich davon klar und deutlich. Die Universität legt größten Wert, dass die Wahrung aller Menschenrechte zu den obersten Prinzipien der Universität Graz gehört und menschenverachtende Aussagen mit aller Entschiedenheit zurückgewiesen werden. Die Universität weist zusätzlich mit Nachdruck darauf hin, dass eine rein persönliche Ansicht, die nicht im Zusammenhang mit der wissenschaftlichen Arbeit steht, auf universitären Webseiten nicht toleriert wird.”

    “The University of Graz is shocked and appalled by the article und rejects its arguments entirely. The University places considerable importance on respecting all human rights and does not accept inhuman statements. Furthermore, the University of Graz points out clearly that a personal and individual opinion which is not related to scientific work cannot be tolerated on websites of the University.”

    Nice work on the e-mails to the editor so to speak!

  27. Zatara

    Whoops, that last post should have been credited to Tol on joannenova.

    It seems Prof Parncutt has had a come to Jesus session with the University of Graz administration:

    “I wish to apologize publicly to all those who were offended by texts that were previously posted at this address. I made claims that were incorrect and comparisons that were completely inappropriate, which I deeply regret. I would also like to thank all those who took the time and trouble to share their thoughts in emails.”

    Richard Parncutt, 27 December 2012

  28. Cold-Hands

    I imagine he’ll continue to espouse his original ideas on his facebook and twitter accounts…

  29. brc

    No doubt that brainiac in Austria will get quietly shuffled on from his post, which will then only inflame his righteous belief that he has the one true source of knowledge, and all them other guys are just fascist brainwashed bourgeois fools.

    For universities, ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity’ doesn’t really apply.

  30. candy

    It seems difficult to think he was for real in the first place with those totally outrageous statements, or he’s a bit unbalanced.

  31. Dan

    Parncutt doesn’t do apologies to well

    From Dirk Eckholt;

    ok, maybe I missed something, but now on his webpage of the University of Graz I see this sentence from him.

    “The following extract from the text was intended to apply to the entire
    text: “Please note that I am not directly suggesting that the threat of
    execution be carried out. I am simply presenting a logical argument. I am
    neither a politician nor a lawyer. I am just thinking aloud about an
    important problem.”

    I don’t understand the logical argument! Is he again thinking aloud over
    the the Grazer University webpage?

    I think he has studied the Robyn Williams case

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